Deathcore newcomers Chaostate were born online during a pandemic. The anonymous band have quietly released two extremely good singles in  6ft. and Obituary. I reached out to the band in an attempt to gather some info!!  Vocalist MG sat down to fill me in on as much as he could about the band.

How did Chaostate come about?

It all started during Covid. We all met up online and started making music together. I personally haven’t met any of the band members.

That’s crazy. How many members are there?

We are a five piece band.

So have any of you met up at all?|

I’m unsure if any of the others have met. I got connected to them through my brother who is in a band so that is how I came into the mix.

I take it then that you guys haven’t been in a studio seeing as you have never met!

Yeah everything is done ourselves. I record my own vocals and send it off.

Being that you are anonymous are you going to be playing live gigs?

I don’t think that is the plan at the moment. We are just going to keep in online and anonymous for now.

Do we have more songs in the works? Both releases so far have been damn good.

Yeah. Obituary is our second single and I believe we are going to be working on an EP next. We are working on a few tracks at the moment. As a band we are this real cryptic deathcore. As you know we are keeping things anonymous at the moment on who we are. We have a real angry front with the music as you can obviously hear in the songs. That’s why we are in this genre, we are angry and we just want to scream and yell at things.

What are you screaming about in your songs?

When I was writing Obituary I was thinking of all the things that were getting me down at the time. I was thinking of ways to express that in to words really. There is a line in the song ‘It’s Armageddon in my head, I’ll paint the walls red’. At that time I had so much going on in my brain that it just felt like explosions going off. I tried to put that into the music. I think it is an outlet for all of us to let loose on everything that is built up inside.

I guess after the last year there is a fair bit to let loose.


Have you been in bands previously?

Yeah I was in a band a fair few years ago and I do other music outside of this. I cant really say what I do!

Haha this is the most difficult interview ever (laughs)

(Laughs) It’s not even in the same genre, it’s completely different. I played a lot of metal growing up before I branched off into other stuff. Now I’ve come back into with these guys, I believe they are all in other bands too. We have all just come together from our different styles of music and have joined to make this Chaostate.

Who would your influences be around deathcore? Or even just in general.

Me personally, I am a die hard fan of Asking Alexandria and that’s what really brought me up into screaming when I was younger. That lead to bands like Thy Art Is Murder, Whitechapel and Brand of Sacrifice. I know a few of the other boys like Intervals. We are just inspired by all these different genres of bands at different times. We all come from different areas of metal I’m pretty sure. Everything we have blended together just seems to have come together really right.

Who put forward the idea of this project in the first place?

I can’t say who started the entire thing as I was the last person to come into it. One of the songs was already written and recorded and I just put some vocals over it. We went from there. We have released the two singles, 6ft. and Obituary, and there is more coming, At the moment we are sticking to being anonymous. We were born out of a pandemic and we have used technology to put all of this together. I guess it shows people that even if you don’t know someone near you, and you are passionate about the music, you can get online and connect with people. You can still end up making the music that you want to do. Like I said earlier Chaostate is an apt description of not only this idea but our mentalities and society at large.

So now we know a little bit more around the mysterious Chaostate!! If you’re into deathcore I would be keeping a close watch on these guys as they release more music because so far they are ticking the box for me.





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