“In my darkest moments, I wrote a song about hope and perseverance.” 
Igloo Zoo triumphantly return with ‘Through The Night’. 

I first discovered Igloo Zoo back in 2019 when they released Light I Sound I Dimensions (which is a must listen album). After dropping their debut album Igloo Zoo used the 2020 lockdown to their advantage, recruiting new band members in the form of drummer Jack Barrueto and guitarist Josh Debien and writing and releasing one-off single ‘Psycho’ in September 2020. Things then took a bad turn.

“Just after we finished Psycho, I got the shingles and found myself in a lot of pain” says founding-member and vocalist Shawn Mayer. “I wasn’t able to function normally for several weeks.” 

The underlying concept for ‘Through The Night’ was crafted in these darker moments, Mayer said, “It was quite debilitating. All I could do is lay in bed and write music on my laptop. I kept telling myself to ride through the pain and in time it will get better which found its home as the theme of the song.”

During the first weeks of recovery was where the song took shape with the whole band contributing to the writing process. “I think as a band we’re really starting to find our sound,” said Debien“ – “and this song is a great example of our next evolution.” Barrueto adds, “I’m really excited for people to hear our vision come to life, somewhere between arena rock, metal and djent with some more psychedelic colourful moments. It’s a fun combination.” 



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