Living For This

FFO: Paramore, Blink 182, Drastic Park.

Give me a catchy chorus and chances are you have won me over! Pop-punk’s latest heroes Disillusioned have delivered this in spades with ‘Living For This’. My brain has had this song on loop for weeks now! ‘Living For This’ is a boppy, upbeat tune which carries a deeper message

“Living For This is about the struggle of day to day life. The weight of being stuck in the 9-5 with no real creative outlet. The nagging feeling you are forgetting who you are, yet not being sure who you were to begin with. It’s about learning to live with your trauma and using it to find something you can be passionate about

As Mim told meIts owning what you are and kind of going Well this is what you get, let’s work from this, we can only go up”

The Melbourne based band, with the help of John Stokes (Drastic Park) have created one of the coolest video clips to go with the song.

This is song is going to take on anthem type status by fans and I can guarantee will be sung by many a gig goer when life returns to normal.

Keep your eye on Disillusioned because this is only the beginning.



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