From supporting some pretty impressive Australian bands over the last few years, to preparing to release their sophomore EP, Melbourne’s In Deception seem to be a band on a mission. Having recently released their latest single Forever//Always, I caught up with vocalist Andrew Burnham to find out some more about the single and just who In Deception are.

Tell me about In Deception

We all met in high school and bonded through our love of heavy music. We were about 16 (2009) when we first started jamming out in our garages, spare rooms, back yards and Jordan’s nasty poolside bungalow, to our favourite bands like Bullet For My Valentine, A7X, Asking Alexandria, A Day To Remember and bunch of bands I’m too embarrassed to admit liking.

The jam sessions became more frequent and we became far more intense with our performance, trying to put on the best shows we can for the rehearsal room walls. It became clear we wanted to write our own material, to play shows and eventually take over the world with the craziest riffs and the most angelic vocals you’ve ever heard. But we didn’t know how to write songs, we didn’t even know the best method to get an idea from our head, to our ears. The truth is… we still don’t!

Our songs come about in different ways. From writing to recording we’ve learnt to do whatever works for us in that moment, and to learn by working with people who are far greater at your craft than you. We’ve been incredibly fortunate to share the stage with some serious talent from all over Australia, like Deez Nuts and Dream On Dreamer to name a couple. We’ve also been lucky to have Nick Sjogren from Thornhill produce our three most recent singles, at a time where Deception didn’t know what direction to take regarding releases and writing. Working with Nick really made me appreciate and understand the importance of working with a producer as understanding and patient as him. We would constantly change songs or what song we were working on in the most sporadic and confusing ways, but Nick carried the team the entire journey and managed to smash out some badass singles in the end.

You have just released a new single “Forever//Always – what is the story behind the song

Forever//Always was written out of frustration with my surroundings, I felt an ever growing divide between people, where everyone demands pity or sympathy, but are never willing to show any in return. People scream genuine cries for help in times of duress, but the cries get lost in a selfish society of people who insist that their problems matter more and that they shouldn’t have any attention taken away from them. I believe we all share a dream where everything is fine and everyone is happy. Unfortunately, it’s entirely possible the reality in our heads will remain a dream. “Can you imagine a life where we can all live side-by-side, and we can live like this forever and always… this dream I could fall in to forever”.

What can we expect in the future from In Deception? Plans to tour the EP once it’s released and venues reopen?

You can expect more from Deception in the near future. Once Covid clears and venues open, it’s going to be gigs and writing as often as we possibly can, as well as playing bigger / better shows all over Australia with an EP we’ll hopefully be able to release by that time

In Deception are:

Andrew Burnham – Vocals

Jordan Ley – Drums

Matthew Paxton – Bass

Nathan Spikin – Guitar

Mitch Turner – Guitar and Vocals

Keep your ear out for future releases from these guys!

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