‘I Will Ruin Myself’

“Premeditate self-sabotage

 I want to see this through with you

 But I never knew it would be this hard”

Self-sabotage is something most of us know well, whether it be in a relationship or friendship. Jack Longo’s EP ‘I Will Ruin Myself’ centres around this. From punishing yourself for your flaws, pulling away from people or staying in relationships that we know will hurt us.

When I reviewed the first single released from ‘I Will Ruin Myself’ it was the ambience and build up that ‘Ruin’ provided that drew me to the song. Now having heard the rest of the EP it’s all about the ambience.   

Ruin is by far the heavier of the songs on the EP and features guest vocals from Tom Armstrong (Earthbound). Slowly building the tempo through the song to capture the feelings that encapsulate you when you just give up and punish yourself for your flaws. Heartfelt vocals capture the feelings of helplessness and guilt at not being good enough. The raw almost pleading tone of Tom’s vocals bring to the surface those moments of utter despair when you just want to give up.

This EP flows so beautifully from song to song. Gaunt features Teddy Flags (Flagstaff) who also has helped produce ‘I Will Ruin Myself.’ My pick off the EP, Gaunt is hauntingly beautiful. When that inner self-sabotaging voice ruins something before it has even begun. Dust takes us to the point where it’s all consuming and far from perfect. Slowly being changed to fit someone else’s ideals and losing yourself believing them but doing nothing to change it.

Finishing with ‘Does It Matter’, a reflective instrumental with spoken word, completes the journey.

If you want to get lost for a little while then this is the place to do it. While listening to the EP I have found myself numerous times with the one song on loop and not even realising it.

‘I Will Ruin Myself’ will definitely leave you wanting more from Jack Longo.



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