Brendan Brendkins has a love of horror novels and that shines through lyrically in his songs. Brendan and I had quite the chat about where he gets his inspiration from and his latest single ‘Panda Eyes’

Okay Brendan tell me all about Necronata.

What do you want to know?

First off tell me where the name came from.

So the name is a play on a horror novel that I used to read when I was in my teens.  I actually recently updated my biography to include this because it is probably relevant information. I used to read horror novels by an author called Darren Shan. He did a book series called The Demonata which was essentially a series about what would happen if demons came into reality. I essentially took the suffix of that and put Necro in front of it.  It’s still edgy and has that horror vibe, which is what my music entails but at the same time it rolls off your tongue. My lyrics and even some of the song names do reference a lot of Darren Shan’s specific literature.  The music that I write, in a cohesive format, is actually conceptually about what would happen if these horrors and these enemies of the imagination came into reality. It does have the same concept as the novels that I read. It’s very heavily influenced by Darren Shan stuff. Don’t want to say that I just copied his books but creatively I do take a lot of influence from a lot of that alternative, edgy horror stuff. Even on top of the Myspace rock vibes it kind of fits together to make its own little unique thing if you know what I mean.

I thought it was really cool. I was having quite the boogie to it. As soon as it started I was like ‘Yep I like this’ its got a groove to it.

It’s fun music and its really fun to listen to but if you were to go into the depth of the lyrical content as well as the type of intervals and harmonies that I use it’s a bit darker than average pop vibes.

It gave me My Chemical Romance/Panic at the Disco vibes. I missed Myspace, that was before I was computer literate!!! I never actually got to see that whole Myspace scene.

I was on Myspace briefly. It was very influential for my future as a person, but I actually wasn’t on it for to long. I’m not in the generation that was around during that. When I had Myspace I was actually only about 11 or 12. I only got on it because a couple of my friends were on there. Then you see all the themes, the bands, the dress style and the aesthetic and stuff and its like Wow this is so me. I didn’t even know this stuff existed. I listened to the music, but I didn’t realise that people dedicated their whole aesthetic to it.

It’s a lifestyle its not just the music. My kids all had Myspace, so we always had those Myspace bands playing at home.

We side tracked and talked bands and vinyl!!

I’m so Generation Z, I will just stream everything. I probably won’t own any vinyls and you can catch me probably with Necronata making vinyls for a really long time.  Same with Cd’s and stuff like that. I find that my music specifically, the way I am trying to get it out there, is on the basis that I want it to be freely accessible. If people want to spend money on it I would love them too at gigs and stuff but for the exposure itself I would love it to be free. Not to say that there is no merit or value in CD’s. People love buying them. It’s just not my preferred way to share my music.

I stream 90% of my music too. In saying that I will always buy the CD or vinyl when a band release them. Streaming is just more convenient.

Before I turned 18 and streaming wasn’t a thing I did buy a lot of CD’s. I have a bunch CD’s from bands when they first came to Sydney. So I have Make Them Suffer’s early stuff from when they toured – Neverbloom and Lord of Woe. I have a bunch of really random rare stuff in terms of bands that don’t really exist anymore that were really good. One of the CD’s I owned is the first copy, literally 001, of a band called Walking With Mirrors which was a punk rock band. My dad went and saw them and said, ‘You might like this band Brendan’ and gave me the CD. This band, by the way, doesn’t exist anymore but I need to show people this music because holy crap they were good.

Oh are they on Spotify?

Would not be on Spotify. This band stopped existing about 7 years ago. Maybe look them up on YouTube. Definitely an old msn band. So freaking good.

Back to Necronata! Tell me about the new single ‘Panda Eyes’.

So Panda Eyes is probably one of the more upbeat songs that I am going to be releasing. This one is definitely, look I may as well reveal it now because I am putting it up everywhere, there will be an EP. A five song narrative EP. Panda Eyes is the fourth track. As I said it follows the concept of what would happen if monsters and nightmares actually existed in the real world. This is like the part of the story where our main character in the story gets entrapped by one of these vampire creatures. He is forced to cannibalise, though they didn’t know that they were doing it, so that is where all the references to ‘Oh wow this tastes like pig or something’ come from – yeah you’re eating human meat there! Lyrically it is so uncomfortable, it is very, very dark. I have to talk about this because I don’t like writing lyrics like this it just sucks that I am really good at it! I can write stuff that makes people uncomfortable and Panda Eyes is probably one of the most uncomfortable songs I have ever written. I’m coming out of the mentality where as an artist I want to make people feel discomfort. I’m coming out of that phase where I want to be doing that and I am starting to want to uplift people. Panda Eyes is really the synthesis between such uncomfortable lyrics but such uplifting music. It’s a pretty song.

