With a line-up  change, two new singles and their EP ‘Wide Awake’ dropping 14th May, Days Like These are back! I recently spoke to frontman Callen Batson about the EP.

Welcome back!! I was beginning to think you guys had vanished.

Yes it was a very, very, very long time, but we just worked on this EP as hard as we could until it was ready, and yes we are back.

With a new single and an EP on the way!

Yes we do. And a second single dropping in a few days (High and Glow), it’s very exciting.

How was your show with Belle Haven?

It was really good. It was great to see them again and to meet Alt. for the first time. They are a very good band. Very, very good. It was good to get our foot back into the live music door again, its been a very long time. It was a good show to start off again with.

And with a sold out show.

Yes that was good.

How long has it been since you guys have played a show?

Our last show was with Ocean Sleeper in November 2019. 2020 was going to be quiet for us but it was a bit quieter than we expected but things are happening again.

You also have a new line-up?

We introduced our good friends Jamo and Connor which we are very excited about. I actually play bass with Jamo in Headwreck. He was filling in for us a little bit before he officially joined.

Did you write the EP during Covid or had you already started it prior too?

Some of the songs we had been writing for a long time, the end of 2018 even. We have a bad habit of spending a bit to long on our songs. We took a couple down to Melbourne to record and we wrote a couple more while we were there. We worked with Chris Lilac on the EP, so we made the trip to Melbourne a couple of times. We think it’s a huge step forward for us and we have introduced a lot of new elements and we feel the song writing is better. Each song has its own character so hopefully that makes for an interesting listen through the six songs. It’s been a long time coming really. Hopefully it shows our progression as musicians. Chris definitely helped us achieve our vision and he taught us heaps along the way. Already the material that we have been working on since has improved so much. All round it was a really good experience, and we will continue to work with him on future releases. There is a great vibe between us all.

He seems to be able to do that well doesn’t he, create that vibe with bands.

Yeah, he is great at what he does but he is also a straight forward and very humble person. He says it how it is, when we were showing him some of our demos he was honest and told us when things weren’t that flash. I think that makes for the best product in the end because you cut the bullshit and rather than salvage something that isn’t so great you start from scratch again. That definitely helps the process and I think that is how he gets so many good products of his own.

Did you have this recorded prior to Covid?

We made a couple of different trips but the last time we went we were there for two weeks. That was in June last year, so it was kind of peak covid, but we managed to get down and back with not to much hassle. We had booked those dates in and then played it by ear with restrictions and border closures and it was just good luck that at that time all we needed was a border pass.

So what’s next for you guys? Release the EP and tour???

Yes! We have announced a Sydney show at the end of this month, so we are excited for that. It’s AM/PM with Headstrong. Then next month release the EP and plan our headline show to celebrate it. We have some other stuff, but nothing is locked in yet. We’ll get through these exciting two months and then hopefully that will leave us in a good position to do something cool after that.

You have another single coming out in a few days. One more single releases after that before the EP?

Yeah we have one coming out Friday and then the third single will come out a week before.

Did Connor and Jamo have any input into this EP or was it written before they joined?

The material was written before they joined so their musicianship is not very present on this EP. Going forward they will definitely make their mark though. They are both great musicians, Jamo writes pretty much everything for Headwreck, and Connor was very involved in his last bands song writing. They are both very talented and we are lucky to have them.

What else do we need to know?

Like I said we have a couple of shows and releasing the EP. That’s all our focus has been on at the moment. It’s been a long time coming so we didn’t want to screw it up right at the important stage. Everything is locked in and ready to go which means there is not much last minute fiddling which is great.

‘WIDE AWAKE’ will be available everywhere on 14th May.

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