Eviscerate The Crown have just released their first single off their forthcoming album Life Giver/Death Bringer. ‘The Abyss’ is the first single of a 6 track concept album that is due for release later next year. I sat down with Sam, Alex and Liam for what turned into an epic chat around the single and the amazing video clip that goes with the song (make sure you go and watch it)

Liam: I’m Liam. I’m the vocalist, apparently! We’ve been a band for about 3 or 4 years now. We’ve done a lot of touring around the east coast and we were lucky enough to go to Japan. God I don’t even know now I’m quite stuck

Sam: This is Neil’s part and he’s not here!!

Liam: I joined last so ….

Alex: Neil our bass player and Ben our guitarist started the band with a different drummer. They parted ways. I met Ben a few years ago at a party. He shot me a message and asked me if I was still playing. I told him I still played so he invited me along to rehearsal. I already knew Sam from other projects that we had worked on. I messaged Sam and said come along to a rehearsal with me if your keen to play some metal. Liam came in about a month later. Since then we have played a bunch of shows around NSW. We played 4 shows in Japan. We have released an EP ‘The End of Suffering’ and 2 singles Unearthed and our latest single The Abyss. And that’s were we are right now.

You guys haven’t played in Adelaide before?

All: Not yet.

Sam: Is that your hometown?

Yes it is

Sam: We’ll have to come down and play some shows when Covid ends.

Absolutely do that.

Liam: Neil’s been banging on about doing an Adelaide show.

Sam: Yeah and Darwin and W.A. Fingers crossed if this Covid pisses off.

Alex: It’s been a good time to write music though.

I can’t wait till everyone can record what they have written. There’s going to be so much music out next year.

Sam: It’s already been hectic with releases. The last two weeks Rob Zombie, BMTH, Like Moths to Flames, To The Grave.

Gloom dropped Requiem

Liam: Oceans Ate Alaska.

Sam: There’s been a lot. I do a lot of our social media stuff and it’s just been insane seeing the big names.

Even the Australian bands have been busy releasing stuff

Sam: Infinite Illusion dropped are really awesome track

Liam: Red hot track

That’s up in my singles of the year. It’s so damn good.

Sam: The boys did a really great job. We’ve been lucky to work with them a little bit on shows and stuff and get to know the boys. They are killing it.

We hit a turning point about 2 years ago where we wanted to start releasing some quality stuff. We got in a new film producer. We laid down a pretty awesome track with ‘Unearthed’ and that was the beginning of the new sound I guess. The more deathcore sound that we are heading towards with our deathcore vocals over very melodic tones. We worked really hard on ‘The Abyss’ to take the next step on that.

You can hear the difference between the older stuff and The Abyss.

Sam: I really think when you hear the rest of the album that’s coming out, for you guys I think, you are really going to hear that progression still going. I think people should be really keen for what’s coming because I know we are.

Alex: Oh yeah

Sam: We are hoping that people will see it the same way as some as the other core bands coming out of Sydney at the moment.

Liam: Hopefully!

Sam: Fingers crossed.

So ‘The Abyss’, there is a bit of a story behind this song?

Sam: Every song on the album has a different meaning and sort of has a different effigies I guess is the right way to go about it. The album is a concept album, so every part of the music is thought out from the way the music videos are shot through to the lyrics in the tracks. This song is about the Bishop and as more of the concept album comes out you will hear more about the themes and why this track is the Bishop. But we don’t want to spoil what we are going to do in a few weeks’ time with some friends.  We are preparing a really cool introduction for our album.

This track is about the Bishop and is essentially the perspective of the Bishop and his world. We have taken things from one of our members life stories and the process he went through. He became trapped in the idea of this belief system that he had that life would be amazing if he met all these goals. But then realised later on that really he could have a great life if he just fulfilled his own dreams and did his own thing. Lyrically the song is based around the idea that there is all these stories that people have of being trapped in their belief systems, ideologies or theories of what life is all about. And that really you are the arbitrator of what is good in your own life and you should chase that. So we actually incorporated a heap of stories about different people who died for what they believed in. So when we talk about this song there was a man who in 250 AD, was tied to a tree because he was telling people what he believed in and thought it was the right thing to do. He was really passionate about helping people and because of that he was killed by the Roman army. Throughout the song we explore different ways these people have been put to death for what they believe in. In the second verse we talk about two brothers who were put to death. One was grilled alive and the other had his head cut off for what they believed in. There was another lady who was crushed between a rock and a door for her beliefs. There’s all these stories of hardship and overcoming them. That self-belief and finding yourself. The last section of the song is about how in life you can find your cabin that looks across the ocean, be that raven that soars through the sky and do what you want and be who you want to be. People don’t have to tell you what you can be because you have self-choice. That’s essentially the story.

Liam: We want each song to feel like a story and maybe people will dwell into the meanings behind the story. I think that is what creates really good music. On top of the music itself.

Alex: Once we release more information about the album we will be able to talk a bit more freely about how it all works and how the song fits in the scenario. People will be able to see where it sits in the story and be ‘Ah now it makes sense’  

When will the album come out?

