Sentiment are back with a new single ‘Once A Rose, Now A Parasite’ and a new sound. I caught up with Alex, Hayden, Matt and their new vocalist Sebastian (Seabass) for all the goss.

New music guys!!!

Alex: Yes and with the new music we are also announcing a new vocalist in Seabass. He’s pretty fucking fantastic for lack of a better description. We’ve got this new song recorded and it’s a bit of a different direction, a bit more fun, upbeat and dancy. Something that is going to get stuck in your head for awhile.

Bit of an earworm.

Alex: Absolutely. We are so excited to get it out, for us it is almost like starting again. Which is both terrifying and exciting at the same time.

Seabass: I have been in other bands; I was in Days Like These before I stepped away. I couldn’t be prouder of what they are doing now. It’s a bit scary for me too, starting with these boys. It’s different.

And you have a different role with Sentiment.

Seabass: Exactly, I am still trying to figure out what to do with my hands on stage.

Give the man a guitar boys!!

Seabass: That is exactly what I have been saying (laughs). I feel like if I can focus just on vocals then I won’t have to be delegating my concentration too much. But it’s super fun and I am enjoying it. The way these guys write is very old school as in we literally just rock up to a rehearsal expecting to rehearse and someone will start playing something. Basically there goes the whole rehearsal because we end up screwing around with it and we’ve written a song!

Alex: That’s how we write all out songs. I think that is why they come across a little bit more fun and unique.

Hayden: Raw

Alex: Yeah raw.

Seabass: At least we can take them back to the studio at my place and record them how they are supposed to be, while we remember. Then we can work on it.

Hope you are recording while you are practising!

Matt: There is literally a phone in the middle of the room. Poor Seabass, we were never very high tech.

Seabass: I have sat in on a couple of those sessions now and we have started a few things so hopefully we can get around to doing a lot more of that.  The down side is these guys all live northside.

Alex: Its about 45 minutes away. The positives with Seabass joining and the new process, we are really opening our eyes as to what we can do. From starting with a really good song in ‘Sentiment’  a simple and to the point song, which is what we really liked about it, to now being able to expand on our ideas a bit more and actually working to improve them.

Just having someone with that bit more experience.

Matt: Even just having Seabass come in and fill in on the first three gigs after Kye left and coming to rehearsals, we would practise and be like this is how this song goes and having him say “What if we did it a little bit like this?” We would be like “Ah shit that’s really good”.

Seabass: I picked up Alex’s guitar the other week when we were on a five minute break and they guys were listening really attentively, and I thought to myself shit do they want to bite my head off right now because I’m telling them what to do….

Hayden: I think just in general Seabass has been a really good decision forward for us because he does bring a lot of experience. He’s a fun dude that we have all met outside of being in a band, we were all friends with him before this. He just gels with us really well and brings a different outlook into the band. Obviously we weren’t running out of ideas but as Alex said before we weren’t pushing ourselves and were hesitant to take out music that bit further.  Seabass just comes in and provides us with this different outlook and new sense of direction for where to go with each song. It’s been refreshing and really cool.

Matt: That’s not to say we were directionless before him. We were already a good band (laughs).

Seabass: I’m not afraid to be honest with you guys, I think that’s the best bit. I can tell you guys if a riff or something is shit and offer a suggestion and they are okay with it. We can then go through why and figure out how to make it better.

So tell me about the new song. What’s it called, what’s it about?

Alex: So it’s called ‘Once A Rose, Now A Parasite’. I guess its about breaking up with someone and realising that you are now better off in so many different ways. Really celebrating the fact that you are better off. It’s very anthemic and upbeat and it really packs a lot of energy and a lot of heart. The way we wrote it was I came into practise with the main riffs and the lyrics ready to go. The boys said yep this is sick and we wrote it in like two sessions. I’m more excited about this song than anything else at the moment. I think if we get the reach that we want its going to be a big hit for us.

Matt: It is really cool too because it was one that was written with all of us in the room. You know how we were saying the writing process is us just all hanging out, anyone who knows us personally will be able to tell who came up with what part. It was quite guitar heavy and pop/punky sort of feel and then all of a sudden it kicks into this big China part and it’s like Matt Clay had a go at that haha!!

Hayden: It’s very pop/punky/post hardcore.

Seabass: Easycore. If you like A Day To Remember I think you will like it.

Alex: That’s not to say that the other stuff we haven’t released isn’t heavy, but this is just more of a ‘Hey we are actually cool dudes, and we can write some catchy shit’.

Matt: It’s not a departure from that sound its just more of a window into what we can do. We have also recorded a couple of other songs which are far heavier than Sentiment.

