Founded in 2015 Wildheart are a Brisbane based melodic hardcore band who stormed onto the local scene with their debut release ‘A Thousand Days’. Since that release, the band have established themselves as firebrands and ones to watch, with their hard-hitting messages and music. Wildheart have slowly yet surely carved themselves a position as a heavy, emotional outfit that demands the attention of punters through their relentless live performances.

Now, they return with their most pressing and important song to date. The new single is called ‘Backburner.’

Yugambeh man and Vocalist for Wildheart, Axel Best, says that the song “…was written after Australia bore witness to the worst bushfires we have ever seen. Backburner is about “the government’s continuous refusal to listen, learn and adopt indigenous techniques that were used for thousands of years to preserve and care for the land.”

The song also features powerful words from Indigenous man Bruce Shillingsworth’s speech on ABC’s Q&A program in October 2019 when he called for Australia to “wake up”. When speaking with vocalist Best about the use of his words on the song, Shillingsworth reiterated the message “I believe, and you also believe, that there is an important message to tell the world. Change has to come – We are now guided by our ancestors and spirits to go forward and light up the flames, they can’t put us on the back burner.

The single was recorded, mixed and mastered by Gareth Hargreaves – and the film clip for the track was filmed and edited by Dan Ramsey of SP\LIT Media!

Ever putting their money where their mouth is, Wildheart have performed in support of multiple not-for-profit organisations including Beyond Blue, Support Act/The Black Dog Foundation, and Sea Shepherd. The band is a proud advocate of an open conversation surrounding mental health and suicide and with the recently released ‘Rising Tide’ in 2019, have shown a strong shift into the discussion on the ongoing racism and discrimination shown towards the first nations people of Australia.



Sam Marks has just released his lush, reverb-drenched indie-rock track ‘Tend To Yourself’ that is brimming with groovy reggae influences. To accompany this single Sam has released a hilarious video clip produced by his brother Ben Marks.  

In his overalls, wide brim hat and pitchfork in hand, Marks gets his hands dirty out in the back yard as he is captured tending to his garden, chickens and his homegrown cabbages superimposed with his very own face. Cut between scenes of Marks soaking up life Tropicana style, the music clip bursts with Marks light-hearted sense of humour and charisma all of which acts as a reminder to tend to yourself.

‘Tend To Yourself’ is Marks third single release since debuting in the second half of 2020. The track is a breath of fresh air, further showcasing Marks’ vocal prowess and willingness to explore multiple influences within his music.

‘Tend To Yourself’ is out everywhere now. 






Days Like These have released another single off of their forthcoming EP ‘Wide Awake’ and also announced that their previous release ‘Gravity’ will be played during the AFL game tonight so if your not normally a footy fan tonight is the night to change that.

“High & Glow” pushes boundaries for the band, who credit producer and collaborator Chris Lalic (Windwaker) for helping guide Days Like These into a more refined space and encouraged an exploration of different guitar tuning, song structure and tonal effects. “We were unsure about this song and how it would turn out in the end, but as we were putting the finishing touches on it we all agreed that we were extremely stoked on it” says vocalist Callen Batson.

This second single delves into dark territory sonically with rave-like vibes echoing throughout the track, lending itself perfectly to the context of the single, which explores Batson’s thoughts on substance abuse and partying as a way to mask struggles: “High & Glow takes its theme from my past experiences and thoughts on drugs and partying, and the use of them in our generation to help forget issues in our day to day lives that we would rather just push aside. The dark and rave-like vibe of the song inspired the lyrical content – which is where the initial ideas came from.”

Days Like These released tickets to their own headlining EP launch show at Brisbane’s The Brightside on May 27 supported by InertiaDeadnerve and Nervous Light – which sold out shortly after announcing! The band recently revealed they will also play main support for Headstrong‘s sold out Sydney show at Burdekin Hotel on April 24.

Days Like These is Callen Batson (vocals), Noah Murphy (drums/vocals), Connor Robins, (bass) Jamo Benadie (guitar) and Russell Hodgson (guitar).




Since I first heard these guys a few months back I have been in love with their sound. Today they release ‘Kaleidoscope’ and it is my pick of the week for album releases. Make sure you take some time over the weekend to listen to something pretty special.