Sam: We are still in the middle of recording that at the moment. We are hoping to have it out by July/August next year. We are looking at dropping a few tracks and then the album.

Liam: So there will be six tracks on the album

The guys had a bit of a discussion on how many tracks there are….

Sam: That makes it sound like we haven’t written it, the whole thing is written we just haven’t recorded it all.

Liam: There are 3 that we have really good film clip ideas for and then the other 3 will be released with the album.

Sam: If you have watched any of our videos we are all about bringing our lyrics and ideas to life on screen

Liam: A bit of theatre.

Sam: When we talk about The Abyss and its all about the Bishop, that is what Liam is dressed as in the music video. His costume is actually a proper bishops costume that we ordered from the UK. The mask came from online

Liam: Sam made the hat

Sam: I spent almost 40 hours making this mitre. If you actually look at it it’s properly made. The whole thing had been glued and stitched

Oh wow

Sam: My girlfriend was like I haven’t seen you in a week what have you been doing…. I was like Oh look at this hat I made!!! I actually blew myself away making it, I went a bit obsessive compulsive on it.

So are all the songs based around this one band members experiences or is each one separate

Alex: They are all separate but connected.

Liam: They will all be intertwined but I would say that each band member essentially has come up with a concept. We have our sound and then each band member has chosen how they would like to influence that sound in their song. We kind of just work it from there. Everything is worked as a group.

Sam: That is the formula for writing the music. With The Abyss I spent time with Alex working on where it is now.

Liam: How you want it to go, how you want the drums to sound

Sam: Yeah and lyrically it’s very much so that we have this overarching concept theme for the album and then each song fulfills a part of that concept. In The Abyss it’s about the Bishop’s stories and his world and what he dictates happens. That is why he runs the show in the music video. I think you can expect to see something similar in the next few tracks that we drop.

Did you run into any Covid related hiccups making the video?

Sam: Cos we actually hired people we got around the restrictions in NSW at the time because we were providing employment for people. We had a 10 person limit and all the restrictions around that.

Liam: We were never really over close to anyone, everyone was safe.

Sam: If I’m honest we couldn’t see anything in any of our costumes! Liam actually couldn’t see at all. He had to have someone guide him to where he had to stand. I think I almost set myself on fire 3 or 4 times. I was constantly coming out from behind the kit and moving around.

Liam: Oh I did too!

Sam: You can’t really see it in a lot of the shots but along the walls of the set there were about 30 candles on either side. They were all lit, and the place was basically like a fire pit the two days that we shot the clip. It took us about 3 hours to get all the candle wax off the floor once we were done!! It was a really cool experience. I think it would be great to do like a film-thru of what our sets look like. The whole thing was literally like going into a church, a cathedral style scene with a sacrifice.

Where did the idea come from for the video?

Sam: We started out with the lyrics; I spent a few days trying to write lyrics for The Abyss and really couldn’t get anything. We were probably 2 or 3 weeks writing the lyrics for the song if I’m honest. I came up with this rhythmic beat, which when you listen to the song you can hear that repetition movement. People I have spoken to who don’t like metal have said that they liked that rhythm that fits with the vocals. Liam found it hard at first. Then we decided to do it about the bishop relating it back to the members story. About how they were manipulated and told false truths and they just believed them. They were benevolent and was like whatever, just do it because they thought they were going to get something out of it. We saw the opening.

Liam: I drew the bishop

Sam: Liam came up with the idea of the bishop because that heavily encapsulated their background. He was heavily involved in the church. Reading the bible every day and being a very good Christian. He realised one day, hang on a second, I’m not actually enjoying my life I’m just making other people happy. I came up with the idea that it is almost like you are paying someone else’s debt. That’s where the idea of the start came from. That sons always pay for the sins of their fathers. That’s where the concept and idea came from. I then found all these stories and thought why don’t we just write the song about this.

Liam: We wanted it set back in old times. Like medieval kind of thing. We thought the plague doctors masks would be good because people can take that in a lot of concepts depending on how they want to see it. And you know it was Covid, so it was kind of cool and we also aimed to release it around October for Halloween. We had a few hurdles that we had to overcome but we are pretty happy with what we have put out. It seems that people are enjoying it and liking our ideas and concept.

Sam: Liam is the creative person that comes up with all the weird and wonderful ideas. And then I try and see hoe we can make them work.

Liam: We took our idea to Kerryn Williams (Taipan Films) who we did both our film clips through. We showed him the song and gave him our concept around the whole idea with the bishop. We pushed to see if we could add some of the stories from the lyrics into it but

Sam: It would have blown out budget quite heavily.

Liam: He came up with this whole sacrificial concept with all our costumes. The robes were properly made, as in fitted and made specifically for each person. We then had to find a venue to film it. That took quite a while due to Covid. It became a little bit difficult. We got there in the end thanks to Kerryn pulling some strings for us. We then set about creating the scene. We wanted it to be dark and eerie.

Well you achieved that. And the Bishop’s costume is on point.

Sam: When people first saw it they were like what is this? But I think as people saw more of it they realised it was a bishop’s costume and that’s a plague doctors mask!

