Another lonely morning, another hopeless night

I still wake up each morning waiting for the sun to shine

After listening to their latest single ‘Sunshine’ the only question here is are Catnip Kaiser going to be Australia’s answer to Blink 182?

After a line-up change Albury’s Catnip Kaiser have hit the ground running. The new line-up’s first single ‘Sunshine’ featuring Ionei Heckenberg (Ocean Sleeper) on vocals, is set to raise the bar in the pop punk scene.

I put ‘Sunshine’ on and for a moment I thought I’d been transported back to the glorious early 2000’s.  Catnip Kaiser do pop punk extremely well, but honestly this single has taken how well they do it to the next level.

Vocalist Jack recently told me “Music is a vulnerable thing. You certainly make yourself vulnerable when you do write songs because basically all songs that are written are coming from your heart.”  Well Jack there is nothing better than taking your heartbreak and vulnerability and turning into one of the best damn pop punk songs of 2020.

Catchy, energetic and angsty, the Catnip boys sound like they have been jamming this around the traps together for years! If this is what we are getting as a first song from the new line-up I am tipping that the album they have in the works is going to blow peoples socks off.

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