I was just about to say you would not get that story line from listening to the music.

No not al all. It’s literally the moment where our monster entraps and kind of enforces their diet of human being onto our protagonist. It’s like the climax of the story, the bit were it all goes wrong. The chorus is literally the confession of like – this is my love for you and the manifestation of that love is this horrific deed that you are doing right now. It’s an uncomfortable song for sure.

I’m going to go back and read the lyrics again now!

It’s probably on the same level as The Police song Every Breath You Take where everyone thinks its so pretty but it actually kind of fucking creepy hey?

Absolutely because that’s a stalkerish song. It’s not like “I’ll be watching you” cos I think  you hot!!

Really this song, and every song that is coming out on the EP, in the course of when I was writing them the intention was to make them as sing-along as possible. I’ve been practising the songs at home or with my live band and I’m kind of feeling like Man people are going to feel really weird singing the songs out loud if they knew what it meant. There is some part of me that probably wants to, before I even start the show, just say I really hope none of you relate to this because that would be really weird!!!

Hahaha that would definitely be weird! A couple of cannibals in the pit!!

It comes from a place of artistic expression, its like the guy who wrote Saw or something was probably kind of fucked up but it’s a good movie. Its worth enjoying that shock factor which is kind of the way I am justifying the EP.

So when does that come out?

That comes out on the 25th March. Its very exciting. I have two videos which will be streamed on Ghostkiller Entertainment. I’m hoping that people get around this monstrosity of a project that I have dreamed up. I have put a lot of energy and work into the songs and I really hope that it translates, not just when people are listening to it, to this is kind of different but I really dig it.  Also to come along to the live shows and have a bounce and a mosh to it. I’m keen to play my music, to sing this stuff live. I’m so excited for the future of not just this project but for the future of Australian music. Bands that are trying to bring back that throwback emo vibe. I want to just be apart of that whole culture where everyone is reminiscing. Reminiscing in a way that has a really uplifting and modern edge to it.

I’m loving what is coming out of Australia at the moment.

Yeah. I have to send my regards to Wolf and Chain. They released Repent at the same time I released Diabolical and holy crap we had almost the exact same angle of marketing for it. They are literally My Chemical Romance from Adelaide and I freaking love that.

I saw them live about 18 months ago in a little bar on a Sunday arvo with about 8 other bands. I remember saying to the guy I was with that they were going to be big.

Their tour that came to Sydney sold out almost immediately. I didn’t manage to get tickets for it, so I hope it opens up again.

Fingers crossed for you. Anything else you want to let people know about Necronata?

The EP arrives on the 25th March. You will be able to stream Panda Eyes as well as the other two singles I released last year, Diabolical and Cirque Du Freak on March 4th. There are 5 songs on the collective EP. It is a narrative driven concept EP so listen to it from start to finish. Pick your favourite song and whack it in a playlist. I am super excited to finally be able to share this with the world, its been a long time coming. My job is to give back to the music industry, but this is coming straight from my brain into the ears of listeners around Australia and the world. It’s quite intimidating but at the same time I’m excited for not just me but everyone to band together and release some kickass music.


I think the best thing about what I do is having bands I haven’t heard of before crossing my desk. Kaskeid are definitely in the category of ‘slept on another one!’ The Sydneysiders have just released a new single ‘Drifter’ which immediately caught my attention.

The intro to Drifter in no way prepared me for what was to come. What I love the most about this song is that there are three vocalists with three different styles and they absolutely make this track what it is. Written by Kaskeid and Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Will Thackray. The video was directed, filmed & edited by Gareth McGilvray.

