What is no longer a secret is the fact that Anticline’s ‘URGENCY’ is getting pressed on vinyl thanks to the legends at Deaf Cult Initiative.

Deaf Cult Initiative are proud to announce our second vinyl release. We will be releasing Anticline’s much anticipated sophomore EP ‘Urgency’ for the first time on vinyl.

It is no wonder why ‘Urgency’ is considered by Australia’s own Wall of Sound to be a ‘breath of fresh life in what can be an otherwise stale genre’. ‘Urgency’ is a blistering force of the finest blends of metalcore in one release. The six track EP features such tracks as the infectious Headspinning Bias, the heavy grooves of In The Open and the relentless Pitch Black, featuring Justice For The Damned’s Bobak Rafee.

The EP will be released on May 20th via Deaf Cult Initiative in two variants. The Headspinning Smash, a blue and pink smash that is exclusive to Deaf Cult Initiative’s store and The Urgency Splatter, a clear splatter that will be exclusively available on tour throughout May when Anticline tour alongside acts such as Thornhill, Wraith and Apate.

It was a busy weekend for Anticline a few weeks ago. Not only did they play an AA gig at Wrangler, organised by the legend Aiden Recupero, but they ghost dropped ‘Urgency’ on vinyl.

I got to have a quick chat with Darcy prior to the Saturday night gig.

How exciting is it to be sneakily dropping this vinyl tonight???

Yes. It’s definitely a bucket list thing for me and the boys. I was a vinyl head when I was a bit younger, so it is so cool to have our stuff pressed on vinyl.

They came out sick.

Yeah the variants are really cool.

I’ve been hassling Jake for weeks trying to work out who this release was and didn’t think it would be you guys because you did the AVVC one.


Ha yeah! Did the boys approach you with the idea?

Jake messaged me out of the blue saying “Hey we have an idea. If you’re interested we would love to have a chat.” It was all very casual at the start. He presented us with the idea and straight away we were excited. They have been really good to work with. They are very flexible and very open to our ideas and how we want to go about it. Honestly they have just been all round legends.

And you are going to ghost drop it tonight at the Wrangler gig.

Yeah I believe we are going to have 10 of each variant there. We aren’t promoting it on line, we are just going to do it at the show and see how word gets out that way.

I really like that idea.

Yeah I think it was Luke’s idea from memory. Just letting it spread via word of mouth.

You have the AA gig tonight thanks to the legend that is Aiden.

Yes we are very excited for that. It’s good that Aiden is getting his foot in the door with booking gigs. I’m really, really proud of him. We were just playing video games one day and he was saying how there are hardly any AA shows. Me and the boys where like well start booking them then and make it happen. Lo and behold he has done it.

I’m super proud of him too, something was lacking in the scene and instead of complaining constantly he went and did something about it.

Absolutely, and he is doing well. Apparently there are only 5 tickets left.

That is so good to hear. I love that everyone is getting around him and throwing their support behind him.

Back to the vinyl! So there are the two variants. The purple smash and the clear splatter.

Yes. I believe there are 100 of each variant. They will be hand numbered individually I think. So each variant will be /100. I’m pretty sure that is how we are doing it.

The purple one looks insane.

They both turned out really good. We got the smashed variant first and I opened it up at work. Straight away I went up to my boss who is a vinyl head, and I was like “Look at this”.

I’m still deciding which one I want!! And you’re about to tour?

Yes. We are touring with Wraith and 23/19 in May. The first week will be Brisbane, Wollongong etc, the east coast. The following weekend is Melbourne and Adelaide. I’m very keen to come back to Adelaide. Adelaide always makes us feel very much at home.

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