While gigs aren’t happening we are lucky to still have bands dropping new tunes. Gippsland’s Alt/Punk rock band Doonie Way have just released their latest single Stumblin’. Be prepared to find yourself singing this one even when its not playing!!

I caught up with the boys to have a chat about the single and what’s up next for them post lockdown.

Who are Doonie Way?

We are a four piece alt rock band from Gippsland. Our line-up consists of Tim Irwin (Vocals, Guitar) Blaike Murphy (Drums) Bryce Robinson (Lead Guitar) and D’Arcy Connaughton (Bass).

Getting our name from a street sign near a family members house, the band originated as a two piece between Tim and Blaike and later recruited D’Arcy and Bryce to form the full band. Combining our shared love of alt and surf rock, including bands such as Dune Rats, Hockey Dad and Dear Seattle, we established our sound, playing shows around Victoria and releasing a couple singles in the last few years.

You have a new single dropping, it’s a real ear worm. I’ve found it stuck in my head since listening. Tell me the story behind it?

It was definitely intended to be stuck in people’s head! We felt that the catchy and simple chorus was a great idea for both fans and for people who haven’t heard of us before to have a sing along song at gigs.

The song was created one afternoon after Tim had showed us a demo he’d been working on, it was pretty bare bones but had good structure and potential. After a few drinks and some fiddling around with the demo, “Stumblin’’ was born.

The lyrics are a reflection on one of our band mates past relationship, who was struggling with it at the time. It’s about the feeling of ending a relationship and having to deal with the hardships of letting go of that person while still caring about them.

The track is a little more ‘pop punk’ than our previous releases but we definitely think it was the right direction to go with it. It really does sound huge thanks to the production work done by our long time friend and producer Darcy Handley, complimented by a wicked guitar solo that was smashed out in a single take by legend Christopher Vernon, who also did the mastering for this track.

How has covid affected your plans?

Its been an odd feeling having gone from a big year playing gigs every other weekend to this lockdown shutting down every show. We were planning on continuing playing as many gigs as we could, including a couple of release shows to accommodate the release of Stumblin’.

We also had a music video sorted for Stumblin’ that was set to film right as the lockdown begun. That’s when we all came up with the idea of asking our fans to film themselves singing our song while in lockdown and compile all submissions into a music video, making the best out of a strange situation this virus has put us all in.

What’s next for you guys?

At the moment we’re all really just itching to get back on stage to play some shows again. We also want to get back into the studio as we’ve got a few demos in mind for release. As far as future plans go, we’re hoping to do a couple of interstate shows.

You’ve supported some cool bands lately, what would be your favourite to date?

We’ve been so lucky to have the opportunity to play with some amazing acts these last couple of years. Opening for The Bennies was our first ‘big’ show and being support for both of the Hands Like Houses Melbourne shows were probably our wildest gigs to date.

A big highlight and probably our favourite was when we supported The Smith Street Band at the Pier Bandroom in Frankston. That was our last show before the lockdown. It was a surreal feeling opening for the band that had been one of our biggest influences on our music. The crowd were great to us and really made our presence feel welcomed. We were invited on stage to sing and dance with the Smithies during their final song which is a memory none of us boys will ever forget.

Check out “Stumblin” below

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