Josh Cuzens: Drums

Lewis Fiaschi: Vocals/Guitar

Perth duo Josh Cuzens and Lewis Fiaschi, better known as Bag of Bones, have just released their latest single Paid. The single is a follow up from No Pass Outs that was released at the beginning of the year. I caught up with Lewis to find out just who Bag of Bones are.

Hey Lewis thanks for taking the time to chat. Who are Bag of Bones?

Hey. So Josh and I have been playing music together for a while we’ve been in a few bands here and there that for various reasons didn’t work out. We just got to the point where we were like maybe we should just do a two piece thing and just keep it simple. Its good just having the two people, it’s simple and easy in a sense but also kind of forces you to be better at your instrument.  We are super lucky in that sense because it is just the two of us. Initially things cost a bit more but in the end you make more money in a weird way as well.

You also get want you want stylistically and sound wise easier too I guess?

Exactly that’s a huge benefit of being just a two piece. It is I do this and then Josh does that and that’s it! Josh and I were in a band together when we were about 18 or 19. That kind of went nowhere, and then after that we took a year off and then came back together and started Bag of Bones. We just started with the 2 of us because we thought the main reasons why things fell apart before was because like you said there was to many people and things went nowhere

So do you guys do all your own recording and stuff?

Yes so we have a friend Emmett he’s pretty much been there from day one with us. Our first few recordings and demos and stuff were just done in his living room at his house in Fremantle. From there we have mostly just recorded things at his house. The most recent single Paid was recorded in his house in Yallingup. 

What bands inspire you guys?

This list is endless. But I guess the big ones would be Arctic Monkeys, QOTSA, The Black Keys and Jack White. But in saying that we do like a lot of electronic music weirdly enough. Like I said I could stand here all day and list bands that we like.

I’m gathering that the meaning behind the song Paid is to do with the music industry.

Yeah definitely. It was written to be a joke honestly. We played a handful of shows as you do when you’re first starting up and we were just kind of getting ripped off and being taken advantage of. You get promised money and then we’d never see that money. I mean its unfortunately a pretty common thing that does happens to newer bands. We were playing around, and rehearsing and Josh started writing the song, we played it a few times live and people really liked it so we were like okay I guess we should probably try and take it seriously! So the first few times we played it live I just made words up on the spot to be honest. We didn’t really put much thought into it, the song probably took 15 minutes to write to be honest, we didn’t really think too much about it. Which is kind of the irony of it because all the songs that don’t take much effort and time to write are the ones that are usually a bit more successful.

I’ve had you guys playing in the background this morning and been bopping around the house! You guys would be really great to see live.

I think that’s probably what we are, more of a live band than a recording one. Recordings unfortunately do it justice. You’re definitely much better off seeing us live than listening to the recorded songs.

I saw that you sold out a gig recently too, even during Covid

Yeah which is good for us. The first gig back in three months and we didn’t really know what was going to happen. And it sold out within a week which is pretty good. It was ideal, it’s the dream really to sell out a show.

I’ve discovered quite a few new WA bands during this weird time. We don’t always hear about them over here.

There are some fantastic bands in WA. We are pretty lucky; it’s definitely helped in a big way. We are carrying on as normal, well not as normal but as close to it that you can get compared to the rest of the world. We’re pretty thankful and very lucky for that.

Have you guys got an EP or anything in the works?

We’ve got a weird kind of song with a part 1 and 2, so that will become a 2 track EP. We’ll finish recording that and then try and organise some sort of gig. But again the issues being if the venue is bigger than 500 you can only have ½ capacity, so we are just sort of sitting around. We’ve got a few shows but in terms of our own shows or another launch were not really in a hurry at the moment.

Yeah shows are a hard thing to be organising right now.

Yeah. Which makes it hard because then you lose that traction. And not playing live sucks because it’s just not the same. Josh and I have just been using the time to write songs, we had a few months where we got lazy and didn’t do much and then we were like no we need to keep going. Also looking at different avenues to push the music, there’s always going to be something you can do. Not just give up.

There are positives to all this, people are listening to music more and diving deeper in to bands

Yeah that’s definitely a positive, when you are trying to not look at it like it the shittest thing in the world.  You’re either forced to write music because you have nothing better to do or to explore more music.

And everyone is looking outside of the box and it seems to have bought the community together

It’s the light at the end of the tunnel, something to look forward too. Hopefully, other bands get inspiration from the bands that are doing stuff and don’t just break up or stop creating.

On the creating side, there are bands coming out with some amazing sounds. It’s getting harder to slot bands into a specific genre. Like you guys it says garage blues, but I wouldn’t even say that was your specific sound

Yeah it’s kind of not now. I think when we originally started out writing music it was very much like old school Sabbath, super riffy. I guess that’s where I got the idea because it wasn’t as heavy as Sabbath, but it was that kind of that electric blues vibe. As time has progressed it’s gotten a little bit more poppy in an upbeat way. Not so much guitar based but lyrically based.

Evolving as a band and trying to find your own sound I guess?

For sure. We spent the first year just playing more instrumental stuff because ironically I didn’t like singing! Where now I’ve gotten more confident and I enjoy singing a lot more. So we try and write songs more lyrically focused. No Pass Outs is probably the song that was the start of it. That song for us is definitely one of our favourites. It has a nice riff behind it but it’s also more lyrical

Well I certainly am digging the sound these guys are putting out. Go follow their socials and keep up to date with what Bag of Bones are up to next!!

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