“Deaf ears only ever hear the lies and lead

 The blind along the path to divine

 Capture their minds and their hearts

 Will sell their own ignorant souls”



Jesse Burr- Vocals

 Samuel Celli-Bird- Lead Guitar

Daniel Mcbride – Rhythm Guitar

Declan Hain: Bass

Michael Hodgson – Drums


Track list:





Dread (ft Mark Poida)

Inhibitor are destined for big things. With their first three singles already making waves in the deathcore scene, the Melbourne band have firmly entrenched themselves amongst fans. Their debut EP ‘Abhorrence’ is out next Friday (11th Sept). Heavy hitting, not only musically but lyrically Inhibitor have produced a killer debut release.

‘Abhorrence’ summed up in a few words is ‘brutal as fuck!!Michael’s unrelenting drumming along with Declan’s hefty bass notes form the backdrop for the heaviness of what you are about absorb. Add the sweetly (if you can use that term in a deathcore setting!) soaring but ruthlessly delivered guitar riffs and hooks provided by Sam and Dan and you are in for one hell of a sonic ride. Jesse’s low guttural vocals are the icing on the cake for ‘Abhorrence’. Oh and if you’re looking for those massive breakdowns you’ve come to the right place.

Taking a deeper look into the lyrical side of the EP Inhibitor tackle an array of issues in a manner that makes you really question what is happening. The effects that it has on society and our planet – socially, financially, morally and ethically.  The need to delve in deeper and question what is happening not just accept what is pushed on you via the media, government, social media platforms, religion and big business.

Mark next Friday on you calendar so you don’t miss this release!

Yibbita Yibbita go listen to Inhibitor!!!!!

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