W.A is continuing to churn out good music. Pop punk boys Carrington have just released their latest single ‘Reverse’ so I caught up with them to find out about the single and what they have been up to during the pandemic. I also popped Carrington’s Zoom cherry apparently!!!

Hey guys thanks so much for the chat.  Carrington have been around since 2016 yet a lot of us are only hearing about you now. Who are Carrington?

Chris: Emmett and I are the only two original members left from 2016. We managed to pick up the other three guys along the way. Jordan joined in 2018 as the drummer and switched to guitar at the beginning of this year. Two of the original members only left last year. But I’m sure Emmett can give a better explanation about what we do..

Emmett: Yeah! We say we formed in 2016 because that is when we started collaborating our ideas and actually just hanging out with each other. But we didn’t release music until mid-2018.

Jordan: That’s when Apologetic came out

Emmett: So 2016 makes us seem like we have been around for ages but we kind of haven’t been doing anything for a lot of that. Especially when you are a new band.

And you’re on the other side of the country

Emmett: Exactly. We’re all doing different stuff. It’s hard to start a band where you really want to focus on not playing covers. That was something we were super strict on from the start. If we were playing covers there would only be one or two and the rest would be original music. So coming up with 30 minutes of original music when you literally have no idea what you are doing is so much more difficult than it seems. It just took us a while to get it worked out and develop an understanding of what we are doing now.

You have a new single ‘Reverse’

Emmett: So we haven’t released anything this year. We spent a lot of time processing everything that had happened with Covid. There was a lot of uncertainty around everyone’s jobs.  We all hunkered down, on a personal level not a band level, for at least four months. Just working and trying to keep normality as much as we could as individuals. Towards the latter half of, I don’t know when it was, I sent the first demo through.

Jordan: June

Chris: The gym had opened back up, so I think it was June.

Isn’t that bad that we are using ‘When did that open up again’ to work out dates!

Emmett: Yeah its so funny like that

Chris: I was back at work when you sent the demo that’s why I remember it.

Emmett: From there it was just us really wanting to spend time focusing on what would become our sound and just really wanting to make it a release that counted. It had been so long since we had released any music that we wanted to give it our best. There were plenty of songs that were sent through that didn’t make the cut. We are really happy with how ‘Reverse’ turned out. We set ourselves a goal to put something out that would make us all proud.

I’m loving it and the film clip! You guys do all your own in someone’s house don’t you?

Jordan: Yes correct. Good times!

Emmett: We’ve had the approach from day dot where we wanted to be as self-reliant as possible. Mainly because a lot of us have been Uni students or working in not real high paying jobs. We don’t necessarily have money to throw around.

Chris: That’s probably what slows down a lot of young bands because they have to find the funds from somewhere and we didn’t have that going against us. We didn’t have be like ‘we’ll just have to wait a year and save to put the song out’.

Jordan: We’re lucky we don’t have to do that.

You guys do it all yourself then? The recording and mixing.

Emmett: Correct. I record the music side of things and then Jordan does the recording and directing of the videos. That’s the way we are able to put our content out when we want to. There’s not that limitation of that financial burden.

Jordan: We set dates. Deadlines to get it done.

Emmett: Its not a financial burden, but we also encounter different barriers because of that. We are learning heaps along the way and we are just basically making mistake after mistake. Eventually we get over the hurdle. We pass it off as all roses because it’s not a financial burden, but we certainly have hurdles.

Chris: I feel like it has made me grow as a person being able to deal with conflict and being disappointed with other people. Being able to talk it through and not just throw it all in the bin and walk away. Being able to talk through things when people are stressed out. Checking up on each other. Stuff you probably wouldn’t think of doing if you didn’t have, a selfish as this sounds, a direct interest in the end product. It’s something I’ve learnt anyway. Obviously, I can’t do much with directing or mixing because I don’t know to much about any of that. It’s important for the rest of the members to really support the guys.

Jordan: Stay in contact to see if there’s anything that Chris or the other members can do to help out along the way. Like social media and editing my photos. We’ve found its getting a tiny bit easier each release. We’ve learnt to stick to deadlines and try to outsource as much as possible, so different locations. We haven’t really got actors in our videos just ourselves. We’ve just stuck within the band for the videos, we have just found it works a lot quicker. And our communication has grown because of that.

So many bands are going down this path now because they just don’t have the money.

Emmett: Certainly for the most part. It’s definitely difficult for a lot of bands money wise. It’s kind of paying off for us now knowing that there is limitations on what we can do. That we are so self-reliant in that respect. We’ve struggling through releases to get to a point, like Jordan said, were we are just starting to hit our stride. Really understanding the communication side and like Chris said being honest and transparent.  

Jordan: In saying that we have learnt to outsource with Marz (Marienne Te Haara). She’s been amazing. And doing it all from New Zealand as well.

She is just itching to get over here.

Chris: She is a legend even outside of band stuff. She just checks up on you. I think particularly Emmett and I were nervous about getting a manager in the first place because this was our baby. But Marz has done stuff for us that we would never have been able to do. It was a great decision.

