Founded in 2015 Wildheart are a Brisbane based melodic hardcore band who stormed onto the local scene with their debut release ‘A Thousand Days’. Since that release, the band have established themselves as firebrands and ones to watch, with their hard-hitting messages and music. Wildheart have slowly yet surely carved themselves a position as a heavy, emotional outfit that demands the attention of punters through their relentless live performances.

Now, they return with their most pressing and important song to date. The new single is called ‘Backburner.’

Yugambeh man and Vocalist for Wildheart, Axel Best, says that the song “…was written after Australia bore witness to the worst bushfires we have ever seen. Backburner is about “the government’s continuous refusal to listen, learn and adopt indigenous techniques that were used for thousands of years to preserve and care for the land.”

The song also features powerful words from Indigenous man Bruce Shillingsworth’s speech on ABC’s Q&A program in October 2019 when he called for Australia to “wake up”. When speaking with vocalist Best about the use of his words on the song, Shillingsworth reiterated the message “I believe, and you also believe, that there is an important message to tell the world. Change has to come – We are now guided by our ancestors and spirits to go forward and light up the flames, they can’t put us on the back burner.

The single was recorded, mixed and mastered by Gareth Hargreaves – and the film clip for the track was filmed and edited by Dan Ramsey of SP\LIT Media!

Ever putting their money where their mouth is, Wildheart have performed in support of multiple not-for-profit organisations including Beyond Blue, Support Act/The Black Dog Foundation, and Sea Shepherd. The band is a proud advocate of an open conversation surrounding mental health and suicide and with the recently released ‘Rising Tide’ in 2019, have shown a strong shift into the discussion on the ongoing racism and discrimination shown towards the first nations people of Australia.


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