Days Like These have released another single off of their forthcoming EP ‘Wide Awake’ and also announced that their previous release ‘Gravity’ will be played during the AFL game tonight so if your not normally a footy fan tonight is the night to change that.

“High & Glow” pushes boundaries for the band, who credit producer and collaborator Chris Lalic (Windwaker) for helping guide Days Like These into a more refined space and encouraged an exploration of different guitar tuning, song structure and tonal effects. “We were unsure about this song and how it would turn out in the end, but as we were putting the finishing touches on it we all agreed that we were extremely stoked on it” says vocalist Callen Batson.

This second single delves into dark territory sonically with rave-like vibes echoing throughout the track, lending itself perfectly to the context of the single, which explores Batson’s thoughts on substance abuse and partying as a way to mask struggles: “High & Glow takes its theme from my past experiences and thoughts on drugs and partying, and the use of them in our generation to help forget issues in our day to day lives that we would rather just push aside. The dark and rave-like vibe of the song inspired the lyrical content – which is where the initial ideas came from.”

Days Like These released tickets to their own headlining EP launch show at Brisbane’s The Brightside on May 27 supported by InertiaDeadnerve and Nervous Light – which sold out shortly after announcing! The band recently revealed they will also play main support for Headstrong‘s sold out Sydney show at Burdekin Hotel on April 24.

Days Like These is Callen Batson (vocals), Noah Murphy (drums/vocals), Connor Robins, (bass) Jamo Benadie (guitar) and Russell Hodgson (guitar).

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