Agapanther are the latest band to be pressed onto vinyl. Deaf Cult Initiative in conjunction with the Agapanther boys have today announced that their debut EP ‘Overdue’ will be out very soon on what is an extremely tasty looking variant. A limited press of only 200 will be available.

I caught up with Jake (DCI) and Harry, Cohen and Dylan (AGAPANTHER) yesterday for a quick chat.


Deaf Cult Initiative was founded on the shared values of three scene kids, wanting to do the best they could to grow the Australian alternative music scene. What started as a disparate collection of monthly activities and grants quickly grew into a commitment to helping local and unsigned artists that make Australia’s creative scene unique. We would discover early on that the artists, musicians, and creatives – the very lifeblood of the scene – weren’t granted the same opportunities as more contemporary genres. We knew our purpose was to aid and assist that lifeblood to flow; never could we have foreseen the places this journey would take us.

Deaf Cult Initiative are blessed to open a new chapter in their story alongside AGAPANTHER.

We – Jake, ‘Borchy’, and Andrew – extend our deepest thanks to Kyle, Harry, Coen, and Dylan for being with us as we enter this new stage of Deaf Cult Initiative.

AGAPANTHER are a four-piece punk/alternative band from Adelaide, South Australia. Since forming in 2018 they’ve released a two-track, a single, and most recently their debut EP ‘Overdue’, turning heads with its seamless blend of shoegaze, punk, and ‘core genre sensibilities, receiving a 10/10 from Australia’s own Wall Of Sound. They are an act people are going to wish they were behind before they hit the world stage. Their transparent and honest approach to lyricism lends itself to their powerful, poignant instrumentals. Most of all, their humility and honesty shine through in their every action, creating an experience that is second-to-none for the listener. AGAPANTER never ceases to impress.

For these reasons, Deaf Cult Initiative is incredibly honoured to release their supernal debut EP, ‘Overdue’, on vinyl, for the first time. Launching on May 10th at, ‘Overdue’ will be available for the first time on vinyl. Housed in a 3mm sleeve with double-sided lyrics insert, ‘Overdue’ is available on seafoam splatter, strictly limited to 200 copies.

I had a chat to a very excited Harry, Dylan and Coen yesterday afternoon.

Well boys that is one hell of a surprise! (Although I secretly guessed correctly) Congratulations.

We are pretty excited.

So how did it all come about?

We initially applied for a $1000 grant through Deaf Cult Initiative. We did the interview process with them; this was about six months ago. We were pretty confident going into it, but they pretty much turned around and said that they thought they had a better offer for us. That was when they sprung on us that they wanted to press the EP.

In the conversation that we had with them we talked about how eventually one day we would love to release a record on vinyl. They put two and two together and said maybe this would be a better option for everyone. We absolutely agreed with that.

I bet you did!

All four of us buy plenty of vinyls so it was bound to happen at some point. We just didn’t think it would be the first EP. We explained to them how we all love buying vinyl, and they are all similar people to us, collecting that bumpy wax.

I’m keen to add this bumpy wax to my collection too.

Oh great we have at least one sale (laughs). That’s a start.

I love listening to the EP and now I will have the whole vinyl experience to go with it.

Thanks for listening to the EP.

So back to the vinyl. How was the whole process?

It was a cool experience going through it seeing as we have never done anything like it. I don’t own any test press myself so just having that one black press with Test written on it was a bit of a thing ticked off the bucket list, especially with it being our own. When they rocked up we all sat in the room together and had a listen which was super cool. Obviously we ticked it off before it went into proper production. The DCI boys have been awesome through the whole process. They have covered all the serious legality stuff really thoroughly and seriously but then we still managed to have a laugh with them. They are good blokes.

They are definitely good guys, and they are doing good things for the scene.

They are doing amazing work for the up and coming bands. It’s incredible.

They have been good to me to with my page, giving me early access to stuff.

Thanks heaps for taking the time out of what I know has been a busy day to chat to me guys. Keen to see the response from todays announcement!

No worries thank you.

I also caught up with one of the Deaf Cult Initiative boys in Jake Robertson for the goss on the vinyl drop.

Hey Jake thanks for taking the time to chat to me about your latest news! I knew it would be the Agapanther guys.

Not many people have guessed that one. We could see the demand for them to be pressed on vinyl. We absolutely love those guys and its great to be able to work with them. What did you think of the pressing?

I love it. It turned out really well. It looks sick. How did all this come about?

We’ve been talking to the boys since about August/September last year. They lets us in early with their single Vacant and Luke (Borchy) and I fell in love with them and their new sound. When it came to us wanting to move into the record world it was the most easiest decision to ask Agapanther. We approached the band and asked them if we could do a video call, I don’t think they even knew what we wanted to chat with them about. We asked them their thoughts on putting Overdue out on vinyl and I think their jaws dropped off the screen! It’s been such fun working with them and they are just such easy dudes to get along with.

I’m so stoked for them. It’s such a fantastic EP. Those boys work their butts off with their music and around the scene here in Adelaide.

That’s another thing that we noticed about them as well, they were really keen on community and Deaf Cult Initiative is all about that too. We know that we are working with like minded people.

You also have another vinyl in the pipeline too.

Yes we should have an announcement around that sometime in the next few weeks.

It so good that all these bands are getting the chance to be pressed on vinyl.

It’s an expensive outlay for such a high risk. Giving the artists the opportunity to be pressed in a medium that is very popular at the moment means they can focus on other areas like investing in shows or recording. Us being able to offer those little luxuries allows artists to then focus on other areas and grow themselves as a brand. Fans like the collectability of vinyl and being able to support the artists at the same time. Again that comes back to us supporting artists and alleviating that pressure and cost, and barrier into entry of a market that is really booming at the moment.

Anything else that you want to get out about this?

I can’t wait to see the response from people around Agapanther being pressed. I hope people enjoy it and Agapanther can garnish some new fans from it. Hopefully the scene can jump behind a different way to do things moving forward with labels.

I think after the shitshow that was covid everybody is looking at how to do things differently. We have all had to take a step back and rethink how things are done.

I think we are onto something a bit different. Between us and a few others like the AVVC guys we are all helping artist in our own way. We are definitely building that stronger connection and community.

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