If you are a fan of genres being fused then I think you will enjoy Perth-based producer and singer-songwriter Jarrod Jeremiah. With electronic and jazz influences his latest single ‘Japanese Morning’ is out today.

Speaking about the track, Jarrod says, “Japanese Morning represents the symbolic breakdown of communication between two people, and the frustration of unpredictability. The whole song was crafted in my bedroom studio, and produced, recorded, written and sung by myself. I even mixed on a pair of Hi-fi speakers I found in my garage. It was very much a DIY project that developed into a fun unusual pop track. I’ve been holding onto the song for over 3 months now, making each sound, sample and lyric perfect and think it’s the most fun, playful and catchy song I’ve ever put out.”

Thanks for having a chat with me. I guess you better start at the beginning and tell me a bit about yourself.

I started playing drums at a really young age and that is what began my love of music. Throughout high school I learnt percussion, so I started doing keyboards and lots of cool and random rhythmic instruments. My percussion teacher then got me into producing, he was a producer on the side. I saw him doing it and wanted to try it out. I first tried it in year 10 and have been producing stuff since. I started off making random beats using lots of percussion instruments. I also started playing guitar and piano, really whatever I could put into it. I thought I should probably add some vocals too, I wasn’t really a born singer and I never took lessons. The primary reason I put my own singing on it was because at the start my production wasn’t that good, so no one really wants to add their voice (laughs). Now I have just stuck with it. So I kind of just fell into it. I am studying music at university, I am a student of percussion, drums and keyboards. I also study classical, and I am using what I learn my own music. Bedroom pop or whatever I am feeling at the time.

You’re about to release a new single ‘Japanese Morning.’ I loved your quote “Bedroom pop with stadium ambitions.”

Speaking about the actual song, I’ve actually held onto the song for awhile now. Basically I made a loop on my piano and added a beat on top of it. I made the chorus super catchy; it was probably the catchiest thing I have ever made. I showed it to my mate once and he started singing along. That’s the whole vibe to the song, listen to it once and be able to sing along the second time. The previous song I released was very weird and I could barely sing along to it because it was in a weird time signature. I just needed to calm a bit (laughs) and play something super easy. I had a few songs that I thought about releasing but this was by far my favourite writing wise. The beat is a bit different to what I usually make. Its leaning more towards, I don’t want to say  Hip-Hop, but its got that 808 . I have been going to a few Hip-Hop shows around Perth and everyone loves the 808’s. Previously I was making more synth/pop kind of vibes, so I thought id throw some 808’s in. So it’s not fully Bedroom Pop and it’s not fully Hip Hop.

Because it’s you by yourself you can make whatever you want.

Exactly. I don’t have a producer that will define my genre or contrast my sound so that gives me the freedom to experiment.  

Do you play live shows?

I’ve decided to play live. I have only done one live show. My live set is kind of reminiscent of a live looping station. Do you the artist Jacob Collier?

No I don’t think so.

Okay so he is a multi-instrumentalist. He is super crazy; he is like a prodigy basically. He plays all his instruments live. That is kind of what mine will be like. I’m just starting to get into the live scene.

Is there much Hip-Hop stuff in Perth, or more so what you do?

There is a lot of Hip-Hop but in terms of what I do I haven’t seen much of it. It’s kind of unique, especially in Perth.

Are there more songs heading our way this year?

I have a few. I went through a faze. ‘Japanese Morning’ was my 808 faze, so I made a few songs in that vibe. I don’t know if I will release all of them though because I like to constantly have different music out. Jazz funk fusion may be next up. I have fazes in my production. I love experimenting.

Will you just keep releasing singles due to the way you write your music?

Eventually maybe when I get the audience I would love to release an album. To derive a story out of it, get a whole content out of it and a nice short film. I’m really into the creative side, even making films.

With such a wide scope to your music who are some of your influences?

I mentioned Jacob Collier. I think you should really listen to him; he does some crazy stuff. He does live looping and sings in micro tones. Tom Misch. I have a really weird list. I started listening to electronic music and that’s what fuelled my production so Skrillex and trap music. Jazz at the moment. Last year I listened to a lot of Indie Pop like Jeremy Zucker. So it is very all over the place and that is why I have so many different things come into my music. I study classical music so that finds its way in too. Some of my songs are weird time signatures and keys primarily because I have heard a weird 18th century song.

There is definitely a wide range of influences in Jarrod’s music. ‘Japanese Morning’ is out now.




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