“Whenever anyone has asked ‘What do you play?’ we say its music to drink beers and punch your friends too”

Melbourne’s Disillusioned have just released their new single ‘Living for This’ It’s a killer song with the coolest video clip to go with it! Mim, Liam and I had an epic chat about the new single, missing gigs, John Stokes and life in general!

Hey guys thanks for taking the time to chat.

Liam: Thanks. We are Disillusioned. We are a four piece and we kind of do the weird love child of just between naughties and ten pop punk. That’s where we kind of live. Mim is our lead vocalist. We’ve been around for a couple of years, but it was the fun side project type of thing. This year was the ‘hold on, focus up’ if we are going to do it we may as well do it well.

Do it during a pandemic!

Liam: We made the film clip in January with a March release schedule. Which then went downhill

Mim: We go the video done which wouldn’t have been possible if we had waited for another month.

I’m loving your vocals Mim

Mim: Thank you

Liam: We did a five track EP about 3 years ago. We played with that and had a good time, but this is the first song with a slightly new line up and its as if we have realised how to play these instruments and kind of grew up!!!

Mim: Yeah we figured it out eventually.

Liam: We are overwhelmingly proud of it to be honest. I think it’s the coolest track ever. We have played it before because it has been around for a little while. It’s a song that we love to play and it’s what we are going to try and do now. It’s a very vocal heavy possi-pop-punk tune.

I see John Stokes did your video. I was just talking to him earlier and he was like ‘Make sure you mention my name!!!!’

Mim: We love him.

Liam: He is the best. We were meant to play a gig with him about a year ago. The day he proposed to Murphy. He messaged us with about 72 hours to spare. He said he was putting on a gig, I want to say in Richmond, and we could make it. The day before he said it had been moved to Frankston.

Mim: It wasn’t going to work with my work hours.

Liam: I can’t remember exactly what happened, but we ended up having to pull out, that would have been our first time to meet him. When we did the film clip he told us it was the day he proposed and that he had really wanted us to be one of the bands there.

Mim: I nearly cried

Liam: We were like man we wish you had told us we would have moved everything to make it work. We just thought it was a normal gig. We have a few things in the pipeline with him. Not only is he a great person but he’s infuriatingly gorgeous in every way. He’s also done our promo’s for us.

He’s a pretty awesome human.

Liam: It’s like one of those ‘make sure you keep your friends close’, I just want to carry him with me the entire time.

Mim: Put him in your pocket!

Liam: Unfortunately now that he has made communication with us we are not letting him go….

The Melbourne scene is full of people like Stokesy

Liam: Its so fresh and exciting at the moment and everybody is just so lovely.

Everyone is so supportive. Maddii (The Venom Collective) and Steve (Future Artist Development) really helped me kick start my blog

Mim: They are very supportive people. They were like you have a dream; we will help you out.

Liam: We were setting up to do Coaches 8 weeks and the Covid happened.

Mim: And then it happened again!

Liam: And again… and we just kept rebooking. He sent us a message saying your already my clients. He checks in weekly; he asks where the releases are. When said we were just sitting here with this stuff we love, he was just like release it! So he pushed us to do this.

‘Living for This’ is going to be your first single. What is the story behind it?

Liam: Yeah ‘Living for This’ if you were going to dive down to it’s simplest, it’s an empowerment song, but it’s more through a “If this doesn’t kill me, what next” vibe. It’s climbing of the mountain and reaching the peak; I’ve got a long way to go but I’m proud of where I have been. We wrote so many songs that were ‘I’m sad and this is why’ whereas this is more a sad but so what.

Mim: Its owning what you are and kind of going ‘Well this is what you get, let’s work from this, we can only go up’

Liam: There was a lot more lyrics originally, but we cut it down into something that had to be less than 7 minutes.  We had to fight pretty hard to keep lines that we loved but it was all for the best. When we fell onto the chorus “So I’ll wake up, I’ll go to school, I’ll go to work I won’t get paid’ that was all of us working the average jobs and studying too many hours. And then on the Wednesday night going and paying $80 to band prac. Everyone was able to come into their strengths. Josh had just built this drum kit that he loved.

Mim: With ridiculous cymbals…

Liam: He finally pieced together this nonsense kit and I for some reason had just bought a 7 string guitar. This song was written on that, it doesn’t use the seventh string at all, but I think at the time we were all just playing with our new toys.

Mim: I managed to slow you guys down enough that for the first time in our whole band career I got to sing a song rather that white girl rap it. It was nice for me to have some kind of melody rather than ‘gottogetallthewordsout’

Liam: That’s when Zan (bass) and I also realised that it was possible to layer a lot of vocals over. In the bridge in particular, we were like we can just do a round here… and then what?? We can just do it again.

Mim: Trying to get lots of stacked vocals, which was fun, and we probably need to work on it. But it’s fun.

Liam: We are all show tune nuts. We are suckers for that king bridge and that massive whaled on note, so I just want to do that.

Mim: But it’s always you because I can’t hit those high notes. It’s you that gets that high punchy note. Liam is the high singer and I’m the deep chesty one.

Liam: But that is like pure liquid heroin going down my spine when I get to do that.

