DRUID are a new breed of heavy music – a twisted, mashed- up nu-metal/metalcore machination that brings anger, complexity, emotion and brutality to new levels and beyond.
The latest divination from DRUID is their new single ‘DTHBLW’ – a fast-paced, dual-vocal track that hits harder than a brick and sharper than a blade. ‘DTHBLW’ dropped today.

The band had this to say about DTHBLW:

It plays an integral part of the overarching story told throughout our upcoming album ‘The Beauty and The Decay’ as it’s the moment when our character comes to grips with the atrocities he has committed. Whilst exploring themes around depression and self-loathing it’s also a commentary on how people will do what needs to be done to get ahead in life and that we’re all not that different from each other.

The music video depicts the same characters from our previous single ‘Room 44’.  In DTHBLW we find our male lead in a black void, where he is now in an endless cycle of death. He is trying to escape his demons whilst coming to grips with the passing of his partner.

Each of the singles’ cover art brings the viewer/listener one step closer to the final view – with each piece of art stepping through a new door, bringing the final image and full view into focus.

This new track, as was previous single ‘Room 44’, was written by Druid & The Loud Noise Estate. Evan Lee and Ash Daws from The Loud Noise Estate also produced, mixed, and mastered the track. 2021 will see the band release more singles and collect them into a release entitled ‘The Beauty and The Decay’ later in the year, with more info on that to be revealed in the months to come.

DRUID began their heavy music journey in 2018 and the following months produced their first EP Semblance, with the Loud Noise Estate – which in turn, paved the way to play shows alongside BLKLSTWitherThe Weight of SilenceThe Motion BelowSuperheist and more.



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