FFO: Alice In Chains, Kyuss, Stone Temple Pilots, Soundgarden

“Introducing Canyon from Australia and their unconventional but awesome approach of releasing five singles leading up to their EP, but with an artistic twist – each single will have an accompanying artwork from the artist Nate Hill (”

New band alert!!! Melbourne’s trio Canyon have released their debut single today ‘Insane’. If you’re a fan of old school 90’s grungy rock with a twist then you need to check this song out. After repeated listens trying to work out just who Alex’s vocals remind me of it hit me… Scott Weiland. Not sure what it is about them, but it takes me back to STP days. ‘Insane’ has chunky, distorted riffs and a slapping hefty drum beat which I’m all for. If this first single is anything to go by I’m expecting exciting things to come out of the Canyon camp.

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