Canyon have released a new single  ‘Gone Before Your Time.’ I hadn’t spoken to Alex, Dave and Dalton  for a few months, so I hit them up to find out about their latest single, the return of gigs and what’s been happening in the world of Canyon.

Hello Guys! Congrats on the new single. This is the third single you guys have released, when are we getting the EP?

Alex: We still have a few singles to go! But the EP will be out late May. We are taking our time because at first we didn’t know what we were doing so we just went okay let’s just release singles. That will help us learn as we go along. I don’t know what Dave and Dalton think but I quite like releasing singles.

Dave: Yeah it’s good. I like seeing how people react to it.

Dalton finally joined us!!

So now Dalton has joined us tell me about this new single!

Dalton: It’s the best single you are ever gonna hear!

Alex: Suze was just saying before Dalton that it sounds like Alice in Chains and Stone Temple Pilots which I thought you would like.  

Dalton: That’s very high praise.

Alex: Dalton is a massive fan of both those bands. Dave probably is as well.

The first single I got the same vibes.

Alex: Cool. I guess the single is quieter and slower in a way but then it ends up not being so much like that towards the end.

Dalton: An interesting fact about this song is when Alex first showed us it was my most hated song. I did not like it at all. I just didn’t get the vibe. But once we actually finished and locked it in it very quickly became my favourite one to play. When the end kicks in and that whole build, it kind of came up from behind and captured me.

Dave: It’s definitely my favourite to play live as well.

Alex: See that’s interesting because some of these songs we bring to each other after the song is more or less completed, or we have a really solid idea of our structure.  Most of them you never know, we are working on one at the moment and I was kind of the same. I wasn’t sure if these guys would gel or dig with it much, but I have a vibe with it now that we have started getting it under control. When we are playing it together that is when it turns into our own kind of thing.

We are practising writing as much as we can. We are just writing and completing the ideas. So some of them I have had kicking around for years and we have been working on some of Dalton and Dave’s ideas too moving forward. We also come up with things together when we are in the room and jam things back and forth.

Dalton: The best thing as well is Alex always brings a zoom recorder to put in the middle of the room so you don’t get that classic ‘Did anyone hit record.’ It’s amazing listening back and finding stuff that you wrote.

Alex: We are finding now because we have been doing that from the start that we have gotten good at it. We know when we are practising, and we need to record. We mull on it and send things to each other and we seem to have a bit of a process forming.

You had a gig Friday night?

Alex: Yeah we are stoked about that. Moustache Ant asked us to play. They were like we don’t have anything planned do you guys have a single or anything. We had our single so they said we should make it our single launch so that was cool.

Dalton: It was very nice of them.

Alex: Yeah that was pretty awesome of them cos we were happy to support them and they were happy for us to do our thing. It was nice.

So that would be your first single release.

Dave: Yeah we didn’t have that for the other singles. It’s also our first Friday night gig.

Alex: Our other gigs have been on Sundays usually.

What else has been happening in the Canyon camp?

Alex: We have been doing pre-production. We have been recording our own demos which is for the next thing we do. Currently we have three solid songs.

On top of the EP?

Dalton: Yeah, and on top of the other 12 ideas we have that we will get too!

Alex: We’ve been talking about doing another thing with 5 songs, but we will see what happens. We could come up with more ideas. I do like the 5 song EP although knowing us it will be longer than 25 minutes! I think even this first EP technically isn’t an EP it’s an album.

Dalton: The next one we already have a 9 minute song planned.

That definitely won’t be an EP either!!

Alex: I guess not. But that’s okay, I think if there are 5 good songs and we work on them hard it doesn’t matter if it’s an album of 5 songs and it goes for 35-40 minutes.

Dalton: It’s all semantics really at the end of the day. It’s just what we have to name it. We just want people to listen to it.

Absolutely! Just put it on play and listen to it.

Alex: Dalton also has a baritone guitar, so we are probably going to use that on 2 of the songs. Dave and Dalton are basically taking the reins on writing the music for those 2 songs.

Dalton: Capturing different sounds and vibes. You write differently when it sounds different obviously.

You seem to have gelled all your process a bit more since I spoke to you last, which would have to have been nearly 4 months ago.

Alex: Yeah it would have been, it was around the first single drop. The other two singles have been doing really well. We have about 2000 streams for Insane and Keep Me Waiting is around 700. Keep Me Waiting is double the length of Insane so that changes the streaming vibe. We seem to prefer writing the longer stuff if we write something its going to be easily 7 minutes and we have to keep chipping it back.

Or extending it!!

Alex: That’s what we like.

Dalton: It’s annoying because you start playing something and your like sweet and then next minute it’s 7 minutes long. It fly’s by. You have 20 different ideas that turns into 3 songs and they are all that length.

But like you said if you are going to keep releasing singles and then put them into an album what does it matter. There are longer songs than that out in the world!

Alex: People can chose what they want to listen too. There are 3 minute songs out there. We just enjoy doing what we want to do.

If you are trying to please everybody else then you lose the fun and enjoyment of playing and writing.

Dalton: Exactly. You cant please everyone. Its better to put something out that we are proud of and people hate, at least you have done the hard work and done what you wanted. No one can take that away from you.

