Colour and Shade

Colour and Shade’s EP Hostile Ground came out Friday. Mat Purcell virtually sat down with me to talk us through the EP.

Your EP ‘Hostile Grounds’ is out this Friday.

Yes. I don’t really know how to explain it because we had our plans change on us so many times. We had three different main approaches on how we were going to release everything and it obviously got changed. We ended up releasing more singles than we had planned. We have released three and there are two more to come out, they are a little bit different. One song has a Hans Zimmer influence on it, its very different for us. The other one, which Tim had a lot to do with, is cleaner and more laid back. I don’t think there is any distortion guitar in it which is very out of the comfort zone, for me especially.

Are the songs all connected by a theme?

No, they are all very much stand alone songs. They were written over the course of a year. Tim already had the chorus for Therapy when we started and we built the song from there. Zak had all these guitar riffs that he had smacked together and that was Phoenix. Equilibrium was a couple of my little guitar parts which Zak built on. We had all these songs written before Covid, it was at the point where we were about to start organising the artwork and release and then Covid happened. Music videos were what tied us back the most because we couldn’t leave the house or plan anything. As soon as lockdown ended we were quick on it. We actually shot the Therapy video at my mum’s house because it was organised so quickly, just so we could get it done. We probably sat on these songs for 18 months before we could release them.

Your latest single Equilibrium is probably your best song yet!

Thank you. It’s definitely the one we put the most work into and I think the result is showing that. We’ve had a really good response from Equilibrium. Moving forward from Equilibrium, given the fact that it has done so well, will give us a bit more direction.

There are five songs on the EP, what are the stories behind them?

Therapy is about people needing to ask for help. Zak wrote the concept of Phoenix around being a person in the past and then changing and bettering yourself to not be that person that you were. Sometimes you won’t even like yourself and I know Zak has had a hard time in the past, that was a song that was really close to him. Equilibrium is exactly what it says – equality. Equality across the globe -nationality, race, gender and all the rest. It doesn’t matter, it should be kind of a standard. Canvas is our opening track, it’s a short one, it’s very much an intro song. It’s a bit of an open love song that Zak wrote the lyrics to for his now wife, they got married last year. Rest is that slow song that I was talking about. You work your way through a lot of stuff but eventually you will have to take a step back and not burn yourself out, if that makes sense.

Total sense!!

Maybe listen to that one!

That will be the first one I listen too…

Getting back to Rest!! It’s interesting now because when we were in lockdown, me personally, I was very eager to do something or anything to do with the band. Just getting stuff organised because sitting at home doing nothing, especially when you cant gig or even practise, was very frustrating. The one thing I didn’t do during lockdown was relax. For me it was very hard to relax because nothing was getting done, even though nothing could be done. Even know there is a result from that where I am like we can do it so we should be taking advantage of it. It’s keeping me very driven. I think that has washed off on Zak too, he’s doing so much at the moment. He was doing his podcast, his YouTube channel for audio production, he stays pretty busy.

What’s next for Colour and Shade?

We have the EP coming out and then after that it’s a blank canvas, see where we go next I guess.



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