John Stokes – Vocals, Guitar

Chris Tannahill – Bass, Vocals

Joe Larwood – Drums

While some people have taken to chilling over lockdown Melbourne’s Drastic Park have been churning out music.  Their single ‘Feels Like Forever’ was done entirely during the beginning of lockdown, and the clip was made with the help of some friends. They have released two hilarious covid related parody tunes that got their name out into the wider world with ‘Karen’s Song’ sitting at over 360k views.

To top that all off they have written and produced a new EP ‘Imposter Syndrome’ without even being in the same place. Learning all the processes along the way has been an interesting challenge for the boys and I think they have done a brilliant job.

You guys have been busy!!

John: Yeah we just wanted to remain active, so we thought lets just record a bunch of songs, we don’t have to do anything with them, lets just do it to develop ourselves. We got to the point were we though that they were kind of good. We showed them to Steve Cannatelli (Future Artist Development) and he told us we had to do something with them! It was a nothing that turned into something. On Last World I pretty much wrote all of it, but Imposter Syndrome has been a more collaborative process.

How did you end up with Cassie Sutton (Terra) singing on Work of Art?

John: I always wanted a female singer in the song when I wrote it. And we always had Cassie in mind. We went to Steve and asked what he thought, and he said yep Cassie. We showed her the song and she loved it and was more than happy to sing on it.

Influences? Although I can hazard a guess!

John: Last World was definitely influenced by one album and that was Blink 182’s self-titled album.  I wanted to work on that sound, that in my opinion had only ever been done once.  Imposter Syndrome still carries that, but we’ve definitely experimented with more pop punk sounds and another little experimentation at the end of the album. It’s still heavily influenced by Blink!

But you guys have created your own sound, if someone had put those songs on I would have known it was you

Joe: That’s good.             

John: That’s cool. Steve always says that my guitar style is sloppy but in a good way. Lots of sliding and things guitarists don’t normally do. Where as Chris plays chords on bass which most bassists won’t play that kind of style.  It fills out the sound for a three piece. Then you add Joe on top who is an insanely good drummer. That means we can do more strummy stuff, we don’t have to do so much lead crazy stuff because Joe’s in the background doing it all anyway.

What do you guys listen to in your down time?

John: I listen to a lot of weird stuff. Falling In Reverse and Escape The Fate, emo stuff.  I like bands that have a lot of charisma about them.  I’ve also been listening to BMTH’s weird new stuff. Other than that I listen to older stuff from the 90’s. proper punk stuff like Mellincollin, old school Greenday, Nirvana and Violent Soho.

Chris: I listen to a big mix too.  I listen to lots of chicks, acoustic stuff. Amy Shark, Taylor Swift. I listen to heaps of soft shift! Anything from classical to Japanese anime piano soundtracks, rock, emo. I don’t listen as much heavy anymore I’ve drifted away from stuff that doesn’t have any clean vocals on it.

Joe: I listen to a bit of everything lately. Mainly hardcore.   

If you could tour with anybody who would it be?

Chris: Any fucking tour would be a dream right now! Just playing a show would be nice. We’d have to find where we sat music wise. I’d 100% go on tour with Blink 182.

John:  Wishful Thinking would be cool to tour with.  Pretty much anyone ..

You just want to tour?!

John: I’m just trying to think with in reason cos to be fair bands want to tour with us!!!

Chris: I think if you’re probably looking at our sound or where we would sit from an Australian perspective Yours Truly and Stand Atlantic for me are the two bigger bands that I would love to play shows with for sure.

John: I reckon Violent Soho as well.

Fingers crossed that gigs are back sooner rather than later because I can’t wait to see these guys play.

We conducted this interview via zoom, a first for me, and John kindly recorded and edited it for me. The link for the full interview is below.



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