Back in September I stumbled across Ghost Complex on Facebook when they dropped their debut single Hypnosis. Fast forward two more singles and Jackson, Rohan and Eddie are set to drop their debut EP Dark Matter tomorrow and I was lucky enough to have the boys give me a sneak peak of it. I’ve said it before you need to jump on these guys because 2021 is going to be their year.

Dark Matter

1 Apathy

2 Hypnosis

3 Eclipse

4 Ark ft Alex of Artisan

5 Deadbeat

6 Kronos

With a slight electronic sounding intro which I wasn’t expecting it’s not long before Apathy turns to the heaviness that I have come to expect from the guys before a dip in pace lulls us in with some melodic clean vocals. Layers, layers, layers….Twinkling keyboards, dirty riffs and some damn fine drumming blend together seamlessly to make this my pick off Dark Matter.

Next is Hypnosis which was the band’s first single and what caught my attention to these guys in the first place. Hypnosis introduced us to the band with some insane drums and guitar shredding with the added bonus of a blaze of screaming vocals from Jackson.

Eclipse is an assault on your ears of the very best kind. Once again the guys have so much going on in the song. Jackson’s screams on this single have an angry, gritty edge to them and his cleans could slide onto a Silent Planet album. Some pretty sweet guitar riffs and hooks are a stand out on ‘Eclipse’ and even though it’s on the heavier side it has such a driving beat to it that it you just want to move. Coupled with moments where the pace and tone drop in reflection this was my favourite prior to getting hold of the EP.

Ark (ft Alex from Artisan) has this hypnotic loop from the beginning of the song, and I start to wonder if I am still listening to the same band!!!! This is not what I was expecting at all and I am all about it. Think Eminem X Deftones vibe with some pretty cool sounds thrown in. I love it.

When you get your first breakdown 10 seconds in you know you are in for a treat. Deadbeat is heavy as fuck and just as furious. While I’m still recovering from that first breakdown, Jackson’s vocals are raw and angrily growling, emotions that I’m sure a lot of us have felt watching someone we love spiral. Instrumentally the song is slightly less technical than the previous two singles and I think this just adds to the frenzied sentiment of the lyrics.

Ending Dark Matters with Kronos and we are back to the blast beats and crazy riffs. I said once before that these guys reminded me of Silent Planet, and I stand by that. Again there is so much sonically going on in this song. These boys are impressive musicians, and I am so keen to see where 2021 takes them because I think this EP is going to make a mark in the scene for them.

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