Release: White Rabbit

Release date: 22nd May

Genre: Metalcore

Record label: N/A

Produced and recorded: Beau McKee

Mixed and mastered: Jeff Dunne

For fans of Polaris, Northlane, Norma Jean, Architects, Silent Planet.


Nearly 10 years in the making, and finally out of hibernation, Dweller’s debut EP White Rabbit is something special.  This EP has had me captivated from the first spin.  It’s one of those “I’m never going to get sick of this” albums.

For those of you new to Dweller the 5 piece metalcore outfit from Melbourne comprises of:

Daniel Mcgorum – Drums, Matt Manders – Bass, Andy Holt- Guitar, Rory Bond-Guitar, Ryan Mickan – Vocals.

After being in another band together, Ryan Mickan and Rory Bond decided to start writing their own heavier material and boy are you going to be glad that they did! In my opinion White Rabbit is going to become known as one of the best metalcore debuts to come out of Australia. Think Polaris’s The Guilt and The Grief and you’re on the right track.

“We’re a sheep herd without the shepherd”

White Rabbit is an aggressive, energetic, in your face look at the world around us. Sick riffs and breakdowns wrapping around the emotional vocals of Ryan make you sit up and listen. Lyrically White Rabbit is thought provoking. Looking at the personal journeys taken through mental health and addictions, the demons that are fought and won. Compelling you to wake up to what is happening in the world, to awaken your moral compass and to question what doesn’t sit right with you. The lyrical content is quite prophetic to the current world events although Ryan assures me this is completely accidental.

My one piece of advice is that Dweller are destined for massive things so don’t sleep on them

The EP drops on the 22nd May on all platforms but till then make sure you subscribe to their YouTube channel and follow their socials.




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