James Temo, vocalist for Kaskeid, said that this new track is “…about learning to dedicate time to the things in life you truly take for granted. We all get stuck in our daily work lives, hobbies, ambitions and side hustles but tend to forget the little things that we are around every day. Drifter is a story about realising this from a personal struggle – you sometimes don’t know what you have until it’s gone. This song walks through personal experiences that have happened in our lives and we hope it can resonate with yours too.

Kaskeid burst onto the scene in late 2017 with “Where My Heart Belongs”, and 2018 saw the 5-piece enter the studio to work on their debut EP ‘Helical’. The Sydneysiders sought to tell their story and sonically illustrate both the divide & bond that our human emotions can share.

2018 also saw the release of the ‘Eclipse’ EP, which opened the door to head out on their first tour, where they sold out their first headline show on the Sydney leg of a sweep through Melbourne, Canberra, Gosford, and Sydney and have had the privilege of playing alongside Windwaker, I the Mighty (USA), Awaken I Am, Secrets (USA) & Slaves (USA).

Kaskeid is:

James Temo on Vocals

Joey Sykes on Guitar & Vocals

Ethan Sykes on Bass & Vocals

Will Thackray on Guitar & Production

Mitchell Wilkinson on Drums.


Nicole McKinney released her vulnerable indie/ folk-rock track ‘Another Day’  a few weeks back. Nicole’s ethereal vocals pull on your heartstrings as she shares her own emotional story of loss, betrayal and humiliation.

To pair with the tender, emotive and melancholy single, McKinney is releasing her journey in healing her emotional wounds in an empowering music video (directed and produced by Phoebe Faye).

From showing her vulnerability in the picturesque bathtub to showing her strength when carrying herself out of the turbulent ocean waves, this video is all about claiming back her power. McKinney states:

“To me, the video is reminiscent of the wounds left behind by disloyal friends. It is the healing process I went through from pain, loneliness and vulnerability to eventually gaining the strength to save myself and make a better life without them. I hope this video is empowering and shows others that it’s important to leave toxic relationships and to search for strength within yourself to heal on your own.”


Winning a Triple J Unearthed competition and playing with Northlane is not a bad way to begin your band’s journey! Covid put a bit of a dampener on the band gaining momentum with follow up gigs from this but it definitely hasn’t slowed them down in releasing some stellar singles. Following on from last year’s release of Severance the boys are back with a new single ‘Inertia’.  Inertia was produced/mixed and mastered by Clayton Segelov, and assisted by Angie Watson, at The Brain Recording Studios

Vocalist Lachlan Forsberg says that the meaning and themes of ‘Inertia’ are “…up for interpretation, but to us it comes from a place we felt during the COVID lockdown, about having a feeling of being stuck in a situation we can’t get out of and the dichotomy of having positive and negative effects on our mental health.

With every release the boys are upping the ante and growing their sound. Alienist are absolutely a band to keep your eye on in 2021.

Alienist are Damon Renes (Clean Vocals and Guitar), Chris Olliffe (Bass), Lachlan Forsberg (Vocals), Jake Ceely (Drums) and Anthony Vella (Guitar).


A few weeks back I interviewed The Stranger after they released Eleventh Hour. I have had that song on repeat for a few weeks and was so impressed that I pre-ordered their upcoming sophomore album on vinyl  ( Their latest single ‘Kaleidoscope’ had me spellbound from the first listen. If like me you have never heard of The Stranger you need to change that asap as these guys are destined for some bigger things if what I have heard so far from the album is anything to go by.

“As vibrant and immersive as its name suggests, the title track off of  Kaleidoscope provides a stunning and satisfying conclusion to this ambitious anthology. Poignant, reflective acoustic passages give way to powerful, personal proclamations of raw honesty and vulnerability in a sonic odyssey that deeply moves the listener. The kaleidoscope turns and shifts in constant motion to bring new perspectives and brilliant bursts of colour and clarity. So too does this unique and passionate track that showcases the remarkable diversity that is characteristic of its composers and delivers in earnest the vital message that lies at the heart of each and every track on this monumental musical work.”