Mim: There were times that we joked on stage that if you weren’t going to hit the note I should just go and stomp on your foot to get you up there! We haven’t had to do that yet…..

Did you have gigs planned out for this year?

Mim: Nothing absolutely set in stone. I don’t think we got any cancelled we just didn’t get up to them.

Liam: We were working on gigs leading up to Covid. I remember the Wednesday we went into full lockdown. We had a beach house booked for the Friday because we were going to do a four day writing retreat.

Mim: We were going to escape our real adult lives and head to the beach, drink gin and write and muck about. Have a photo shoot down there and really get some more album tracks going. Then everything fell to shit.

It’s been a tough year. I’m missing the gig side of it so much; those first few months were hell.

Liam: It was the day before Iso, and Young Lions played. I had mates messaging me saying are you coming. It was when they were saying kind of don’t travel if you don’t have to and I didn’t go. The next day we went into lockdown, it sucked.

I snuck in an Ambleside gig between restrictions easing. Now we are back to sit down gigs.

Liam: I just can’t wait to blast my mates with particles!

Mim: I’m going to lick everyone I know. It wasn’t something I was interested in before, but now I can’t I just want to lick them haha.

Liam: Until I’m three rows back and some hairy dude whacks me in the head, it’s not the same.

Definitely not the same. It’s been good though because I have had Recurrent Verse and even though I thought music would be dead for the year once this hit there have been so many new bands and amazing tunes released.

Mim: It’s been a good opportunity to write and play with some new things. Go down an avenue that you wouldn’t usually.

Liam: See I wouldn’t think that. I’m sure everyone is stewing; I’m probably annoying the hell out of Mim with the noises I’m making. But I think, like we recorded this song at the start of 2019, then we all went off and did our own things. I think there was about 20 bands sitting on 3 songs and they wanted 5 at that time. And now they have just been let’s just fucking put it out. I think everyone was thinking we have been listening to it in the car let’s just get it out.

Mim: It will be awhile before we can do a set of really cool gigs again. There will still be different measures in place, it won’t be the same as getting sweaty and getting punched in the nose. So you may as well get some of it out and get people listening.

Liam: Yeah. Do you want a 20 person album launch? No no-one wants that. You may as well just do it now and have a cool internet presence.

People are spending more time looking for music on the internet.

Mim: Even our Instagram, we haven’t even put anything out yet, but we are getting reactions to the few things that I have posted on there. Because everyone is scrolling all day, I put up a dumb photo of Liam playing guitar next to the fire and we got lots of cool comments and stuff on it. I guess people being home gives you more time to interact with people on social media.

Liam: A captive audience. It’s actually been really cool to see that. Coach did the F.A.D playlist; Mikey Moore did the Born Yesterday playlist. Everyone has been pushing the scene. Then there is The Playbook, a band that were all but retired, releasing a 24 track B-sides!

It’s definitely been not what I expected. I thought I’d be sitting at home, watching you tube clips crying and instead there has been all this amazing content.  

Liam: Wake The Blind with the Bulls on Parade cover was so good.

So you will just release a couple of singles to ride out Covid?

Liam: We had two tracks sitting there and the idea was write a third, get it done. But iso has been shit! But we have both been lucky enough to be in a position where we can give a lot of time to this. We accidentally started brewing up more and more songs. The best stuff I have ever made has come out of Covid purely because I am stuck in a room with a series of things I can record with and a vocalist. And the other guys are a dropbox link away. Right now the plan is to drop ‘Living For This’ because we love it and we want people to see it. The second the doors open there is a lot coming. I know it’s rich for me to say but it’s going to be big. There is some music that I am so overwhelmingly proud of, it’s my shower list and it’s my morning routine list. I just think it’s the coolest shit.

Mim: We have no shame; we listen to ourselves all the time. If anyone is going to like it, it may as well be us!

Liam: We’ve obviously been talking to some people, like Coach for instance, who talk about keeping things reasonably relevant. Like if you drop this then back it up a couple of weeks later, and then a couple of weeks later again. I would say dropping ‘Living For This’ now is a contract with ourselves, as in if you wait to long you fail. We are setting a time now to hopefully start moving aggressively which we are really excited about.  

I’m excited too! I’ve been jamming “Living For This’ pretty heavily!

Mim: We loop it a lot too lol. In the car, at BBQ’s and parties, anywhere really!

Who else have you guys gigged with?

Liam: We obviously haven’t played a gig in a while. We have the weirdest relationship, which will go till we die, with the Snark guys. We played some of our first gigs together, we went different ways and then we met back in the middle and played a bunch of gigs together. We always have a great time with them and party afterwards and talk about doing it again soon. Then we forget! We’ve always had the craziest come and go with them.

Mim: We just kind of seem to be missing each other all the time.

Liam: We are so locked in to play with them next time we can. We’ve played shows with Valley of the Vultures, they are just lovely people. Distracted by Pink are have always been great pals of ours too.

Mim: its been so long since we played a gig that I’m drawing a blank!

Who inspires you guys

Liam: This is where we will fight to the death..

Mim: This is where we have a lot of different opinions because we all just like such different shit outside of the band. I don’t necessarily listen to very much pop punk.

