Inject the flood

Chemicals that maim your blood

Bleed from the mouth and grit your teeth

Forever just beyond our reach

When you get your first breakdown 10 seconds in you know you are in for a treat. Heavy as fuck and just as furious, Deadbeat is the latest single from Ghost Complex.

Addiction is a horrid thing to witness but when it is a friend that has spiralled to the point of madness bought on by drug induced psychosis not only is it heartbreaking, but it makes you question whether you should have done more.

While I’m still recovering from that first breakdown, Jackson’s vocals are raw and angrily growling, emotions that I’m sure a lot of us have felt watching someone we love spiral. Instrumentally the song is slightly less technical than the previous two singles and I think this just adds to the frenzied sentiment of the lyrics.

Ghost Complex also announced that their debut EP ‘Dark Matter’ is now available for pre-save so make sure you go and hit that save button because after their first three singles I am expecting huge things from the rest of the EP :

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