Bad Moon Born are in a phase of re-birth. The Sydney-based five-piece have released their newest single, ‘The Heart From The Hollow’, the first taste of an EP to come in the near future. A shift in style and pace, the new single heralds a whole new era for the band!

A large portion of 2020 was spent working on new material, diving into a totally new genre and exploring new-found personal depths in their lyric writing. ‘The Heart From The Hollow’ plays with the idea of losing oneself in anger and forfeiting your capacity for compassion in doing so.

Vocalist Jordan Von Grae says that the single ‘…is written to represent the inner monologue one might face when dealing with extreme bouts of pain and anger. In essence, The Heart From The Hollow is an ode to the dichotomy of rage and reason, explored through an introspective lens. This idea of heightened self-awareness with an attention to inner turmoil is a recurring theme throughout the course of this EP.’

This is a new direction for the band and hot damn I am digging it. Very keen to see where Bad Moon Born take this!

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