I love these girls for everything they stand for. They have an unwavering sense of justice and they are not afraid to speak out honestly about topics others might find to confronting or shy away from. Their latest single ‘Villains’ looks at toxic and co-dependant relationships.

VILLAINS talks about a place that sounds appealing only for it to turn explosive when you are no longer alone in that place you find yourself at. The chorus is pure desperation of wanting someone to not leave your side no matter what. Regardless of how unhealthy this company might be, you feel you can’t exist or function without it.

Not only do Boysclub tackle important topics with a no holds barred approach, but they slay at making a good music video clip. The clip is inspired around ‘The Craft’ and they girls have nailed it once again.

They have also announced that they are taking their message on the road. Tickets are available here:

If you haven’t checked Boysclub out yet you really should. They are true to themselves and are speaking out about some extremely important topics through their music.

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