“Armed with an unwavering sense of justice for women, non-binary & men for equality, hard-earned life lessons and the legacy of those to have waved the flag of equality before them, BOYSCLUB have tasked themselves with systematically dismantling the prevailing wisdom; to change perspectives on queer empowerment, speak truth to addiction and amplifying the oft silenced voices of the victims of domestic violence.”

Boysclub are killing it. Writing songs around topics that need a voice, Boysclub take a no holds barred approach.  Their latest single Best For You is no exception.

Says BOYSCLUB of the message behind BEST FOR YOU, “The cover for best for you was chosen with a purpose. It’s a manipulated photo of the president Mary Elizabeth of the Women’s Suffrage League. The four burn marks are to represent the 4 waves of feminism throughout history from 1891. We have landed in 2021 with a revolution in our hands: Black Lives Matter. This fourth wave is here for the indigenous women who have not been able to be heard. We are here to shine light as allies and not speak quietly anymore. Maybe 5th wave will be men joining this movement with us on the same battlefront of equality and equity.

I recently got to chat to bassist Lou.

Hey Lou thanks for the chat. What’s new in the Boysclub camp?

Well we have a new song. It’s one of my favourites. I remember the first time I heard it once Sera sent it to me I was like woah. This is a tune. I’m glad we recorded it properly and used it. It’s one I really like playing live as well.

Which you are doing soon with your tour.

Yes. What is it like in SA at the moment?

We can stand at gigs now and dance!

Cool. We have only played to seated audiences. It’s weird looking out and seeing everyone seated and wearing masks.

I hated it. Sitting is definitely not as good as standing!

One bonus though is that you get to see, your not stuck behind some 6ft person with big hair!

Tell me about ‘Best For You’.                                                                                                                                             

So that was written in the room. It came out of one of our jam sessions. Sera wrote the riffs and then sang along to it. She initially wrote it about the breakdown of the friendship, obviously a female friendship. But we have all taken it different ways. Skarlett has been going through a break up lately so she is looking a it that way. I see it as a mother/daughter relationship. So I guess it doesn’t matter what you meant Sera because we all have our different spins on it.

Your video clips are always amazing and this one is no different.

There’s a bit of a funny story behind this one. We were meant to do this big production with a drone. We were going to stand on the top of, I think its an ex Manly Ferry, that Sera’s friend owns. It was going to be a performance clip, but we were keeping it simple. But then Sera had to get tested for Covid the day before hand, so she had to self-isolate so then Skarlett wrote the script for the video the night before so that the band didn’t have to be in it. It turned out really well. The main protagonist in the clip is a person who came to one of our gigs and we hung out afterwards who identifies as a they pronoun. The video is this persons gender identity journey, Skarlett does a little cameo in the background but unfortunately that was the only band member we could have in the clip. I was looking forward to getting dressed up in a silly costume again, but it wasn’t to be.

Your tour is actually pretty big. You are covering a fair bit of ground.

Fingers crossed it all works out. I’m super excited that you can stand up at shows in Adelaide.

Anything else happening? Like an album!!

Hopefully. We are working on it, it’s a work on progress. We actually haven’t even got together to write songs. The way we did the last song we wrote was Sera sent me a rough sketch of what it was to sound like, I put some bass and guitar to it. I sent it over to Skarlett and she put down some electronic drums. We got together and jammed it and worked out all the little kinks. Having to work digitally or using zoom to call your friends has just become a part of life now. We can write this way in our own time without having to work out a time and place to get together. It’s actually handy.

You can check out the video clip for ‘Best For You’ on Boysclub’s Facebook page.

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