Shawn Mayer – Vocals

Joel Debien – Guitar

Bobby Oblak – Bass

Jack Barrueto – Drums

IM A PSYCHO I’m buried deep within your mind, I’ve caused pain; As a resulting collection of burden. I feel every little thought, whether sane, hate, love or pain; Kicking on cause there’s nothing else left to say”

Following on from the release of Light |Sound | Dimension last year Igloo Zoo are back with a brand new single Psycho. If you missed the boat with L|S|D you definitely don’t want to this time. There are some new members in the Igloo Zoo crew with Jack, Bobby and Joel joining Shawn. Igloo Zoo, which started out as Shawn’s brain baby now has four dads!

Pushing boundaries and taking their music on their own trajectory Igloo Zoo’s latest single Psycho is accompanied by an ‘out of this world’ video clip. That trajectory has produced the djenty, proggy, electronic, heavy vibe that I was expecting but the guys have taken it to the next level.

From the whispered beginning and almost tribal beat it switches to almost robotic vocals before the heaviness hits. Guitar riffs and hooks swirl amongst the fluctuation of the drum beats. Low growls and angry screams meld with raspy whispered vocals that lie underneath cleans. Every listen seems to uncover another hidden gem in this song.

Igloo Zoo have once again produced something really special. If you are new to these guys I highly suggest you go and take a listen to L|S|D after you have listened to this latest offering.

Hopefully, there is way more to come from Igloo Zoo and were not left out in the cold for too long!



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