In 2020, Alternative Press named them as one of ten “Rising Australian Pop-Punk Bands You Need to Hear. All Hours, the Brisbane outfit influenced by rock heavyweights such as Paramore, A Day to Remember, Blink 182 and Sum 41, are again bringing their energetic spin on the genre with their poppy melodies, frenetic riffs, and female-vocalist Dani at the helm!

With two EP releases under their belt—a self-titled debut in 2015, followed by 2017’s Sightseeing—All Hours went on to release a cover of Amy Shark’s hit song, ‘I Said Hi’, followed by their single “Saving Grace” which they supported with shows throughout the first half of 2019. The second half of 2019 saw the release of ‘Black Rose’, the first single from the band’s upcoming EP ‘Perspectives’.

Mixing pop/punk and metal is a thing and I am all about it!!  Brisbane based band All Hours have nailed the mix with their new single ‘Downward’. Dani, Stewart and  Alistair sat down with me to talk about their latest single and their upcoming EP ‘Perspectives’

First off I love your vocals Dani. I was definitely not expecting that!!!

Dani: Oh thanks. It’s a real mixture of the two genres. It’s hard to explain.

Who are All Hours?

Stewart: We have been around for a couple of years. We have had a few line-up changes along the way until we found the current line-up.

Alistair: I think it was you two and Jono and then I joined sometime in 2017 and then Richard joined about a year later.

Dani: Yeah that sounds about right. So we started a long time ago, but we have only been a solid band for about three or four years now. That’s when we started playing shows and getting our name out there.

You played the last Good Things, was that through the competition that they ran?

Alistair: No we actually snuck in through the back door on that one. We entered the competition and didn’t win; guys jump in if I’m getting this wrong.

Dani: No that’s right.

Stewart: We had just finished the ‘Black Rose’ video and someone DM’d us asking us if we wanted to play good things. I was like yeah righto that’s real!

Alistair: And it totally was.

Dani: It was a local stage that we played, we didn’t play the big stage.

No but you got to play Good Things!

Dani: We played on the Garage Stage and it was just a bunch of local bands that go to play across the day. Yeah we can put that on the resume which is nice.

Alistair: And we do!!!

‘Downward’ is your latest single off your forthcoming EP, what is the story there?

Dani: We had written most of the songs off the EP and then I think Downward was the last one we wrote.

Stewart: I had the demo floating around for a good year and a half. It was when you came and sang on it, it kind of kept changing and changing and became a completely different song.

Alistair: I hated that song when you first played it to me.

Dani: Yeah right…

OH! I interviewed this band called All Hours…. They don’t exist anymore (all laugh)

Dani: Anyway, it was kind of the last one that we wrote. We start our set with that song as well because it kind of starts with that heavy screamo part and we wanted something that was going to get peoples attention right from the start of the song. It’s probably one of our more boppy kind of songs on the EP I think.

Stewart: That’s a fair assessment. It has a bit of everything – guitar solos, screams and cleans and soft bits.

Your EP ‘Perspectives’ is out on 16th April.

Dani: Downward is the second track we have released off the EP, we actually released Black Rose over a year ago. We were planning to release the EP last year but when covid happened we put it all on hold. ‘Before I Go’ is the next single which we will release at the same time as the EP.

With having some screamo elements in your songs I guess the next question is who influences your sound?

Stewart: I would say Underoath.

Dani: I have always been a fan of Underoath, they were probably the first band I was into with that screamo element. I guess when I first started doing it 10 years ago that was the sound that I was trying to emulate in a way. Spencer is kind of my vocal God. But we all have completely different taste in music.

Alistair: We really do.

Stewart: Yeah. I think maybe Blink 182.

Alistair: I think Blink is the one band that all five of us really like.

Dani: Our drummer Jono was in a metalcore band to start with, so he is into that really heavy kind of music. What are you into Alistair?

Alistair: I’m into all sorts of stuff. For this sort of music I’m in to more traditional punk music. I love Black Flag and The Descendants that sort of stuff. Screeching Weasel, NOFX and Jawbreaker as well.

Dani: We take inspiration from all of those different genres and bands.

So how did you end up with screamo in a pop/punk song?

Dani: Umm cos Stewart told me to do it!!

I love it.

Stewart: I always thought it was really cool idea. I love Dani’s clean voice, but I love a bit of her screaming every now and then. It just makes it a bit more interesting, and it means we can write stuff with a bit of a broader scope. But I definitely wouldn’t say we were a metal band.

Dani: I think we are hard to define because of the screamo and the heavy parts of our music. I the guess the way that screamo got into a pop punk song is just because,

Stewart: I saw you do it in your old band and it was cool.

Dani: Yeah with my old band I did it, but I think we just write what we think sounds good.

Alistair: Everyone tries to put their own things they like into each individual song. We go back and forth and see what works. Usually Stewart will come up with the basis of a song and then Dani will add some lyrics and vocals over it then the rest of us will make complete changes to what Stewart was originally going for (laughs). It goes back and forth until we find something we all like.

Stewart: Definitely a lot more guitar solos and blast beats added in the latter half of writing! It makes it fun, our most pop punk song on the EP is probably the most metal.

Dani: I think the main thing for us is that we are having fun. As long as we are doing that and playing the music we like and want to play.

Alistair: Having people there is always good but I just love playing shows.

Dani: Early on we did play to only three people..

Alistair: It was the first show after Richard had joined the band, and he kept coming back!

Do we have a theme running through the new EP?

Stewart: Musically it’s probably the most cohesive thing we have done. It definitely has a start, middle and end. We tried to take all the best elements of our previous songs, grab all the bits that worked and write songs built around those parts. I like to think that we have written better songs than we previously have.

Alistair: The production is on a whole new level for this one too. Stewart actually does all the recording.

Stewart: We actually had some help with this one from a legend called Adam Merker.

Alistair:  In my opinion this is the first EP we have recorded that really 100% sounds like us when we play. Some of the older stuff didn’t, but that was also because it wasn’t all of us it was other people.

You’ve probably found your groove now after a few years together.

Dani: This one has been a long time coming. We are pretty happy with how it has turned out.

Stewart: D.I.Ying it we have got the songs sounding exactly how we wanted them which it super rewarding for us. And not having the production change the songs too much. It keeps it true to who we are. We have to give a shoutout to Callen Orr who helped with mixing all the songs off it. He did an amazing job. He helped get the production up and take them to another level.

Dani: We are playing a bunch of shows to launch the EP. We are playing one Sunshine Coast show and a few Brisbane shows if people want to come and check us out.

Alistair: Yes come and buy some merch!

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