The majority of people are happy to see bands mixing it up a bit.

Hayden: Lucky for us we are still a relatively new band which gives us a bit of grace to still explore different sounds and where we want to head. We’ve all got fairly different influences and it definitely shows when we write. All the songs that we have in our catalogue so far are all quite different from each other. I don’t think there are any two songs that sound similar which is good because it expresses who we are as a band and as individuals.

Seabass: That is what I am enjoying about this too, they didn’t want to just stick with one sound. They had a catalogue of all these different ideas sonically which made which made me feel really comfortable to put out my ideas as well. When they asked me to be a member of the band I wasn’t going to be limited to just writing one certain thing. I think we are fortunate that we are not strictly bound to one sound.

Who are your influences then?

Hayden: I’m very much a metalcore kid, like an early 2000’s metalcore kid. So I loved all of that Of Mice and Men, Amity, Sempiternal era BMTH all that sort of stuff. In the last three or four years I’ve been getting into more of the Make Them Suffer, Stray From The Path, Saviour etc.

Alex: I do like Beach Bunny a lot. I really like songs with big chorus’s, and I don’t just listen to one genre. I really like local bands like Deadlights. I found that its really a lot of the Australian music scene like Deadlights, Windwaker, Make Them Suffer. Also a lot of poppy stuff. Like Once A Rose has a big chorus and I think I can attribute being able to write those types of chorus’s from listening to stuff like Katie Perry and Ariana Grande. You can really learn a lot from pop music to be able to put into metal.

Seabass: That being said don’t expect me to be able to sound like either of those two!!

I was expecting great things from you Seabass!! They have just all told me how awesome you are….

Seabass: Let’s just say I’m in a different ballpark. Influentially I am kind of in the same boat as Alex in that I don’t really listen to the one thing. It depends on my mood, but I have always found traces of Circa Survive in there. I’ve been listening to them since mid high school. A lot of the demos I started writing even before I was in bands I found myself going back to Circa and listening to them. Not just the sounds that they were producing but the way that they were writing as well was really cool. Bilmuri as well. I think listening to Bilmuri he’s got this idea that he doesn’t really care about genre and I found myself caring way to much about continuity in my writing to the point where now I couldn’t care less. I’m not afraid to do that now. Then my metal influence is Linkin Park all the way. I was literally listening to them before I was born, my brother had Hybrid Theory and was playing it to my mum while my brother and I were in the womb.

Matt: Gee they all came up with such detailed responses. I just took the basic white boy slide down into metal. I listened to Nollsy and then one day I heard Metallica and thought oh that’s kind of cool. So yeah 80’s thrash which moved onto 90’s numetal like Slipknot and Limp Bizkit and shit like that. Now I’ve moved onto more modern numetalcore like Alpha Wolf, Graves and more of that hardcore like Knocked Loose and Kublai Khan. Big heavy drums, the more I get to hit my china the better.

Gigs… you guys have been killing it. You were popping up everywhere.

Alex: Yeah more or less. We took a three month hiatus from gigs to write and record and sort out a vocalist. We are really keen to just play any show that we can.

Matt: Especially in the world at the moment everyone appreciates a small show. You can just have four local bands and there will be a pretty solid turnout.

They are my favourite gigs anyway.

Hayden: They are always a real solid crowd; everyone is super nice, and you know most of the people.

Alex: We have a gig coming up on April 22nd at the Brightside. We were lucky enough to go with Empire Within. They are really cool dudes, and they seem just as keen as us to play it. In Eyes are also playing and Neverfold. It’s going to be a really energetic fun night. It will have a taste of everything. We are really keen for that one as it will be our first show back in a while and we will have a new song to go with it.

We just want to give a quick shoutout to the Deaf Cult Initiative boys. We wouldn’t have gotten Once A Rose as good as it was, especially with the music video, if it wasn’t for the grant that we got from them. Nick Hargans our videographer, he took time out of his very busy schedule and filmed our music video with us so big shout out to him. The Deaf Cult Initiative boys are doing really good things for the local band scene. I couldn’t think of a better set of dudes to do it. They really want the best for all of Brisbane and anywhere else they can get their hands on.

We are so lucky because we have so many people just wanting to help. The Deaf Cult Initiative boys, Piky and Jacob from Anti Vinyl Club, Jase and Burgo with their podcast and all the other things they are doing. It’s so good.

Hayden: It’s great that in a good scene in general you have all these other small groups like AVVC, UNFD Social Club that bring people even closer together. It’s just really cool to see what the scene does day in, day out. I think the DCI boys have just taken that and ran with it, doing so much for so many really good local bands.

Check out the video for Once A Rose Now A Parasite below:

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