Hot on the heels of their first single ‘Insane’ Melbourne three piece Canyon have just dropped their second single ‘Keep Me Waiting’ A big, heavy hitting song that has me calling that they are going to big.

Keep Me Waiting is all about being in an environment that is not beneficial to you, realising this and moving forward.  

Coming in at a long 6.24 I wasn’t sure what to expect with Keep Me Waiting. What I got was completely mesmerised by the song that it seemed to be over before it began!! A groovy little hook introduces us to Keep Me Waiting and from there the guys literally had me hooked. I love everything about this tune. Full guitar sounds and those catchy riffs that are thrown in, driving little rimshot taps from the drums and one hell of a catchy chorus that is almost anthemic. Every listen you discover some little surprise that you missed in the previous listen which I think is due to the fact that the drum and bass takes were done live and not touched. Alex Duin has such an amazing tone to his vocals which I think really sets them apart from other bands.

As with the last single and the ones to follow we have some really cool artwork from Nate Hill which will be a feature with all five singles Canyon are releasing.  

So far Canyon are 2/2 for me. If you haven’t checked out these guys then hit the links below. Don’t be complaining when the train leaves the station and you have missed it……

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