Dan Grieg of Lycanthrope – Vocals

James Grieg of Path to Victory – Vocals

Hamish Unahi of Take My Soul – Guitar

Chad Ellis of From Crisis to Collapse – Guitar

Matt Stoja of Lycanthrope – Bass

Chris Hix of Take My Soul – Drums

Faith in Lies have just released a hot new single ‘Burn Me’ if you are a fan of Killswitch Engage this song is for you. This is the second release of what will eventually be an EP, one I am super keen to hear. All members of Faith in Lies are all in other stellar Australian bands and the talent in this group is of a pretty high calibre.

Hamish, Dan and James sat down with me to talk about how this amazing project came to be.

How did Faith in Lies come about because you are all in other bands, so you are kind of like a “supergroup”.

Hamish: Haha ‘Supergroup’!!

James: I like the sound of that.

Hamish: These tunes and riffs have been floating around for a couple of years. When we were recording for Take My Soul I tracked a few things down and some riffs. I’ve had this style of riffage and sound in my head for a while. I’m not sure how I got Dan in, I roped him in somehow!

Dan: You came to a show and you said, “Hey I like what you do, and I want you to do some stuff with me” and I was like” Fucking oath”

Hamish: All the bands that are involved in this have all played quite a few shows together. We are in the same circle. So I did a couple of demos, nothing to serious, just tracked them down with Dan on vocals and basically I was doing everything else. They kind of just sat there for a little bit.  We were doing a show with From Crisis to Collapse and they crashed at mine. We were just hanging out and I just got them to check the demos out. A couple of the boys said “Oh bro what’s this shit, what’s going on here” I’d been showing them the Take My Soul demos too, but when they heard this stuff I saw a bit of a squint in a couple of eyes! I didn’t think much of it and then about 3 or 4 months later Angus (From Crisis to Collapse) randomly texted me and asked what I was doing with the demos and told me to hurry up and do something with them. I was like Ok and that is where it started. I rang Chad straight away and asked him if he was interested in getting involved. I don’t even think he said yes, he just said when do I start!! So there was Chad and I and Dan and it evolved from there. Hix the drummer is from Take My Soul, so he was keen. He and I had actually done some stuff together on the pre demo a few years earlier. So he was familiar with some of the stuff and he just jumped on board. I conned Matty into it, he is just a sick bass player. So we had our line-up.

We were tracking the second demo, which is Burn Me, and we got James to do some guesties on it because he is Dan’s bro.

Dan: Na don’t know this bloke from a bar of soap!

Hamish: They were tracking demos and I watched them together. I didn’t say anything, but I just kept watching them lay stuff down. A week or so later I messaged Dan and James probably hasn’t even heard this, but I asked Dan if he had the opportunity to work with a vocalist, like anyone, who would he choose. We chucked a couple of messages back and forth and then he said what about my bro? I was like that’s exactly what I’m thinking!

Well it sounds sick. When Chad sent it to me I was like holy fuck this is good.

James: Glad you dig it.

Hamish: Awesome

Are you working on an EP or is it just a few singles?

Hamish: No we have other stuff on the go as we speak. The plan is an EP. We don’t really have any time constraints because we haven’t signed anything so we can do it at our own leisure. Covid’s been good for this project because it’s been hard to get out and do live shows. We are all working on our own respective stuff in our other bands. We all have other stuff on the go. We’re just ticking away. We’ve got some really really good stuff, stuff we can’t talk about yet.

Dan: We can’t say right now….. but it’s pretty tasty.

I just want Covid to fuck off actually so that I can gig again!

James: Yeah it can fuck right off!

Hamish: That would be good.

I mean we are lucky that we are in states that we can sort of gig, they are starting to come back.

So who did you draw your inspiration from because like you said this is different to what you guys would normally play.

Hamish: That’s interesting. I’ll give you my run down and then the boys can give you theirs. Every band has their own signature, everyone has different tastes and then it combines. My parents were hippies, so I grew up listening to Frank Zappa, The Rolling Stones all the good stuff. I was listening to Sabbath and Maiden when they first came out, I’ve been around a little while now… I don’t want to tell you how old I am haha. Then I discovered Metallica and the bay area sound. I discovered Slayer and I’ve been a Slayer freak ever since. That’s where my right hand, guitar wise, sits. Then I love As I Lay Dying, Killswitch Engage – that heavy, fast harmony no bullshit. Like Parkway Drive. That’s sort of where mine sits.

Dan: I like anything that is melodic, heavy, has meaning behind it. Bands that try and put meaning behind the songs. I hate bands that it’s all about being tough and angsty. I like it to be a little bit deeper. We grew up watching Rage, so you’d see Korn, Linkin Park, Slipknot, Limp Bizkit. All these bands that were the commercial thing. I guess we weren’t really aware of underground stuff in early high school. Progressing on from that we both used to sing in our bedrooms.

James: Sometimes it would sound good, sometimes it would be great. Our sister used to come in and join us.

