Our fears coming true, we’ll all burn for what they’ve done

(Don’t stray too far from the light)

The pillars of smoke choke and block out the sun

Trapped in the web that they’ve spun


When Ghost Complex dropped their debut single ‘Hypnosis’ I told people to jump on them. If you didn’t then I suggest you do before tomorrow when they release their second single ‘Eclipse’ If you’re a fan of Silent Planet, Northlane or While She Sleeps then you want to be all around these guys.

When I spoke to the boys a few months back they told me that they just wanted to make a really weird experimental EP and every song was different. What they have delivered with this single blows my mind.

Eclipse is an assault on your ears of the very best kind. Once again the guys have so much going on in the song. Jackson’s vocals are wrathful and have an angry edge to them. Given that thematically this single looks at the damage and fall out that is slowly destroying the planet due to man’s greed it is understandable. Some pretty sweet guitar riffs and hooks are a stand out on ‘Eclipse’ and even though its on the heavier side it has such a driving beat to it that it you just can’t help but move to it. Coupled with moments where the pace and tone drop in reflection, Ghost Complex have again given us a stellar single that could easily slide into a Silent Planet album…..

The exclusive worldwide premiere drops tomorrow here:

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