Zane Rosanoski – Drums

Daz Coppins – Guitar

Tarquin Keys – Vocals

E-rock Boucher – Bass

Sometimes all the stars align, and things work out exactly as they are supposed to. Melbourne’s EAST YØRK can attest to this. After bouncing riffs and drum beats back and forth for a while Daz Coppins and Zane Rosanoski had everything fall into place for them and a new band was born! I sat down with Daz and Zane find out just how the stars aligned for them, and how the hell they ended up with their name lighting up a 7-storey building in the centre of Melbourne!

How did you guys all end up together playing?

Daz: It actually started with Zane and me. It began about this time last year wouldn’t it of?

Zane: Yeah it would be about a year ago.

Daz: We coincidentally ended up living 2kms away from each other, or conveniently, especially this year. We’ve known each other for years and had been talking about starting something. We’ve jammed on previous projects before and we obviously enjoy playing together. The opportunity came around where we could hang out together and start shooting ideas. We decided to actually give it a crack. It started with Zane and I in my home studio using Zane’s beats. Actually with the single ‘Outsider’ our first jam was the bridge for that, it was the first thing that came out. And off we went. We basically just started routinely getting together every week and quickly forming songs. It all happened pretty fast.

Must have been meant to be.

Zane: Yeah there has been a lot of fate involved in our process so far. Even with the lockdown it gave us the opportunity to really focus on writing and creating together. There have been so many moments where the stars have aligned. It’s been wicked.

Tell me about ‘Outsider’

Daz: So enter Tarquin who is our singer. I’ve known Tarquin since we were in high school. We used to play in bands in high school, not together but we used to play gigs together. He’s been a guy I have always wanted to work with, and the timing was right. Zane and I had this vibe going and we were like okay who is going to step up. It just worked out perfectly with Tarquin. As far as the lyrics go it’s all him. Vocally it’s all Tarquin.  Lyrically he said the song is a tribute to those walking their own path. Of not being afraid to walk on the outside. For us it was essentially the first song that we wrote as a band.

Zane: Yeah that was the first one.

Daz: It felt right to release that as our first single.

Tarquin isn’t actually in Victoria with you guys?

Zane: He was in Adelaide and he’s only just moved up to Queensland. I mean it’s fairly straight forward nowadays with the internet and being able to throw ideas to each other.

Daz: We got together for the recording. That happened end of June, early July between the two lockdowns. We were really fortunate with how it lined up. Literally we rolled in, recorded that week, shot a music video and he flew back to Adelaide. The day after we were in the second round of lockdown. So again like Zane was saying that fate, the karma just seems to be working in our favour.

The big question…. How did you end up with the promo on the building??

Zane: Daz has got a lot of hook-ups and he has been pulling all the stops on this one! The seven story building billboard has to take the cake bro!

I watched the video thinking it was just an announcement for the single and next minute there’s this billboard!

Daz: I called in a mate with a projector, absolute legend, it was his idea. He was like let’s go do something cool with this projector. I was like well… I just happen to be releasing a song in a couple of weeks if we can align it. It all just happened organically, it was an awesome night. He had a spot planned down Flinders Street. We got to the carpark and it was blocked off, so we scrambled around on google maps to find a carpark with a rooftop. We found one and still didn’t really know what we were going to be projecting on we just had our fingers crossed. We came out and walked around the corner and saw that huge blank canvas! Let’s go. Even without the sound, I mean we didn’t have a big PA system blasting the song, but we were really stoked with how it turned out. It was a really nice piece of art on its own.

So we can expect some more songs soon?

Zane: You certainly can. We’ve got two more in the bank which we are looking at releasing fairly shortly. We’re also looking, with this little break in the lockdown again, to try and get in there and bang out another few.

Daz: We’ve got them written.

So EP?

Daz: Yeah that’s the plan at this stage. We have songs written and ready to go it’s just lining up for when the studios open.

Do you guys self-record?

Daz: Yeah we do, absolutely. Like I said I have a home studio, Studio A we call it. That’s been our home base, but we’ve been recording this round at Home Surgery Recordings in Melbourne with Tom Larkin from Shihad and Jon Grace who are absolute legends.

Zane: Particularly for the drums I think being in a studio, recording them live. When you hear the song back you feel that. There’s something, you just know, it just feels human. I think there is something important about recording, drums in particular, in the studio.

That’s something I have learnt talking to bands. Drums need to be done in a proper studio!

Zane: Totally

Daz: Absolutely. We do everything with those guys. Guitars, vocals, it’s a great set up and they have a really good vibe going. It’s awesome.

I guess once lockdown ends you’ll be looking for gigs.

Daz: Absolutely we will be.

Zane: Are there any gigs happening in Adelaide?

Yeah there are. They are all sit down still which is interesting. I’ve only been to the one and it’s great that the bands can play but I’m not a fan.

Zane: It’s not a rock show hey

No. I’ve been to that one and I didn’t like it, the bands were amazing, but its just not the same. I really feel for the bands, the crowd participation was there but the vibe of a stand up show is just totally different.

Zane: Were you separated?

Yeah there’s a 1.5 metre between chairs policy. So it’s even really hard to interact with your mates. It reminded me of going into an auditorium for a school concert.

Zane: We can’t fucking wait to play live. When we write our songs we have the audience in mind. We write bouncy fucking heavy shit.

I was bouncing around when Marz first sent it to me!

Zane: The festival crowd is always in our mind. We need that. Hopefully that is soon.

Your coming to the end of it fingers crossed. Seated outdoor gigs and rehearsal room’s opening back up from, was it the 9th November?

Daz: That will be us for sure. We are just working out logistics for as soon as that gateway opens and we don’t need to quarantine our singer, he’s on the next flight.

I’ve told my mates to have their couches ready because I’m going to be on the first plane! Melbourne is the hub of the music scene.

Zane: That’s why I moved here 20 years ago. Purely to play drums in a band. It was definitely the place to come.

There’s so much talent coming out of there at the moment. Actually there’s so much talent in Australia full stop.

Zane: Bands are trying different ways to get there music out there. You haven’t got gigs to build your core fan base. We’ve been thinking of different ways to get our music out there and get people on board.

Anything else you want to get out into the world?

Zane: Listen to our music!  EAST YØRK rules.

Daz: We would love it if people were keen to jump on and follow our socials. Or subscribe on our YouTube channel or follow us on Spotify. Obviously launching a brand new project all the support we can get at this stage is massive.

‘Outsider’ is a killer track and you should all go jump on and support these guys!



Link to see the bands name in light!!! https://fb.watch/1tZKtRPZie/

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