“As vibrant and immersive as its name suggests, the band’s sophomore album provides a stunning and satisfying cross-section of Progressive Metal, Djent and Funk genres punctuated with ambient passages to deliver a tasteful juxtaposition between darkness and the light. Poignant and reflective passages give way to powerful, personal proclamations of raw honesty and vulnerability in a sonic odyssey that deeply moves the listener with each composition. ‘Kaleidoscope’ highlights the remarkable diversity that is characteristic of its composers and delivers in earnest the vital message that lies at the heart of each and every track on this monumental musical work.” 

Vocalist Tom Frayne explains “The album can be best described as an audible manifesto of the harboured anxiety and anticipation for the future. ‘Kaleidoscope’ is an acknowledgment of change and of shifting paradigms, and frustration at those who would adapt too quickly or too slowly. Over nine unique tracks, The Stranger voice their fears and hopes over growing social isolation, climate change, and political rhetoric through an anthology of fantastic fiction and deeply personal odes to growth, change, and perseverance.”

Incorporating influences such as Opeth and Dream Theater, the band has forged a respected name for themselves in the Australian Metal Scene with their eclectic mix of progressive metal, djent & funk. Following a successful release of their highly acclaimed album ‘The Stranger’, the band shared stages with Australian and International Progressive Metal Powerhouses such as Caligula’s Horse, Voyager, Ne Obliviscaris, Monuments, and The Ocean; including festivals such as ProgFest and winning Brisbane’s Wacken Metal Battle. With the release of their much-anticipated sophomore album ‘Kaleidoscope’ Octane Records & Wild Thing Records, the band is set to make a mark on the Australian Heavy Music World and beyond! 

The Album ‘Kaleidoscope’ is available to order in both digital and physical (via Wild Thing Records) via https://lnk.to/strangerscope 



Melbourne’s One More Weekend have a lot to ‘Talk’ about after recently releasing their latest single. I spoke to front man Connor who let me in on a little secret……

You guys have been around the scene for a while.

2015 we technically started as a band, but we didn’t begin gigging for about 8 months though.

You have 10k followers on your Facebook page which makes me wonder how I have missed you guys!

That was with a bit of help, we signed a distribution deal with a European label called Sliptrick Records a couple of years ago. The numbers jumped around that time so a lot of them are European based.

Ah that makes sense because your Spotify was no were near that number.

Bit of a difference hey. Our Apple Music numbers are bigger. I think Spotify is very Australian based. Apple Music we are in Netherlands, Germany and Amsterdam and all the old stuff still gets heaps of plays there which is nice.

Okay so let’s talk about Talk!

We’ve been playing Talk live for about 2 years. However where it stemmed from was probably, its very relationship based. I don’t normally write songs about relationships I’m more about communication between you and your workplace, the bigger picture, the advertising industry and stuff. This one stemmed from a lot of firsthand experience in a pretty up and down, back and forth relationship that needed to end and dissipate. It wasn’t getting any better and I felt like it wasn’t going to get any better. After trying a few times it was time to step away from it. After a time you think that maybe you could catch up with the person, for me it was bumping into them. Having a conversation with them and then realising that it wasn’t a good thing to do.

I can relate to that.

I’d like to think that all of us have been there at one time. I hope for a lot of our sakes that many of us haven’t, but I think it is quite a common thing and I thought you know what, what a good thing to write about. The song developed over a long amount of time, I had the chorus for ages and even more, so I had the verse guitar piece for longer. Probably before the album came out, so five or six years. This was, I must admit, one of the first songs that I gave a little bit more to the other members to do. With the previous album it was more me saying I have these songs, and this is how I want them to go, whereas post that I found it very difficult to develop without the help of anyone else. I’m a person who looks to develop my skills and everyone else around me, so it was a good decision to work more on the songs together.

So then ‘Cover Talk’ off of ‘We Used To….’ has no connection to Talk?

Oh I’m surprised you brought that up! That’s the first time anyone has asked that. We have that song requested live more than I ever expected. But no it has no relation to Talk whatsoever. I did second guess myself when I thought about releasing Talk because the guys pointed out that we have Cover Talk. Both of them are…. Nope you know what they aren’t related at all.

The video for Talk is in black and white. Any reason for that?

