Zane Rosanoski – Drums

Daz Coppins – Guitar

Tarquin Keys – Vocals

E-rock Boucher – Bass

Melbourne rockers EAST YØRK are back with their second single ‘Circus’ and this time they have a music clip to accompany the song.

Set inside the Big Top, the clip sees the band out on display, being subjected to the crowds scrutiny whilst they wander amongst the band. Being judged when you are in that vulnerable position and the emotions that it brings. Watching the band closely in the clip you can feel the uncomfortableness that they are enduring and the lengths they seem to go to ensure that their performance is immaculate. (Especially watch Zane pummelling those drums!)

When talking about the new track, Cameron Zayec (Video director) says: “The music video concept for Circus represents two different states that we often find ourselves in as humans.  When we critique/judge someone or something, from a position of authority. We judge others often because we judge ourselves, therefore underneath the surface, there will always be some degree of pain. We can’t be gentle and care for others. until we are truly gentle and care for ourselves.

A driving groove filled tune EAST YØRK do rock so damn well. As I said earlier Zane absolutely pummels that beat into those drums and the guitar riffs and hooks make your body involuntarily move. Vocally it’s like somebody has taken Tarquin’s vocals and melded them with Layne Staley (Alice in Chains) and Stephen Richards (Taproot) and I have absolutely no complaints about that.

EAST YØRK need to be put on your radar because I think this is only the beginning of what is to come from these very talented musicians.



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