‘I’m breaking down

Lost in world where I make no sound

A struggle against myself and I can’t breathe’

The struggle of feeling trapped by your mental health is something that I know only too well. Trying to fight your way out of that deep dark hellish place, that in all honesty is one of the hardest things you will ever do.

Infinite Illusion’s latest single ‘Absence’ takes you on that journey. Being in that place of hopelessness, to reaching the point of fighting back to reclaim who you were prior to being robbed of your essence.

The boys have not held back lyrically in ‘Absence’ which I am grateful to see. If you are going to write a song around mental health don’t sugar coat the emotions and the thoughts that people endure.

‘Absence’ has seen Infinite Illusion raise the bar on the song writing abilities, the maturity and growth is evident.

Musically the band have taken the approach of less is more. Drumming that is more likened to the heartbeats your body bestows on you when you are in that place of despair, guitars producing weeping hooks that make you want to weep along with them, combined with Liam’s soul-stirring vocals complete the journey of this song. The pre-breakdown verse hits home hard.

‘You’re cheating me

You’re bleeding me

If you break another soul

I’ll fucking break your jaw myself’

In case you missed it I am completely overwhelmed by this song. Infinite Illusion seem to have regrouped and grown as a band since their last release and I am excited to see what they have in store for us next.

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