If you’re a fan of Deftones, Loathe, or Sunk Loto big tip: jump on Stoke-On-Trents Nu-Metal group Black Coast.  ‘Paradise’ is the first single off their debut album which will be out later this year and just quietly it slaps hard. I read in an interview that when Scott Pinnington (guitarist) was asked how they would describe themselves he stated “Alice in Chains met Limp Bizkit and had a threesome with Deftones”… this pretty well sums up Black Coast’s sound to a T.

‘Paradise’ explores a sentiment perhaps many can relate to, after vocalist Charlie Hewitt found himself coming to a personal realisation during the writing process of this song: It’s about questioning myself, why did l think being a certain way, a way that destroyed myself should be celebrated?” He explains. “Things in life do that to everyone at some point and dependant how people deal with them is how they move forwards. l almost revelled in this state for so long, thinking the way that l was being was okay when it was just making me lose everything around me slowly but surely.”

The bands previous releases received national attention including Kerrang! RadioBBC R1Metal HammerRock SoundKerrangUpset Magazine and more. Black Coast burst out of their local scene in 2017 with their debut EP ‘Crows Of The North’, followed by EPs Ill Minds Vol1 & 2. Moving into 2021 Paradise unravels the challenge and adversity-filled year that was 2020 for the band personally and professionally, and the means for reflection and coping that writing their debut album was for them.

While you are sussing ‘Paradise’ make sure you dive into this bands back catalogue because you are in for a treat.

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