I see your working on a debut album not an EP

Emmett: Well we’re writing songs. I don’t know what we are writing towards at this point. We are writing as much music as we can, we’ll thin back the pack of songs if we think there are weak links.  We are just enjoying the process of writing songs. I don’t think we are necessarily focused on working on an album or an EP, more for the enjoyment of writing and to satisfy what we want to sound like as a band. It’s just good to have steady content in times like this and with the way streaming works. An album would be awesome to be able to release but at the moment we are just focusing on writing cool tunes.

Do you have a theme with your songs or is it just whatever is happening at the moment you write?

Emmett: It’s more what is happening at the moment than anything in personal experiences or what we observe. That’s primarily what we are thinking about. For instance what gives the genre ‘pop punk’ kind of the dirties is..

I hate genres!!

Chris: So do we

Emmett: It’s the whole pizza and skateboarding shit, that’s why we really don’t like that pop punk label. Being pinned in the genre. It has no bearing on what we are trying to do, we’re just writing about what we see and observe.

Jordan: And cool shit!

Emmett: Yeah cool shit to us and hopefully other people think it’s cool

Who influences you guys?

Chris: It changes doesn’t it. The overarching theme would be The Story So Far and Knucklepuck. Maybe the heavier side of pop punk. Boston Manor put out an albumin 2018 that was just so sick, that definitely influenced some of the stuff on Alter Ego. I guess it goes with the times.

Emmett: Yeah we all listen to completely different stuff. Chris listens to a lot of trap and that kind of music. I listen to a lot of metal and progressive metal. I’m not sure why we ended up doing pop punk/rock kind of stuff but its just what stuck. We like the vibe I guess.

Jordan: Yeah definitely the vibe

Chris: It’s fun to play

I’m a metal/prog/djent fan.

Emmett: Oh Make Way for Man would have been right up your ally then!

Oh yeah they sure were. I’ve flogged their new EP

Chris: Our bass player is actually a prog guitar player that’s what he enjoys doing. Same thing, he just plays in the band because he enjoys the vibe. He’s happy playing bass in a pop punk band when he is a super talented technical guitarist.

Jordan: He has a solo project as well called Half Light. Emmett also produced that one as well.

Emmett: Plug central!!

Chris: It’s really good.

Jordan: It’s amazing. It’s just an instrumental EP. Emmet and Mason did everything on it and it sounds awesome. That was released about 2-3 years ago.

Emmett: Mason has been a cool addition for us. Like Chris said he comes from that metal/progressive kind of style of playing. He’s a killer guitar player and got great feel. So when I kind of joked that he would play bass I thought he might be resistant because he is so prolific at guitar, but he just jumped straight in and was so stoked to be playing like one note the whole time and just swinging his hair around. He just loves it!

Chris: I don’t think he realises how much it drove me to become a better guitar player as well. I was so stressed out about him joining the band originally. I was like OMG he’s going to be judging me the whole time!!

Emmett: He is so far from that. He is such a good dude.

Have any of you guys been in bands before this?

Emmett: None worth mentioning!

Chris: I was in a deathcore band in high school and we played the community fair in Kalgoorlie. We played an eclectic mix. Pretty sure we played Chelsea Grin and Parkway Drive and Papa Roach!

Emmett: Actually funny story how Jordan and I met originally. I played in a high school band and we were terrible. We played at a skate park for a youth event, I think we played like A Day To Remember style stuff. Jordan’s brother Regan was playing in another band and that’s how we met. Jordan was about 14 at the time. Fast forward 5 years and he’s in the band!

You guys obviously haven’t made the journey over to the eastern states yet?

Emmett: No we have never left the beautiful state of W.A.

It’s a massive thing for a W.A band to come across.

Emmett: It’s definitely something we want to do as soon as we get the right opportunity.

Chris: There have been opportunities in the past, but we’ve just thought it wasn’t it.

Emmett: We could have pushed to book one off our own back and we might still do that but we’re still finding our stride. We’re really playing the waiting game now until things return to normal. Just trying to be proactive during that waiting time and releasing music. Hopefully, people get more stoked on our music so that when we get over east it’s a really worthwhile trip.

Its so far to come and only have a handful of people turn up to watch you.

Chris: We will probably jump at the first opportunity after Covid if it comes across as the right one. I’m really keen to get over there that’s for sure.

You have Beanies for sale with the profits going to Beyond Blue.

Emmett: Yeah credit to Marz for that idea and something that we obviously fully back. The song was about some of the emotions we and others have experienced during Covid. Those relationship problems and how being stuck in environments with the people you love doesn’t necessarily bring out the best in people. So with the beanies Marz suggested we partner to give all the proceeds to Beyond Blue. We just thought that idea was awesome, we loved it. We love to support any network that supports mental health.

Chris: If you’re in a position to help in any way you should regardless of how big or small you are.

Big shout out to Marz because the boys reckon she’s the best mum they have ever had!

Carrington’s new single ‘Reverse’ is available on all platforms.

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