1. Patience Wearing Thin

2. Feels Like Forever

3. Work of Art

4. I’m Trouble

5. 10 Years

6. B+

For fans of Blink 182, Boxcar Racer, Violent Soho, Sum 41

It’s no secret how much I love these guys you only have to check my socials for that!! So for them to have continued to churn out and release music during lockdown has made me very happy indeed!! Lockdown hasn’t slowed Drastic Park down at all, in fact it has done quite the opposite!. Taking matters into their own hands the boys have written, recorded and self -produced their second EP ‘Imposter Syndrome’ without even being in the same room!

Drastic Park have created their own distinct sound even though its Obvious that Blink 182 are a heavy influence for them. This three-piece from Melbourne are heading places and I can’t wait for gigs to resume to watch them rock these songs live.

With this being the first release with new drummer, Joe Larwood, Patience Wearing Thin was the first song the band wrote together. ‘Is this one big weekend or a never ending week?’ takes a brief look at how the COVID-19 lockdown actually feels. The intro flows into Feels Like Forever, the first single released off the EP. Written at the beginning of lockdown the tongue in cheek song sums up the feeling of those first few weeks when indeed morality and sanity seemed to be forgotten things. ‘It just goes on and on’ is something most people can, unfortunately, now relate to.

Work of Art, features Cassie Sutton (Terra) which was a damn fine choice! Work of Art, even though it still has that upbeat vibe, takes on a more serious tone lyrically. Feeling like you disappoint people or not live up to expected standards takes its toll. Especially when the standards don’t sit with your beliefs or values. Often painting ‘a mona lisa smile’ on for the outside world is the easiest way to deal with what is happening internally.

Ever meet someone, like them? Wonder if they like you too? I’m Trouble is the tune for you! Taking us through the feels that accompany the early start of a relationship. That uncertainty of where it’s all heading! The upbeatedness (is that even a word??) of the song belies how our thoughts often take over to the point of causing us to pull back and potentially destroying something before it even starts.

10 Years could easily slide into a Blink 182 album and I’m not sad about that! This is one of my picks off Imposter Syndrome. The back and forth vocals of this tune and the lyrical component made me reflect on the battles in my own head, and I’m sure other peoples, of that feeling of not quite being enough, fitting in and the dialogue that goes on in your head. About how the circumstances of life that have happened to you in that ’10 years’ have shaped you into being the person you are today and having people not actually care or actually attempt to understand. Whether that was the intent from the boys I’m unsure.

B+ should actually get an A! A slower paced song for the boys reflecting on how we need to come together and stay strong. Assuring us we are all going to be fine and get through this strange situation that we are finding ourselves in. It’s a beautifully orchestrated tune……OR IS IT?????? I’ll let you guys be the judge of that…..

Imposter Syndrome, which is out tomorrow on all the usual platforms, is an upbeat pop punk EP but take the time to listen to the lyrics because there are some great messages to take away from them.

Go hit the pre-save button in the link below!





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