Whilst you see the face members of the band. Myself, my brother Leith who plays bass, Jayson who plays drums and Tim who plays lead guitar, we do have several other members of the band who work behind the scenes. One of them is our quality, absolute top high end videographer Haili Luxa Idak from All Events Productions and she comes up with a lot of ideas. We bounce ideas off of each other and we don’t like making the ‘standard’ video. I might point out that this is going to be one of the only standard videos we ever release. So it was good to have Haili come in and help us develop this. I like the idea of having a story and more importantly one that relates to the song. Originally the video clip went through three changes, the first one was something shoddy like I rocked up at a café and met a girl and she didn’t like me. The next idea, which we took and filmed, was each band member getting his heart broken. On the day we were like this is awesome turns out looking back on it none of us can act!!! Thankfully Haili said, “I’ve put it all together, but I want you guys to know that I’m not happy with it.” We watched it and it will never be released!!! We are big fans of doing things to the standard that we like, its something that we have always said. If we are going to do it do it right. Haili said she had an idea and to give her a couple of weeks and she would send through an updated version. At this stage I was like screw it we aren’t going to release the song; we are going to can it (laughs) but she came back in two weeks with what is now our video clip.

Any secrets you want to divulge???

I can give you a few nifty secrets! Over the next couple of years we are going to be releasing a fair few singles. They will be accompanied with a music video and a limited piece of merch as well. At every gig we are going to be giving away something pretty special, that will only be to one person at each show. We have never done this before, but we have a special edition limited vinyl that we will be giving away to one person, we have another special item too, but I can’t tell you what that is.

Will you have vinyl for sale too?

Its basically going to be a giveaway. We don’t have the funds at the moment to do a vinyl run but we are trying to gauge interest at the shows. If we get 20-30 people asking then maybe we will look at it but at the moment we are keeping it super limited and special.

Well then I guess you know what to do! Jump on and grab a ticket to any of One More Weekend’s gigs to try and grab yourself a limited vinyl. Also go check out their new single ‘Talk.’





What happens when you’re locked in isolation during a global pandemic? You get the band back together. BISON were kind of a big deal in the ‘first-wave’ of nu-metal in Australia, circa 1998 – 2005 – and now they return in 2021, with a new sound crafted with input from producer Sam Bassal (Ocean Grove). A classic heavy-groove sound with a face-lift for 2021.

Daniel Edwards from Bison says that new single Begin Again is about being “tormented by regrets and mistakes. These can ruin us, or we can learn from them and reset. We all feel like outsiders sometimes, and sometimes we want to be further away from everything.”

BISON formed in Melbourne, Australia in 1997 when drummer Eddie and former guitarist Calksi were inspired by the nu-metal and alt-rock OG’s of the day, like Korn, Helmet, Sepultura, Incubus etc, bringing hip-hop and heavy music together. The recruits of bassist Amos and vocalist Brens soon followed. BISON quickly established itself within the Melbourne heavy music scene, bringing high energy shows & Rap/Rock tunes with wide appeal to the all-ages, festival and pub/club circuit.

BISON recorded its debut EP ‘Within Earshot’ with ARIA nominated producer DW Norton (Superheist) which lead to the band being signed to Shock Records, through heavy label ‘Faultline Records’. The EP created waves within the heavy community & music press. First Single ‘Hard to Take’ received triple J attention as well as regular play on Triple M and community radio.

In late 2005 hit the Studio again to record its Third EP ‘DEMO’ – tragically these songs were never released, and the very limited pressing is now sought after by fans worldwide. At that point, the tyranny of the road, the evolution of life, lead to the band taking a break. That break lasted 14 years. The disappointment of never releasing ‘DEMO’ plagued the members, knowing that ultimately there was some unfinished business for a band that exploded onto the scene, but left with a deafening silence. There was never a ‘final show’ moment.

In early 2019, all of the members of BISON agreed it was time to jam again. Uploading their back catalogue of music to digital platforms sparked a fire. Without expectation, the 5 members found themselves in a rehearsal studio, 4 hours later, BISON had written ‘Begin Again’ the return single & the comeback was ratified……. there was life in the old dog yet!

