If you are missing the sounds of old school nu-metal then Bison are a band you need to acquaint yourself with, unless of course you caught them first time around!!!

BISON were among the kings of the ‘first-wave’ of nu-metal in Australia, circa 1998 – 2005. Fast Forward to a post-COVID 2021 and throw in a pinch of Sam Bassal (Ocean Grove) in the producer’s role, and you have a classic heavy-groove sound with a modern heavy music flavour that cannot be denied! Formed in Melbourne, Australia in 1997 when drummer Eddie and former guitarist Calksi were inspired by the nu-metal and alt-rock OG’s of the day, like Korn, Helmet, Sepultura, Incubus etc, bringing hip-hop and heavy music together.

‘Take Your Place’ is the second single from the bands upcoming EP ‘Perfect Mistakes’ which is out on the 28th May –

The band say that this new single is inspired by the passing of time and seeing the coming and going of friends and relationships. “Close relationships can be difficult and we all fuck up sometimes. We can’t put the toothpaste back in the tube. Sometimes its best to reframe, tear down the barriers and move forward – and other times, it’s best to change to the locks.

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