I knew that it was a bishop’s mitre straight away, that’s my good catholic upbringing….

Liam: on top of all that we filmed it over 2 nights which was a lot of fun. One night was the theatrical side of the clip and the next was more our playthrough. It was good fun. We basically stuck with the theme of a captive guy who does get set from his beliefs, but people can take it how they want depending on how they see the song. It shows out theatre element which we are wanting to push.

Sam: There was a lot of thought put into it

Liam: We didn’t really want our identities shown in the clip because we wanted to be those characters. There are parts in the clip where you can see skin, we wanted people to associate us with being human still. As the other songs come out from the album each song, you will feel when you watch the clip, is that it is just a character for that particular song. That is another connection that we really want to push for this. So it has been a fair time in writing and ideas, just brainstorming really. The concept actually came last. We had all these ideas but didn’t know how to connect them together. Funnily enough I was on my honeymoon at the time and I had this really good idea, so I sent it off to the boys saying this is how we are going to make everything connect and it just slid together like butter.

Sam: There was also the chance that we nearly didn’t do it because we weren’t sure if I would be able to drum. Five weeks before we filmed I actually went into hospital to have surgery on both hands. So I couldn’t drum for three weeks so I had two weeks to get back on the kit and get my hands strong enough to play.

Liam: He smashed it. So that’s how we came up with the idea of the film clip. We are pretty ecstatic with how the clip came out.

So have you had good feedback about the video?

Sam: We have had some really good feedback. People have reached out to us. I’ve had friends I went to school with message me to say how sick it is. It’s been really cool.

Who would you love to tour with once life returns to normal?

Sam: We got asked this not long ago and I was very quick to say Suffocation because I thought they were sick to tour with when we were in Japan, but I don’t know if you guys feel differently?

Liam: I’d like to tour with To The Grave. Dane is a really good vocalist.

Alex: I’d love to just be able to play my show with Northlane. I just love Northlane. American tour though that would be Periphery.

Oh did you just say Periphery…. (you know that was all I needed…)

Sam: Yes we are all big fans.

They are my favourite band

Liam: A lot of the cool ideas we came up with was because I showed Alex the last album

Alex: So Liam was trying to get me on to Periphery for a long time and I was not really willing to. We were driving home from a gig and he put on Reptile which you know is like a 17 minute song. I was hooked from then. I went home and learnt it, started teaching it to my students. I was telling everyone. Then I went back to check out their earlier stuff.

Liam: That whole album is good

Sam: Juggernaut is sick

Yeah Juggernaut is up there

Alex: OMG just like the whole idea of building concepts; it was a real eye opener for me going down that way of writing it.

Liam: everyone likes to be a ballad man

Alex: I’ve bought most of the stuff that the band members have released. Like their plug-ins, all the audio stuff, because I like it so much.

Sam: Actually Alex did all the engineering on The Abyss

Alex: I didn’t mix it I just recorded the tracks and vocals

Liam: That was heaps fun wasn’t it!! We accidentally had the mic around the wrong way.

Sam: When you say we you mean you had it around the wrong way!

Liam: It was a 360 direction mic

Alex: Yeah it was 360 which means it should pick up sound from all directions it shouldn’t fucking matter what side it faces…..

Liam: But it did! It made a huge fucking difference.

By now we are all in hysterics….

Sam: It kind of was a funny experience

Alex: Yeah it was fun., we learnt a lot. Looking back it wasn’t fun at the time.

Liam: We made a recording booth under Neil’s stairs.

Alex: Yeah we built a booth along Harry Potter theme… under the stairs.

Liam: It was just a dungeon for me. I stood there watching myself recording myself. It felt like I was going insane.

Alex: I just got everything ready for the guy who was gong to mix it. There was a lot of back and forth, but we got there in the end.

Sam: Yeah so Periphery is probably one of biggest influences.

Liam: For this album.

How bad did Covid screw up your plans

Sam: It probably pushed us back six months to a year. A lot of us lost our jobs.

Alex: I didn’t lose my job I just couldn’t work.

Sam: That’s why we went to so much trouble with this release in terms of putting stuff up our website and setting up our merch board. The shirts came out awesome if I’m honest.

Liam: They came out sick. Tristan (Tristan Tait Illustration) did an amazing job.

Alex: All of the designs came out awesome.

So you have more merch coming?

Liam: Yeah each song will have its own run of merch. It will keep things limited.

Alex: Collector’s items.

I’m a big merch collector I have about 150 shirts… so something like that is appealing. When there are only say 50 items of each run and you end up with a set at the end.

Alex: Supporting the scene!

Yeah that’s why I do it and now I’ve moved on to vinyl……

Sam: Vinyl sales have really jumped up. I’ve noticed that everyone had been getting on the bandwagon.

So what’s next?

Sam: We have some pretty cool stuff in the kitchen we are cooking up. Stay tuned….

Alex: As the old adage goes ‘Big things soon’

That was one epic chat! Make sure you go and watch the video clip for ‘The Abyss’ because it is one of the best clips I have seen this year.
Hit up the bands socials for updates too because I think we are about to go for quite the ride with ETC.




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