Flash forward to 2021 and the BISON line-up has grown up with the tyranny of time. Thematically ‘Perfect Mistakes’ Explore’s the lessons learned from separation, death, addiction, the pressures of life & all that comes with experience. Listeners can really connect with these new tunes. The six track EP is comprised of 5 new songs, and 1 re-recorded track from ‘DEMO’.

 ‘Perfect Mistakes’ will be released on Friday May 28 and will be available for pre-order this Friday, April 9 available at http://ffm.to/bison_perfectmistakes




In 2020, Alternative Press named them as one of ten “Rising Australian Pop-Punk Bands You Need to Hear. All Hours, the Brisbane outfit influenced by rock heavyweights such as Paramore, A Day to Remember, Blink 182 and Sum 41, are again bringing their energetic spin on the genre with their poppy melodies, frenetic riffs, and female-vocalist Dani at the helm!

With two EP releases under their belt—a self-titled debut in 2015, followed by 2017’s Sightseeing—All Hours went on to release a cover of Amy Shark’s hit song, ‘I Said Hi’, followed by their single “Saving Grace” which they supported with shows throughout the first half of 2019. The second half of 2019 saw the release of ‘Black Rose’, the first single from the band’s upcoming EP ‘Perspectives’.

Mixing pop/punk and metal is a thing and I am all about it!!  Brisbane based band All Hours have nailed the mix with their new single ‘Downward’. Dani, Stewart and  Alistair sat down with me to talk about their latest single and their upcoming EP ‘Perspectives’

First off I love your vocals Dani. I was definitely not expecting that!!!

Dani: Oh thanks. It’s a real mixture of the two genres. It’s hard to explain.

Who are All Hours?

Stewart: We have been around for a couple of years. We have had a few line-up changes along the way until we found the current line-up.

Alistair: I think it was you two and Jono and then I joined sometime in 2017 and then Richard joined about a year later.

Dani: Yeah that sounds about right. So we started a long time ago, but we have only been a solid band for about three or four years now. That’s when we started playing shows and getting our name out there.

You played the last Good Things, was that through the competition that they ran?

Alistair: No we actually snuck in through the back door on that one. We entered the competition and didn’t win; guys jump in if I’m getting this wrong.

Dani: No that’s right.

Stewart: We had just finished the ‘Black Rose’ video and someone DM’d us asking us if we wanted to play good things. I was like yeah righto that’s real!

Alistair: And it totally was.

Dani: It was a local stage that we played, we didn’t play the big stage.

No but you got to play Good Things!

Dani: We played on the Garage Stage and it was just a bunch of local bands that go to play across the day. Yeah we can put that on the resume which is nice.

Alistair: And we do!!!

‘Downward’ is your latest single off your forthcoming EP, what is the story there?

Dani: We had written most of the songs off the EP and then I think Downward was the last one we wrote.

Stewart: I had the demo floating around for a good year and a half. It was when you came and sang on it, it kind of kept changing and changing and became a completely different song.

Alistair: I hated that song when you first played it to me.

Dani: Yeah right…

OH! I interviewed this band called All Hours…. They don’t exist anymore (all laugh)

Dani: Anyway, it was kind of the last one that we wrote. We start our set with that song as well because it kind of starts with that heavy screamo part and we wanted something that was going to get peoples attention right from the start of the song. It’s probably one of our more boppy kind of songs on the EP I think.

Stewart: That’s a fair assessment. It has a bit of everything – guitar solos, screams and cleans and soft bits.

Your EP ‘Perspectives’ is out on 16th April.

Dani: Downward is the second track we have released off the EP, we actually released Black Rose over a year ago. We were planning to release the EP last year but when covid happened we put it all on hold. ‘Before I Go’ is the next single which we will release at the same time as the EP.

With having some screamo elements in your songs I guess the next question is who influences your sound?

Stewart: I would say Underoath.

Dani: I have always been a fan of Underoath, they were probably the first band I was into with that screamo element. I guess when I first started doing it 10 years ago that was the sound that I was trying to emulate in a way. Spencer is kind of my vocal God. But we all have completely different taste in music.

Alistair: We really do.

Stewart: Yeah. I think maybe Blink 182.

Alistair: I think Blink is the one band that all five of us really like.

Dani: Our drummer Jono was in a metalcore band to start with, so he is into that really heavy kind of music. What are you into Alistair?