Liam: The unifying feature of everyone is your Blinks, your Greenday, your Offspring. Every song that you can yell at Bang!

Mim: The songs that we grew up with.

Liam: And Josh unfortunately never stopped. His music taste peaked in 2004!

He’s stuck in that time warp.

Mim: I don’t think the same when it comes to our relevant genres. I tend to hang back a bit.

Liam: Where as I spend a lot of my time listening to the more hardcore bands. Hellions, Northlane. Actually Alpha Wolf’s new album, I listened to that and I was like ok that’s what I’m doing now- brutal tech death, I’ve got to!!

Mim: And it has to be me that says na….

Liam: I’ve got a group chat that today have just been lauding it. But then Mim and I, and Zan our bass player will sing nothing but Hot Mulligan and Front Bottoms to each other.

Mim: I was very much an Emo kid – My Chemical Romance, Fallout Boy and Panic at the Disco. Which I think is where I get my love for lots and lots of words.

Liam: You can see that. You look at Brendan Urie and you go ‘show tunes’, yeah that makes sense. So it’s the weird triangle between heavy, naughties pop punk and it’s bridged by emo.

Mim: I throw it off a little bit because I throw in what I like to call ‘white boy hip hop’ in to our songs. It’s probably why the first EP came across as me kind of rapping because that was all I was listening to at the time. It’s content, its lyrics that make sense. Not just thrown in there for no apparent reason.

Liam: I guess that is why we have always avoided the question. Whenever anyone has asked ‘What do you play?’ we say its music to drink beers and punch your friends too. People just go ‘oh ok’, they don’t ask anymore.

Mim: When we were redoing our social medias we had to have something that says something about us. So I made our Instagram tagline “Challenge us to beer pong some time, we’re terrible” because I didn’t want to answer the question what we do.

Liam: I’m not sure how pretentious that sounds so I apologise.

Mim: Its pretty wanky but I’m owning it.

I’d own it too, why do you have to slot yourself into a genre?

Mim: Yeah. You want to have a loose idea of what you’re doing, which we do. But I just don’t like the idea of being a four piece band, 3 guys and a me at the front, I’m the same height as Hayley Williams, I’ve had coloured my hair most of my life, and we get the ‘Oh so you’re doing Paramore?’ And we’re not, not by any means. So it feels like we have to steer away from those kind of genres otherwise we get pigeon holed really hard.

Liam: I was heavy metal in high school. In my school there was a hard line – you were either hardcore or metal and the two shan’t touch. Honestly, it was year 12 before I properly listened to A Day To Remember because of weird dividing lines. I just went hold on this stuff rules. So when you start labelling and being put into a genre some people won’t listen.

Mim:  There was a lot of music that I wouldn’t listen to because I had a lot of guy friends that would listen to certain bands and they’d go you wouldn’t like it you’re a girl! Instead of being like screw you and giving it a go, I trusted them, and it was four years later that I found these bands and went oh this is really cool.

Liam: That’s the dream. You just want to be dumped on by people about this shit. There’s nothing better than walking into a room – ‘What are you listening to?’ ‘Oh this’ ‘Never heard it’ ‘What you’ve never heard it!’ and then having them dump the band on you!

Absolutely!! That’s the best when someone does that.

Liam: So we don’t really know where we take influence from I guess to answer the question

Mim: When I’m writing a song I do go by what I have been listening to that week. Which to be honest is half my music and half of whatever Liam has queued in my playlist from the weekend!

Liam: Which unfortunately as of last night is Vin Diesel’s new song…. Have you listened to it?

I can’t haha

Liam: It is so good. It’s a Flumesque low chill electronic song

Mim: I hate myself for saying this, but it fucks, bangs and cums!!! It’s not my usual style but it did things to me!

Ok I’m going to go listen when we’ve finished!!

So what’s next?

Liam: Assuming the world opens we tentatively have people that we are primed, ready to work with in November. The idea is once the single drops we have a ticking clock which I am really excited about. I just want people to see this film clip so much because its dope. We were meant to keep it a secret, but I’ve shown so many people and at this point I just want to show everyone.

It’s so good. One of the best clips I’ve seen for a while. It’s very cleverly done.

Mim: Sometimes I worry when we get really excited and we go ‘Can’t wait for you to see this video clip’ that people are going to watch it and go ‘Oh’. I think because we are so excited we have the habit of talking it up.

Liam: We are definitely looking forward to the day we can start seeing people again and going in to record and film. Before I play a gig I want to see a gig. I think we are so excited to get back out there.  We’ve all had a bit of time off doing things. Josh went overseas, I went back to study, we all had so many other things.

Mim: We’re all at the stage now where we are all somewhat settled in what we are doing outside of music. We are at the back end of the studying kind of stuff.

Liam: It’s really nice because it always sucks to have to pick between eating and seeing a gig. Which when you are studying is the options!

Mim: Its past the point of struggle, it’s to the point of this is how we are now, and we are just living it and having a good time.

I for one hope that the good times keep coming. ‘Living for This’ is such a bop and I’m super keen to see this one live once life returns to normal.



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