Featuring some of Australia’s best metalcore vocalists on their roster I reached out to Featured X to see what this new project was all about. Tuck O’Leary (Fit For A King) was kind enough to fill me in.

For those of you that haven’t heard about Featured X and what they are about this is taken from their press release:

Featured X is an artist featuring platform aimed to heighten the ability of artistic interaction. As the first project under the Artist Owned umbrella, Featured X looks to kickstart a revolution for artist synergy across all levels of the industry. From bands to solo artists, all musical dreams will be able to take off on Featured X. The easy-to-use platform looks to be a launching point for the future of the music industry.

Beginning with a focus on the metalcore genre, Spencer Charnas of Ice Nine Kills, Levi Benton of Miss May I, Lauren Babic of Red Handed Denial and CrazyEightyEight, CJ McMahon of Thy Art is Murder and Tom Barber of Chelsea Grin are among the list of Featured Artists.

Featured X’s mission is to provide artists an environment of collaboration that will encompass and equally benefit artists on all levels of the industry. Featured X CEO and co-founder Jeff Menig had this to say, “Featured X will be streamlining a part of the industry that has never been effectively utilized. We’re creating a transparent environment for all levels of artists to collaborate on a level never seen, and we’re going to help artists monetize themselves in more creative and efficient ways”. Fellow Featured X partner and COO Adam Pickney realized “we didn’t truly realize how special this project was until the first requests came in and we saw how the artists interacted with each other. We want to change the narrative by bridging the gap between artists through technology, giving them a clear and safe place to communicate effectively”. “At a time when touring is at a standstill, income as a musicians extremely hard to come by”, said fellow Featured X co-founder and Head of Talent, as well as bassist for Fit for a King, Ryan “Tuck” O’Leary. He went on to explain “Featured X allows artists to pick the projects they enjoy and help build the vision for the new crop of artists. We’re so thankful for the cooperation of so many friends and peers as we begin this journey.”

Hey Tuck! First off can you tell me a bit about yourself and your background in the industry.

My name is Tuck, I play bass and do a little singing in the band Fit For A King and I sing in a band called Off Road Minivan. I joined FFAK a little over 6 years ago. ORMV is my side project with all my friends from home. It’s been really nice surrounding myself with friends and getting to constantly make art.

You’ve just started FeaturedXdotcom how did this come about? Who else is involved?

My business partner Jeff Menig and I were chatting one morning when he had the idea. It sounded not only realistic, but necessary, so we immediately started working on it. I started talking to some friends for the roster and then we found our web designer, Adam Pickney. Adams’ impact has been monumental, and he has since come on as a part owner. We’ve built up a nice little team around FeaturedX. Our friends Tasha Chaves, Aaron Marsh and Tyler Regelsky have also been working on the project and helping us to create a smooth, fun process for everyone.

This is obviously open to any band to either use or become a part of? How will this work?

We absolutely want anyone and everyone to try to work with their favourite vocalists. All you have to do is go to the site, click on the artist you want, choose which option for writing involvement then send the song along with your social media links. The requested artist will then Login, listen to the song, check out your socials and decide if the project is for them. Not every request will be approved but we hope that a lot of great music gets developed through this platform. You can also apply for the site as a singer/vocalist. I’m looking at all applications and checking out all the bands.

You’ve scored a few Aussie singers on your list too. How did you connect with them?

Lochie from Alpha Wolf and I have toured together a bunch so that came together easily. My business partner Jeff and myself manage The Gloom In The Corner so Mikey’s involvement was necessary. Booka is the queen of metal core and I just hoped she would join haha. I hit her up and luckily her and Sean were interested in the project. Ether by Make Them Suffer is one of my favourite songs and my “go to” hype song. I’ve got another cool Aussie artist joining this week and I’m hoping to confirm another today.

This is a brilliant idea for newer bands to be able to access some of their idols/inspirations to collaborate with? Where do you see it going further down the road?

I agree, hopefully someday Geoff Rickly will see my message, join the company and I can pay him to be on MY song haha. We would like to involve all genres, instruments and styles. We just started here because of the connections we have and what we know. I know everyone here for the most part, so it feels personal. I want everyone to be happy and have a nice experience with the site. This is for artists, by artists. Who knows what we will achieve but I think we can expand a lot.

Are there any other projects that you are working on?

There are but that’s for another time haha. For now, Featured X is the first step; much more to come in the future




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