Alistair: I’m into all sorts of stuff. For this sort of music I’m in to more traditional punk music. I love Black Flag and The Descendants that sort of stuff. Screeching Weasel, NOFX and Jawbreaker as well.

Dani: We take inspiration from all of those different genres and bands.

So how did you end up with screamo in a pop/punk song?

Dani: Umm cos Stewart told me to do it!!

I love it.

Stewart: I always thought it was really cool idea. I love Dani’s clean voice, but I love a bit of her screaming every now and then. It just makes it a bit more interesting, and it means we can write stuff with a bit of a broader scope. But I definitely wouldn’t say we were a metal band.

Dani: I think we are hard to define because of the screamo and the heavy parts of our music. I the guess the way that screamo got into a pop punk song is just because,

Stewart: I saw you do it in your old band and it was cool.

Dani: Yeah with my old band I did it, but I think we just write what we think sounds good.

Alistair: Everyone tries to put their own things they like into each individual song. We go back and forth and see what works. Usually Stewart will come up with the basis of a song and then Dani will add some lyrics and vocals over it then the rest of us will make complete changes to what Stewart was originally going for (laughs). It goes back and forth until we find something we all like.

Stewart: Definitely a lot more guitar solos and blast beats added in the latter half of writing! It makes it fun, our most pop punk song on the EP is probably the most metal.

Dani: I think the main thing for us is that we are having fun. As long as we are doing that and playing the music we like and want to play.

Alistair: Having people there is always good but I just love playing shows.

Dani: Early on we did play to only three people..

Alistair: It was the first show after Richard had joined the band, and he kept coming back!

Do we have a theme running through the new EP?

Stewart: Musically it’s probably the most cohesive thing we have done. It definitely has a start, middle and end. We tried to take all the best elements of our previous songs, grab all the bits that worked and write songs built around those parts. I like to think that we have written better songs than we previously have.

Alistair: The production is on a whole new level for this one too. Stewart actually does all the recording.

Stewart: We actually had some help with this one from a legend called Adam Merker.

Alistair:  In my opinion this is the first EP we have recorded that really 100% sounds like us when we play. Some of the older stuff didn’t, but that was also because it wasn’t all of us it was other people.

You’ve probably found your groove now after a few years together.

Dani: This one has been a long time coming. We are pretty happy with how it has turned out.

Stewart: D.I.Ying it we have got the songs sounding exactly how we wanted them which it super rewarding for us. And not having the production change the songs too much. It keeps it true to who we are. We have to give a shoutout to Callen Orr who helped with mixing all the songs off it. He did an amazing job. He helped get the production up and take them to another level.

Dani: We are playing a bunch of shows to launch the EP. We are playing one Sunshine Coast show and a few Brisbane shows if people want to come and check us out.

Alistair: Yes come and buy some merch!




Sons of Zoku

Last Saturday night I attended Tunguska – A Psychedelic and Post-Rock Festival at The Gov. Unfortunately due to being unwell I had to leave early so I contacted the organisers Nick and Nya to find out bit more about how Tunguska came to be and where they see it heading in the future.  The line-up consisted of some of Adelaide’s best musicians with Sons of Zoku, Oko, iiah, The Howling Fog, Aura Form and The Unset taking the stage.


How did the concept of Tunguska come about? And what did you want to the experience to be musical wise for patrons?  

For some time, Nick and I had been dreaming of creating a space where music and art could exist without the abrasive nature that generally occurs within live music and festivals. We relish in the intricacies of a performance and to notice that we require stillness. We also wanted a space where artists have the freedom to play out a full set without most restraints that commonly cause a long worked on piece to be cut short or altered.

Musical wise for patrons we will always endeavour to make the experience something visually and sonically unique by embracing a wide variety of experimental artists spanning through genres such as folk, ambient, acoustic, electronic, rock and metal. Our diversity is not based on gender, ethnicity or any of those current societal expectations of what diversity is amongst the creative industry. Our diversity can be found within the creative expression provided by the artists our focus is purely on the art. 


What is the meaning behind the name?