Alex: I think too that is why we take so long to write a song, because we want it our way, so we are happy to hone all the bits and muck around.

Dalton: I think when you start making music as soon as you get something you like you put it on repeat till you start getting ideas. It’s a lot more satisfying listening to something you have worked on and made, its quite easy to sit there for days working on it.

Alex: I love doing that. I love to obsess about a song while I am thinking about the music. Once the music is done I then obsess about the lyrics and the theme. I like diving right into it, I think that is so cool.

Dalton: you never know what mindset you are going to be in that captures an awesome idea. Some of the best ideas I have had are when I am not trying to write something. I get home and pick up the guitar and there is the best thing I have written!

You don’t have that pressure of omg it’s here and I have to do something with it.

Dalton: No expectations, it was something that was awesome at that minute. Hopefully other people think it is awesome later.

What sort of feedback have you had from the other 2 singles?

Alex: It’s been pretty good from what I can gather.

Dalton: Nobody has wanted to fight us!

Alex: We haven’t been sued yet haha.

That’s always a bonus!

Alex: It’s been good, we have had radio play and they have all said cool things about them. We have had good feedback on our socials. The write ups we have had have all been really nice as far as comparing us to bands, like even before when you said it sounds like Alice In Chains and Stone Temple Pilots, that’s cool. It’s not like we are trying to copy them, but we are influenced by all these different kind of things. If other people are picking up on that then maybe we are doing something good.

Dalton: With all that feedback its all things that I have never thought or seen in what we sound like. It’s quite nice to get that. It’s funny to see how much your influences shine through.

You have your own sound but there are just those moments in the songs that I think holy shit this songs just like them.

Alex: We have heard that comparison a few times. The grunge word has come up a bit.

Like I said you have your own sound. If someone had put the new single up I would have gone yep that’s Canyon. Then I would have seen 9 minute song and been absolutely that’s them haha!!!

Alex: I think you said to us about Keep Me Waiting, that you really liked it but also it didn’t feel like it was 6.5 minutes long. That’s nice feedback to hear because it’s not like we are just jamming the same riff.

No it keeps you interested with all the little changes. The same with the new single, it’s 5.40 but it keeps you listening and doesn’t feel like it. Even though they are long you are still managing to hold my attention.

Alex: We talk about that too when we are writing, making sure parts aren’t to long. It’s easy to get into that thing of I love this riff and before you know it you have a 13 minute song with 2 riffs. I guess we are learning while we are doing that too.

Dalton: When I said before about Gone Before Your Time being one of the funnest songs to play I think that is because it is one of the less busy songs of ours. Most of our songs always have something to think about or to do, you have to concentrate a lot. We aren’t going to jam 2 riffs; we are going to try and condense 38 riffs in!! We have too many ideas and things we are enjoying. It’s the good thing and the annoying thing of having good chemistry as a band.

Alex: We are just doing everything that we are interested in which means there is lots of stuff.

And that is perfectly fine.

Dalton: I don’t listen to bands that do one minute songs so of course we are going to write that sort of stuff.

Alex: We are all pretty much into prog metal, so we are into that sort of stuff.

I love Periphery so I am used to long songs!

Alex: I think what we have been trying to work on is working that prog into the middle of songs that are structured more in the pop/rock vein. We all love the writing process and all of us play guitar. We will all write a whole song and then tell each other how to play it!!

Dalton: Yeah there can be a few back seat drivers in the room haha.

You should actually video one of those sessions!!!

Alex: Dalton cops it all the time. We will always be like ah maybe if you just do this or that! The writing part is awesome though because we are all writing together. I always wanted to be in a band where that happened.

What is Gone Before Your Time about?

Alex: Um ok

Dalton: I can tell you my version first if you’d prefer Alex.

Alex: Actually yes I would prefer that.

Dalton: The song to me is about when you are so excited, for ages you are waiting, its everything you to you. The next video game that comes out, this is me personally. I came up with this when we first started playing it because I didn’t like it and it made me give it a crack! You get to the store, you wait, you go in and there is none there. It’s gone before your time. Simple as that. That was a comedic relief to set you up Alex.

Alex: Thanks! This song and a couple of the others I have ben playing for a long time in different versions. This one in particular, when I was younger one of my friends killed himself and there were a couple of other instances in my life, and in everyone’s, where people just die. They pass away or things happen to them, whether its illness or all that kind of stuff. I think playing the guitar and music for me, and more than likely these guys, that was the thing I played and still do if I pick up my acoustic guitar and I am feeling that grief/sadness vibe. That is just that sort of sound that I feel, so that is what that was. It has always evolved with me thinking in that sense around the song. It just became something comforting for me. For me it is a release.

Any last words?

Alex: No. We are just focused on the gig and releasing the single and then letting it be whatever it is. Hopefully people are into it and seeing people take their own meaning from it.

Dalton: I think we have evolved quite a bit in our sound as a band too.

Alex: We recorded these songs in August 2019, so they have been sitting for a while. Like Dalton said we have evolved as a band since then. Also thanks for chatting with us again.

Thank you guys for making the time to chat, it was good to catch up.

Gone Before Your Time is out now.

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