Sam Marks has just released his lush, reverb-drenched indie-rock track ‘Tend To Yourself’ that is brimming with groovy reggae influences. To accompany this single Sam has released a hilarious video clip produced by his brother Ben Marks.  

In his overalls, wide brim hat and pitchfork in hand, Marks gets his hands dirty out in the back yard as he is captured tending to his garden, chickens and his homegrown cabbages superimposed with his very own face. Cut between scenes of Marks soaking up life Tropicana style, the music clip bursts with Marks light-hearted sense of humour and charisma all of which acts as a reminder to tend to yourself.

‘Tend To Yourself’ is Marks third single release since debuting in the second half of 2020. The track is a breath of fresh air, further showcasing Marks’ vocal prowess and willingness to explore multiple influences within his music.

‘Tend To Yourself’ is out everywhere now.

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