Once the pandemic happened the world that is basically as essential as oxygen to us was taken away, our mental health plummeted to new lows and our sense of community was squashed. We have always both believed that with great darkness comes great light, and with great destruction comes great change. So, we began seeing the situation as an opportunity to create the change we wanted to see. Tunguska is an event that occurred in Russia where an asteroid collided with our planet causing an incredible explosion of bright light knocking millions of trees over neatly, it seemed the perfect example of something so destructive generating something so strangely beautiful. It’s an event that is estimated to happen only once every 300 years.

The Howling Fog

You had a few set backs during Covid. Did you wonder if it was ever going to happen?

Nick and I are very determined people and at no point even considered that it wouldn’t be going ahead. We were set on creating something dynamic for a dynamic society.

Aura Form

I managed to only see the first three bands and had to bail due to being unwell. How did the night go?

Wonderfully. The following three artists continued to play their full sets regardless of any hiccups with scheduling. iiah, OKO and Sons Of Zoku are a collective of very professional and energetic artists. The love and energy that is put into each performance by all the artists is incredible.

You drew a pretty big crowd for the night. Where you expecting it to be so well patronised?

Nick and I ran into this with no expectations. We just hoped to break even financially so we can create our next event. We could not believe the turn out and all those who attended have our gratitude.

The Unset

Any plans for future Tunguska’s?

Our dream for Tunguska is for it to be something similar to that of a “bush doof” with a different edge. Being an environmentalist, we want the event to be outdoors, immersed in nature, eco friendly and human friendly all while leaving no trace because we like a challenge haha. We want all artists to be included so stalls and chill zones are something we would love to incorporate. So, if you create something unique, we want to hear from you, regardless of your medium. This isn’t just a platform for musicians because there is so much more than just “music” that goes into creating and releasing a piece of music and we would like to raise an awareness to this. We also plan on creating a mini mid-year event, we’ll have announcements coming soon.

We ask that phone usage is limited and never surrounding the stage, because you’ll miss or interrupt a fantastic light show that is created by one these people who is usually hidden away but still has incredible creative expression that we no longer want overlooked. We are trying to generate an immersive experience so if you need to have a convo, please move towards the back or outside. If an artist switches to an acoustic or ambient piece, we ask for silence. If the performance is more visual, we ask that you engage. We want our patrons to feel as though they too are a big part of this community and if they want to participate, we invite them to reach out to us. We aren’t looking for “good” artists, we’re looking for genuine creative human expression.

Photos courtesy of John Goodridge.









Agapanther are the latest band to be pressed onto vinyl. Deaf Cult Initiative in conjunction with the Agapanther boys have today announced that their debut EP ‘Overdue’ will be out very soon on what is an extremely tasty looking variant. A limited press of only 200 will be available.

I caught up with Jake (DCI) and Harry, Cohen and Dylan (AGAPANTHER) yesterday for a quick chat.


Deaf Cult Initiative was founded on the shared values of three scene kids, wanting to do the best they could to grow the Australian alternative music scene. What started as a disparate collection of monthly activities and grants quickly grew into a commitment to helping local and unsigned artists that make Australia’s creative scene unique. We would discover early on that the artists, musicians, and creatives – the very lifeblood of the scene – weren’t granted the same opportunities as more contemporary genres. We knew our purpose was to aid and assist that lifeblood to flow; never could we have foreseen the places this journey would take us.

Deaf Cult Initiative are blessed to open a new chapter in their story alongside AGAPANTHER.

We – Jake, ‘Borchy’, and Andrew – extend our deepest thanks to Kyle, Harry, Coen, and Dylan for being with us as we enter this new stage of Deaf Cult Initiative.

AGAPANTHER are a four-piece punk/alternative band from Adelaide, South Australia. Since forming in 2018 they’ve released a two-track, a single, and most recently their debut EP ‘Overdue’, turning heads with its seamless blend of shoegaze, punk, and ‘core genre sensibilities, receiving a 10/10 from Australia’s own Wall Of Sound. They are an act people are going to wish they were behind before they hit the world stage. Their transparent and honest approach to lyricism lends itself to their powerful, poignant instrumentals. Most of all, their humility and honesty shine through in their every action, creating an experience that is second-to-none for the listener. AGAPANTER never ceases to impress.

