“I create music I don’t know how to categorise”

Two years ago I stumbled across a tune called Dwelling by a project called A Boy, A Void. It is a beautiful song. Fast forward two years and a name change to Jack Longo, and Jack is back with a new single.  

I caught up with Jack Longo to find out what he had been up to.

You have a new project, well it’s not really new…

Yeah I guess you could call it a reboot! I’m the main driver, obviously other people are coming on board when I record. I call it a solo project, but I always feel bad, like I’m discounting the people that helped me make it.

Who has jumped on board to help you?

My production and recording engineer is Teddy Flags (Tom Eddy) from the hip hop group Flagstaff.

I know Teddy! Flagstaff were the first band I interviewed and reviewed for Recurrent Verse.

I’ve been friends with Teddy for years. I went to him with my project and said I need you to help me spice it up a little, so he has a lot of influence in there.

I love their music so much. They deserve to have their name out there.

I wish that they had just instantly blown up because the music that he can put out is just insane.  

Do you have an EP or is it just some singles?

There’s a couple of tracks, I’m calling it an EP. There are 3 songs and an instrumental track. Originally the idea was to get a few more features from people in bands that I have met over time, but I haven’t had time to fully flesh that out yet so what we have come to is a little 3 track as a starter. Then I am hoping to do a few more singles with some of the friends I have made along the way.

Obviously Tom (Armstrong, Earthbound) is in the first one, so I am gathering it’s heavy or on the heavier side.

That one I think has a real drive to it, I really like it. Overall my sound is softer than that of metalcore.

You’ve had a name change as well because previously you went under A Boy, A Void.

I started that 2 or 3 years ago so I thought I would start from scratch. I was in bands for a few years but now this is where I am at, so I wanted to start fresh.

Where do you draw your influences from?

Off the top of my head I would say that Citizen and Endless Heights are big influences. Also Trophy Eyes.

I’m a bit nervous. The first single is the heaviest one. It’s my favourite. The other two are a bit softer so I hope people don’t get to disheartened. I like the mixed bag genre, but you never know what other people will think.

I think people are open to listening to new music full stop these days.  Do you have a lot of songs in the bank waiting?

Lots of ideas that I am trying to consolidate. Get this release done and then it will be back to the studio I guess.  There is definitely no chance of playing live! I’m still in two minds about the live situation. I don’t have band members so I would have to hunt some up. I have plenty of friends who I am sure would jump on for a gig or two.

What’s the new single about?

Well the theme around the whole EP is self-sabotage in whatever form. The first single is called Ruin. This song is about self-sabotage. To give up and accept your flaws and punish yourself for them. The only recourse being to apologise that you are the way you are. The song rises and falls like the guilt you may feel when you’re pushing people away but believing it’s for their own good.  

‘Ruin’ is out on Friday 16th October on all the usual platforms.





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