I hear the way you grit your teeth

When I open my mouth to speak

If I could change you know I would

Jack Longo releases his first single tomorrow. Ruin ft Tom Armstrong (Earthbound) has such a beautiful ambience about it. Slowly building the tempo through the song to capture the feelings that encapsulate you when you just give up and punish yourself for your flaws. Heartfelt vocals capture the feelings of helplessness and guilt at not being good enough. The raw almost pleading tone of Tom’s vocals bring to the surface those moments of utter despair when you just want to give up. Heavier than the rest of the songs that are to be released I am excited to see where the next few songs take us.

As Jack says “This song is about self-sabotage. To give up and accept your flaws and punish yourself for them. The only recourse being to apologise that you are the way you are. The song rises and falls like the guilt you may feel you’re pushing people away, but believing it’s for their own good”

Ruin is melodically sad, powerfully raw and a song that most people can completely relate too.

Ruin is available on all the usual platforms from tomorrow.





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