For these reasons, Deaf Cult Initiative is incredibly honoured to release their supernal debut EP, ‘Overdue’, on vinyl, for the first time. Launching on May 10th at deafcultinitiative.bigcartel.com, ‘Overdue’ will be available for the first time on vinyl. Housed in a 3mm sleeve with double-sided lyrics insert, ‘Overdue’ is available on seafoam splatter, strictly limited to 200 copies.

I had a chat to a very excited Harry, Dylan and Coen yesterday afternoon.

Well boys that is one hell of a surprise! (Although I secretly guessed correctly) Congratulations.

We are pretty excited.

So how did it all come about?

We initially applied for a $1000 grant through Deaf Cult Initiative. We did the interview process with them; this was about six months ago. We were pretty confident going into it, but they pretty much turned around and said that they thought they had a better offer for us. That was when they sprung on us that they wanted to press the EP.

In the conversation that we had with them we talked about how eventually one day we would love to release a record on vinyl. They put two and two together and said maybe this would be a better option for everyone. We absolutely agreed with that.

I bet you did!

All four of us buy plenty of vinyls so it was bound to happen at some point. We just didn’t think it would be the first EP. We explained to them how we all love buying vinyl, and they are all similar people to us, collecting that bumpy wax.

I’m keen to add this bumpy wax to my collection too.

Oh great we have at least one sale (laughs). That’s a start.

I love listening to the EP and now I will have the whole vinyl experience to go with it.

Thanks for listening to the EP.

So back to the vinyl. How was the whole process?

It was a cool experience going through it seeing as we have never done anything like it. I don’t own any test press myself so just having that one black press with Test written on it was a bit of a thing ticked off the bucket list, especially with it being our own. When they rocked up we all sat in the room together and had a listen which was super cool. Obviously we ticked it off before it went into proper production. The DCI boys have been awesome through the whole process. They have covered all the serious legality stuff really thoroughly and seriously but then we still managed to have a laugh with them. They are good blokes.

They are definitely good guys, and they are doing good things for the scene.

They are doing amazing work for the up and coming bands. It’s incredible.

They have been good to me to with my page, giving me early access to stuff.

Thanks heaps for taking the time out of what I know has been a busy day to chat to me guys. Keen to see the response from todays announcement!

No worries thank you.

I also caught up with one of the Deaf Cult Initiative boys in Jake Robertson for the goss on the vinyl drop.

Hey Jake thanks for taking the time to chat to me about your latest news! I knew it would be the Agapanther guys.

Not many people have guessed that one. We could see the demand for them to be pressed on vinyl. We absolutely love those guys and its great to be able to work with them. What did you think of the pressing?

I love it. It turned out really well. It looks sick. How did all this come about?

We’ve been talking to the boys since about August/September last year. They lets us in early with their single Vacant and Luke (Borchy) and I fell in love with them and their new sound. When it came to us wanting to move into the record world it was the most easiest decision to ask Agapanther. We approached the band and asked them if we could do a video call, I don’t think they even knew what we wanted to chat with them about. We asked them their thoughts on putting Overdue out on vinyl and I think their jaws dropped off the screen! It’s been such fun working with them and they are just such easy dudes to get along with.

I’m so stoked for them. It’s such a fantastic EP. Those boys work their butts off with their music and around the scene here in Adelaide.

That’s another thing that we noticed about them as well, they were really keen on community and Deaf Cult Initiative is all about that too. We know that we are working with like minded people.

You also have another vinyl in the pipeline too.

Yes we should have an announcement around that sometime in the next few weeks.

It so good that all these bands are getting the chance to be pressed on vinyl.

It’s an expensive outlay for such a high risk. Giving the artists the opportunity to be pressed in a medium that is very popular at the moment means they can focus on other areas like investing in shows or recording. Us being able to offer those little luxuries allows artists to then focus on other areas and grow themselves as a brand. Fans like the collectability of vinyl and being able to support the artists at the same time. Again that comes back to us supporting artists and alleviating that pressure and cost, and barrier into entry of a market that is really booming at the moment.

Anything else that you want to get out about this?

I can’t wait to see the response from people around Agapanther being pressed. I hope people enjoy it and Agapanther can garnish some new fans from it. Hopefully the scene can jump behind a different way to do things moving forward with labels.

