Vocals – Sam

Guitar – Kye

Guitar – Cade

Drums – Jimmy

Bass – Edge

After playing a handful of shows in 2018 Melbourne’s Earth Alone have just released their first single ‘Take Me’ off their forthcoming album Suffer.  

 I caught up with guitarist Kye Blomeley for a chat.

Hey Kye thanks for taking the time to chat. What do we need to know about Earth Alone?

Hey! So Aidan and I were in a band together in 2015 with a couple of other mates and when that band ended we decided to keep collaborating together. We started writing the tracks in early 2017 and then we released a 2-track demo just before we played our first show in 2018. We just kept working on new material and we now have 10 tracks ready to go for the album. We actually cut 3-4 tracks from what we originally had for the album as well.

The first show we played was with Gravemind, Diamond Construct, 23/19. We’ve actually played a couple of shows with 23/19.  The boys also came down and played a couple of shows with Anticline and us in our home town of Ballarat. We had planned on going to Adelaide for a show but then our vocalist left at the start of last year.

You guys were going to release now regardless of Rona?

We had to get a new vocalist and rerecord the music first. Then it just got to the point where we were sitting on it and we were like we might as well release the first single. It came to the point where it was perfect timing really.  

So do we have a release date for ‘Suffer’?

Not yet, we have 4 singles to release first and we haven’t quite locked in a release date for the album.   

Did you have plans to play any gigs this year?

Not really. Since our vocalist left we’ve had maybe one or two actual band practices. We have a new vocalist now; Sam Matheson and we’ve been more focused on writing music and getting it recorded more than practising for the live stuff. Covid has made things harder.

Once gigs return what would be your dream tour to be on it?

Oh that’s hard but I would have to say Chelsea Grin, Fit for an Autopsy and Humanity’s Last Breath

Australian dream tour to be on?

If it were a dream tour it would be Alpha Wolf, Thy Art is Murder and Aversions Crown.

Oh I’m keen to hear Alpha Wolfs next single!

Yeah me too. It was actually Mitch (Alpha Wolf) who pushed me to release this stuff. I was talking to him at Invasion Fest about the music and he was like you just need to release it and get it out there. The reception we’ve had today for the single has been good, actually better than what I expected it to be.

I love that about the metalcore community everyone is so supportive of each other and you all push each other.

Yeah for sure. That sort of thing will shine through on the album because I’ve got a heap of mates that did guesties on a couple of songs.

Is it mostly you and Aidan who write the songs or have the other guys had input as well? And what can we expect musically from the album?

Not as much. I’m the main songwriter and I take on board any suggestions that they put forward. I don’t do the lyrics; I leave them up to Sam except for 2 songs on this album that I wrote the lyrics for.

There’s a bit of a mix up in our songs. Take Me probably sums up the album the best, but all the songs are pretty different This single has a really big numetal influence too it, similar to Alpha Wolf’s style. The last song that I wrote for the album is influenced by Humanity’s Last Breath which is way different.

It’s hard to put a specific genre on our music. There’s hardcore, deathcore, djent and numetal. There are a couple of songs on the album influenced by Traitors. I was just writing what I felt like at the time hence the mix.

If the first single is anything to go by it will pay to keep a close eye on these guys.

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