Vocalist Tom Frayne explains “Kaleidoscope was written during a small existential crisis I was experiencing a few years ago. I was in a job that I hated, my interactions were consumed with anxiety, and I felt desperate to bring meaning to my life overnight. On top of this I was clinging on to a previous version of myself that wasn’t recognizing my potential, and which dwelled in the negativity of my earlier life, stuck on other people’s perception and expectations of success. After a while, and with a bit of therapy and a great circle of support, I managed to break through this negativity and form a more coherent and positive view of myself. Kaleidoscope is about breaking through society’s definition of success and learning to value myself and laude my achievements, however small or significant. Ever since this song came out onto paper I have felt much more comfortable in my own skin, I have silenced the voice of my inner saboteur, and I can finally relinquish the negativity of past relationships.”

Incorporating influences such as Opeth and Dream Theater, the band has forged a respected name for themselves in the Australian Metal Scene with their eclectic mix of progressive metal, djent & funk. Following a successful release of their highly acclaimed album ‘The Stranger’, the band shared stages with Australian and International Progressive Metal Powerhouses such as Caligula’s Horse, Voyager, Ne Obliviscaris, Monuments, and The Ocean; including festivals such as ProgFest and winning Brisbane’s Wacken Metal Battle. With The Strangers’ recent signing to Octane Records & Wild Thing Records for their much-anticipated sophomore album ‘Kaleidoscope’, the band is set to make a mark on the Australian Heavy Music World and beyond!


Sydney based Prog-Metalcore dynamos Repriever are crashing into 2021 with the full force of a sledgehammer with the release of their blisteringly visceral new single ‘Grim’. 

The ferocious and impactful track stands as a powerful follow-up to the cult success of the quintet’s debut EP Idle Minds and a testament to the band’s mission to push core to its upper limits and beyond. The fury, anguish and relentless defiance of ‘Grim’ reflects its highly personal lyrical themes that will linger in the hearts and minds of listeners long after the short and sharp track has ended. In ‘Grim’, Repriever dives headfirst into the depths of domestic violence that keeps families locked in their vicious cycles, underpinned by the band’s own personal accounts of suffering. Against this destructive backdrop, the band explores this chain reaction of violence and emphasizes the critical importance of forging a path of your own. ‘Grim’ conveys a vital message: that internal healing must be sought, lest you risk becoming the very thing that once kept you up at night. 

After signing a worldwide management deal with Australia’s premier alternative artist management agency Hard Drive Agency, this fast-paced prog-metal quintet are showing no signs of slowing down in 2021!

‘The Wolfstone Park Tour’ featuring Clay J Gladstone, Drastic Park and Wolf & Chain

Coming to a venue near you is a rollercoaster of a line-up featuring Clay J Gladstone (Sydney), Drastic Park (Melbourne) and Wolf & Chain (Adelaide) who are joining forces to showcase their angsty, bratty and high energy sounds across Australian cities this March and April.

While 2020 was write-off for most bands, it didn’t stop Melbourne Pop Punk trio Drastic Park from keeping busy. After supporting punk veterans Antiskeptic, Seraphs Coal and For Amusement Only at the renowned Corner Hotel In Melbourne, they recorded and released a second EP during lockdown, receiving widespread critical acclaim from Blunt Mag, Hysteria Mag and Wall of Sound – with each of their four singles being premiered on Triple J’s Short.Fast.Loud. Now with three sold out shows under their belt, Drastic Park is definitely a band to watch in 2021!

Hot off the success of their most recent single ‘SORRY’ which premiered on Triple J’s Short.Fast.Loud and added to Unearthed rotation, Clay J Gladstone are building some serious hype around the Australian Emo Punk scene. Triple J (SFL), Heavy Mag, The Faction and Idobe Radio (LA) are all calling Clay J Gladstone 2021 hot property – further backed up by a string of sold out Sydney shows (Crowbar/Frankie’s)!

Last but definitely not least, Wolf & Chain is a punk/emo band hailing from Adelaide, South Australia. With a shared love for the theatrical flair, the band seeks to highlight the emotional charge of the emo and punk scene that has felt forgotten, whilst incorporating modern and unique elements to their creative vision. Every live show from the band is full of energy and raw emotion which was highlighted at the bands recent sold out headline show at Lion Arts Factory celebrating the release of their stellar debut music video for single ‘An Honest Mistake’ leaving fans in awe of what is to come from this young band.