Dan: Sometimes Dad would come in and be like stop with your satanic ritual shit. Foaming at the mouth!! Now he loves it. They used to listen to The Beatles, Dean Martin, Elton John, Billy Joel all that sort of stuff. Music was always very abundant in the house.

James: We’d sneak out some mornings and Dad would have fallen asleep on the couch watching all those scary music videos. We’d be what’s this.. and then Dan started frothing it.

Dan: Yeah I like the evil side of stuff.

James: It has to paint a really good picture in detail.

Dan: The styles of music that we grew up listening to just evolved. You go through high school and people show you bands, I love Killswitch as well. They’re awesome. Anything that has screams and cleans, I think that’s basically what Faith in Lies is about. We are both capable of doing that so why not bring it to the forefront. It doesn’t all have to be cleans and it doesn’t all have to be screams.

James: We used to like a lot of rock and grunge and that evolved. Alice in Chains and the like. My partner loves all that and she’s been the most supportive person I know when it comes to us doing this. It’s good listening to all that stuff and then bouncing ideas off your inspirations as well. That’s what we do as musicians, take it all in and then have fun with it. I like performing, everyone likes going out and having fun on stage. Making music and making energy and it needs to come back.

Dan: All of our bands that have sort of merged together to create Faith in Lies have come from solid bands. Take My Soul have just released Misery Miser and that track is fucking huge. That’s what Hamish was saying, about the circle of people in the project. We all play together but its just a continuance, this band coming together is just mates making music for the soul purpose of making music.

Yeah. So your going to get good stuff because your doing it for the love of music and with your mates. That makes all the difference.

Dan: 100%

So will we eventually see a big tour with all the bands together and Faith In Lies????

Hamish: We tossed it up in the air and I think at some point it will probably happen. Once we get the EP going and get that out there we’ll toss up what comes next.

Did you guys record it yourselves?

Hamish: So James Strezov is the singer in Take My Soul. He runs Studio 1618 here in Newcastle.  He did production, engineering and mixed and mastered it. He knows us and he knows what sound we are going for. Richard De Silva from Involuntary Muscle did our video clip.

You’ve had some really good feedback from ‘Burn Me’

Hamish: Yeah the launch of it has exceeded our expectations. When your sitting in your room jamming your riffs out and recording your stuff, I know it’s good in my own head but until you get feedback from someone who isn’t a part of it..

You don’t get that validation

Hamish: Yeah. I have had people message me that I don’t even know that are on our Facebook page saying that it is kickass. It just makes your day. Yesterday I got a random photo of a phone sitting in a gym somewhere with Burn Me playing and the tag ‘Helping me through my day’. Hell yeah boy.

Can we expect another single out before the EP?

Hamish: Yeah there will be. We don’t really have a time frame as such for a release though. I’m just chipping away on a couple more songs for the EP. The next single is sounding real good. Each song is just getting better. We have more work to do on it, but you can see through each stage of each song that they are just getting better.

That will be interesting because Burn Me is pretty damn good… you have a fan here now!!

Dan: There’s plenty left in the tank!

Hamish: There is a bit of a theme with the EP. I’m not political, I am who I am, you are who you are and that’s cool. I’m really cool with that, I’m not into selling anyone anything but my point of view is mine and everyone is entitled to their on point of view. The initial idea of the EP was think for yourself, at the moment the world is fucking crazy. There’s people jamming religion down your throat, conspiracies and crazy shit. People that haven’t taken the time to educate themselves about real life get sucked into it. Don’t get sucked into something you don’t believe in. You have one life, and you have to live it and live it right now.

Hence why I am sitting here talking to you guys. The blog was something I have wanted to do for the last few years. In the end I thought fuck it. If I don’t try I’m never going to know if it will succeed.

Hamish: That is the exact attitude behind this EP. I’m not getting any younger and I have been wanting to do this since I first heard Slayer, Metallica, Anthrax and Megadeath. I want to be a rock’n’roll star. That’s all I ever wanted to be. I’m not a rock’n‘roll star but I’m playing it. I’m on a stage having fun. Chase your dream, like you said don’t worry about the man, just do it. We all have to work to make money to survive.

Cos you don’t make money in music!

James: Exactly!

Hamish: I go to work to live, so I can afford to have a good time and do this sort of thing. I don’t go to work for my life. The EP is thinking for yourself, following your own heart and beliefs. Don’t be a sheep.

Dan: None of us are really religious at all, but in a sense anything religious is just moral guidelines isn’t it.

Yeah your moral compass

Dan: Yeah. People don’t need to use religion as their moral compass if they believe in themselves. If you seize what you are doing and take the opportunities you don’t need anyone to back you because you back yourself.

I sure am glad that these guys have backed themselves because Burn Me is damn fire and if this single is anything to go by we can only expect great things from these guys.

Jump on and follow their socials so you don’t miss out what happens next…….

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