‘DISAPPEAR’ is the second single off JAGA’s upcoming debut EP titled ‘DISTURBIA’ which is out on July 9th.

“My sophomore single ‘DISAPPEAR’ explores a more experimental sound and really opened up a lot of creative avenues. Producer ‘Callen Batson’ really killed it with this production and brought the song to life. Distorting the vocals was an easy way for us to blend the more pop sounding verse to give it that aggressive dynamic. This song really represents a low point of my life when it felt like some of my closest friends weren’t able to accept me and it would seem like the way I acted was pushing them away. I felt like I had to change who I was for them to be happy to hang around me. ‘DISAPPEAR’ reflects coming out of that mindset and being myself and saying ‘fuck you’ to the people that can’t accept. We took some inspiration from the likes of PVRIS in this song, the punchy Bass synth really brings a fast-paced feel to the song that you can vibe to. We decided to completely flip the style at the end of the song with a huge chunky guitar driven outro. This is one of my favourite singles on this record.”



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