The Wolfstone Park Tour will be traveling through Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide in March and April. Due to the nature of Covid-19 we will advise any changes to the tour if anything occurs beforehand or during the tour.

Sponsored by the legends in Anti Vinyl Vinyl Club and What We Did On The Weekend






Massive congratulations to Sydney’s BOYSCLUB after they were announced as one of five winners of the triple j unearthed Collab Comp this morning. They will be writing a song alongside PNAU and Empire of the Sun songwriter/frontman Nick Littlemore.

On triple j unearthed’s website, Littlemore said of the prospect of working with BOYSCLUB:I’m well keen to make some dirty rock n roll and I’m very interested to see how we can reinvent the sound of rock for 2021. 

If you aren’t familiar with BOYSCLUB yet, wise up! It’s now 2021 and the patriarchy is cornered, lashing out like a beast with nowhere else to run. It’s time to sound the death knell on misogyny, discrimination and bigotry. But rather than the dreary toll of a bell, we send off the patriarchy with a blast of furious, energised punk rock sent forth from the minds, and amps, of Sydney’s BOYSCLUB!

Armed with an unwavering sense of justice for women, non-binary & men for equality, hard-earned life lessons and the legacy of those to have waved the flag of equality before them, BOYSCLUB have tasked themselves with systematically dismantling the prevailing wisdom; to change perspectives on queer empowerment, speak truth to addiction and amplifying the oft silenced voices of the victims of domestic violence.

BOYSCLUB are on tour now through February and March and are hitting Sydney, Bendigo, Melbourne, Adelaide, Gold Coast, Byron Bay, Brisbane, Canberra and Wollongong – see   for ticket details!

BOYSCLUB. Forever standing for something more than themselves.


Oh boy just when you think VoV can’t get any better!! Not sure who came up with the idea of re-recording ‘Decay’ and adding Ecca Vandal to the mix but damn they should be elevated to God status. This is absolute fire and will keep VoV fans extremely happy on a Friday.


Rumours have dropped their anthemic title track from their upcoming EP “If Only You Could Feel Something Too.” The new single is produced, mixed and mastered by Chris Lalic (Windwaker), who has added a new dimension to the band’s releases since jumping on board with the 2019 release, “Paralysed“.

The band explained that the writing process largely mirrored the content of the track: “It took longer than expected for this song to truly come together. There were parts that came with ease as if familiar and others that made us resent the process.”

“The subject matter became a reflection of this tension. The song is a bit of a dance between passion and self-loathing. Whether that’s in a relationship, an aspiration or kicking/fostering a habit. Touching on the inner turbulence you find when you love what could be harmful or, inversely, doubt what could be great. How do you communicate those more extreme feelings with those around you? Wouldn’t it just be easier if they could feel something too?

Rumours is Jackson Bentley (vocals), Harry Coote (guitar), Dustin Bayley (bass) and Benjamin Canham (guitar). The four piece spent the last year solidifying a loyal following and working towards a release to be proud of. “MANIA” premiered late January on triple j Short. Fast. Loud and received post-release love from Unearthed, triple j Home & Hosed, Tone Deaf and made Music Feeds ‘favourite tunes of the week’ as well as appearing on a plethora of online media outlets. Home & Hosed host Declan Byrne praised the track on Unearthed with: “came here on the recommendation of Josh Merriel and of course I’m not disappointed one bit. It mixes a dark, coiled energy with some beastly moments and an impassioned vocal.

Previous two singles “Paralysed” and “Incredulous” made waves with plays on triple j and RAGE, rotation on Unearthed, over 400,000 streams on Spotify (and counting), both appeared in The Faction‘s Hardest 100 countdown and featured in Music Feeds – who drew comparisons to the genre defying Ocean Grove. Music Feeds also commented with:

Grooves like thunder. The eerie synth soundscapes, grungey, nu-metal inflected verses and soaring anthemic choruses make for one wild ride (that you’ll want to line up for again straight away).

Drawing from the likes of Don BrocoGrimesHalsey and Muse, Rumours have evolved to showcase a carefully crafted sound that appeals to pop lovers, headbangers and everything in between.

Without a doubt this is my favourite Rumours track to date. The boys have refined their sound and I think 2021 is going to be their year.