Zane Rosanoski

Daz Coppins

Tarquin Keys

E-rock Boucher

Not sure what is going on with first releases killing it lately but here’s another one!! Melbourne’s EAST YØRK’S debut single ‘Outsiders’ slaps hard. Think Killswitch X Avenged Sevenfold X Taproot vibes which is a strange combination I know but god damn it works!

‘Outsiders’ is just a good solid rock track. Hefty riffs and some killer drumming from Zane, which is to be expected! Add to that vocals that range from melodic to those heavy growls and this has it all.

It’s April 2020, the world is in lockdown and Zane has been sending drum ideas to Daz to write riffs over and now they have a batch of banging instrumentals, ready for collaboration. We see Eric move to Melbourne from Toronto Canada, reconnecting with Daz after 10 years apart. Finally the internet brings Tarquin into the mix, who demo’s three songs and fires them back. Everyone agrees “let’s do this thing” and EAST YØRK is born.

When talking about the new track, Tarquin (Vocalist) says: “Outsiders is a tribute to the ones who walk on the outside of society. It speaks to those of us who play the game of life on our own terms and, who don’t care to swim with the tide.” It is always a journey of discovery when starting a new band, but EAST YØRK have found their grounding in Rock.

Pretty keen to hear that this is just the beginning of what is going to come out of the EAST YØRK’S camp! Go spin the track and follow their socials.



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