As my blood reaches boiling point

My lips blister as I scream in pain

Incinerated for my sins

Start the cleansing and burn me, burn me

Faith In Lies are:

Dan Greig of Lycanthrope – Vocals

James Greig of Path of Victory – Vocals

Hamish Unahi of Take My Soul – Guitar

Chad Ellis of From Crisis to Collapse – Guitar

Matt Stoja of Lycanthrope – Bass

Chris Hix of Take My Soul – Drums

Without gimmick or conformity to any musical genre, the Faith in Lies blend of thrash intensity and modern metalcore provides the platform to empower the notion of discarding the blindfold and remaining true to self

Knowledge is power, stand up and follow the truth – never fall for the lies

Following on from their debut release I Can’t Close My Eyes’, Faith In Lies have today released a monster single ‘Burn Me’. With members collectively coming from some of the metal scene’s better known bands I had high expectations for this single. Boy, were they exceeded!!!!

What was meant to only be a guest vocal spot for James, that has now become a permanent addition, the vocals of Dan and James Greig have taken Burn Me’ to the next level. I was assailed by the heaviness I was hoping for from these guys instrumentally, but the melodic chorus was an unexpected and welcome surprise! With moments of Killswitch Engage vibes in ‘Burn Me’ this is a mammoth second release from Faith In Lies. Keep your eyes peeled on their socials because this is not the last we are going to hear from this band!

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