I think after the shitshow that was covid everybody is looking at how to do things differently. We have all had to take a step back and rethink how things are done.

I think we are onto something a bit different. Between us and a few others like the AVVC guys we are all helping artist in our own way. We are definitely building that stronger connection and community.




If you like your music to have a tonne of heavy then you may want to jump on Seiran before they explode! With their new single The Void getting a lot of traction I caught up with vocalist Shintaro Kimura for a chat.

Hey Shin, how are you?

Really good. Excited for what is coming in the future!

First off your cover of Worldwide Suicide that you put up on the UNFD sight last year was so damn good.

I covered the In Heart’s Wake song because they had a competition and I mixed up the song with English and Japanese lyrics.

Just to clarify because I am a tad confused! Are you guys based here in Australia or in Tokyo?

I came back to Japan because of Covid. I was living in Melbourne and lost my jobs, and it was too hard to extend my visa. But I will be back! Everyone else is based in Melbourne.  It’s just me in Tokyo. I am from Hokkaido, which is in Northern Japan, but I have been living in Tokyo since I returned.

Thanks for clearing that up, I was sure were at Unify last year!

Yeah I was. I met so many people. I really miss that.

Hopefully by the time you return Unify will be back. Gigs are on the return so that is good.

Over here we are in what is called a State of Emergency. That can’t really do lock down here or force people to stay home. Your not really supposed to go outside or do gigs so they aren’t really happening at the moment. I think from May we are okay to start again. It seems much better in Australia now.

Ionei (Heckenberg) sent me your first single The Void and its so good. How did you guys end up working with him?

Zico the guitarist started Seiran. He is from Sale, so he knew Ionei before. Zico started this project about 5 years ago. He has been going to Ionei’s studio for a very long time. Seiran has had other members but they didn’t really work out. I met Zico two years ago at the Dealer show, I think it was 2019. He gave me a lift and played me his demo of The Void on the drive. It was amazing. He had so many songs: probably around 20. He has so many demos, I think its around 30 now.

So you definitely have enough for an EP!!

Yes. I recorded seven songs before I came back to Japan. We did it around lockdown because I knew I had to come back here.

At least you got to do that so that they can keep releasing songs. That was really smart. The Void is your first single, what is that about?

The song is about a toxic relationship that I had with my ex.

So Zico does the music, and you write the lyrics? Is it just the two of you in Seiran?

Mainly Zico and I. He does all the instrumental side and Ionei does the production side of it. They demo it and then I do the vocals. My English isn’t perfect and Ionei helps sometimes with the lyric side of things. I usually get the vocals and lyrics done and then we play with them once we get into the studio.

Do you write your lyrics in Japanese or in English?

It’s funny because sometimes its Japanese and sometimes its English. When I do them in Japanese I then have to translate them. I have Japanese lyrics for The Void, so I am hoping to record that. I really want to do that, it’s something that doesn’t seem to be done much. A lot of people seem to really like Japanese stuff, Alpha Wolf and Void of Vision. I feel that doing the song in Japanese would make for really cool content.

You got so much great feedback for the In Hearts Wake cover.

I was so surprised at that. It was really amazing. I also did a cover of  Spiritbox’s Holy Roller.

Will we eventually see you guys tour or play some live shows?

We are going to release an EP towards the end of this year and then I guess it depends on when I can return. I can’t come back to Australia until the border reopens so it’s looking more like next year. Until then we will use social media to build up a following.

I’d say that being in the UNFD social club and having your covers already up there will help you guys!

Yeah, I guess that helped a lot. I’m hoping to do some more covers.

Talking covers, who inspires you?

I have to say Crystal Lake for sure. I love Chester (Bennington), I really didn’t listen to heavy music until I listened to Linkin Park. Their music changed my life. Northlane, Architects and Oceans Ate Alaska. I really love their vocalist; he is one of my favourite singers in the scene. But Crystal Lake will always be top for me.  

Anything else you want to put out there?

I really didn’t expect the response we have gotten over such a short time. I genuinely appreciate everyone who has listened to The Void or watched the music video so far. I’ve been in a band before, but this is the first time for me to do something this big and I am so keen for the next single.

You’re not the only one Shin!! You can check out The Void below and hit the guys socials up so that you don’t miss the next single!!!